Holly Bod Bod

March 25, 2011 @ (Leicestershire)

Tags: example 1

i had fallen in love with him as soon as we met, it was love at first sight - for me. and as i am a very attractive woman he fell for me quickly. we got on really well together and were always laughing and canoodling where ever we could find a private enough place. then the douchebag fell for a girl waaaay uglier than me called mildred, and she is disabled - who is this sick man? so we broke up. he has left me heart broken.



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Chico Rush

March 27, 2011

so...just because someone's disabled that means they're unworthy of being loved?who crowned you the queen with the responsibilities of deciding what's attractive or not.maybe he really loves her.maybe she's good to him .maybe your ex broke up with you because you're a bitchy egotistical cunt.i'm going to paraphras Judge Judy "beauty fades but bitchiness last forever"


Valley Smoker

March 26, 2011

maybe Mildred lets him canoodle her cornhole


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