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Not RealName

September 05, 2014 @ (Ohio)

Tags: stalking bad breakup

I dated a guy a year younger than me in high school. The relationship went really well for 5 months. We were in marching band together and were very different people. I was in color guard and he was a clarinet. I was really bubbly and extroverted while he was quiet and sweet. We meshed well with our differences. But he was always too reserved. He never told me what he was thinking, would be quiet often just following me, so I felt emotionally unfulfilled and lonely in the relationship. He also never made any of the first moves. We went to Disney World with our band and we were watching the fireworks over the Disney castle, Tinker Bell flying through the air, the perfect romantic setting. But he never kissed me...and that was one first move I could never make. I wanted to feel wanted.
So I began distancing myself from him. He noticed and started being clingier. He followed me everywhere in school. He would even stand behind me while I ate lunch with friends. It was creepy. Eventually I was on crutches and I felt like a wounded animal while he was stalking his prey. He chased me into the girl's bathroom on crutches with friends trying to protect me. He wasn't violent, just desperate. Then one day that changed.
He was waiting for me to come in and watched me go to my locker. I moved slowly in fear and tried to phone friends to come help me but none of them responded fast enough. So I limped to class and he bolted after me. He kept saying things like "Why won't you talk to me? Just listen to me." I didn't say anything. Then he got so mad he pushed me and I fell into a very rough brick wall. I got scratched by the bricks and it hurt. I screamed for him to go away and he ran off with everyone looking. I got him suspended. But he tried to stalk me for years after that. We never even kissed...
Anyways plot twist: We're getting married now.



December 03, 2013 @ (belfast)

Tags: creepy, ugly, slutty, tramp


so I was going with this boy for six months I know its not long but things were beginning to get serious so soon! He would tell me he loved me and that he wanted to be with me forever, I mean he proposed and everything but boy did I feel like a fool for saying yes. Things were going so smooth and we were getting along very well then all of a sudden I got a call from my cousin Kyla saying that he was in town with my best friend at this time, so I began to get angry as he was in Belfast as he lived a few miles away and I hardly been him. He lied to me and said he was away to help clean up his house a little then out to his friends just, the point is he was hiding that he had been up and lied to my face. Only for my cousin telling me I wouldn't have known, then after a while I just let It slip then things went back to normal. I then went to my cousin Kyla's to see her and Rhys who was my boyfriend at the time and we had fun we had a party with lots of alcohol and sure I was up doing gangnum style and ended up being sick half way through the dance, then it was time for bed. The next day I woke up and had to get ready to get home and Rhys was on my phone signed into facebook while I was straightening my hair but he was acting weird and he kept hiding the phone so I took the phone and seen messages from this girl names Rebecca Redmond saying "when will we meet up again and where xxx" so then I knew he had been cheating. I didn't know what had came over me and I just started head-butting him and punching him and he kept denying it then my cousin came in and had to make me calm down, it was like she was trying to tame an animal at this point. Later that day he walked out while I was crying and I tried looking everywhere and was late for my bus as me and his two friends looked for him then a couple of days later his new girlfriend then phoned and said he had cheated on me a lot of times and just five days into his new relationship he had sex with her and I was angry at how she was acting she was just a bitch!!


Ambassador Of Eros

October 26, 2012 @ (USA)

Tags: Facebook, long-distance, lying

I was with this girl, and we started dating. After about 2 weeks she called it off because we would be seperated the following year. I agreed, and we have kept in touch ever since. Since then , I have kinda had dibbs on her. She found me on facebook yesterday and friended me. Today I looked closer at her profile and it said:
Relationship Status: In a relationship
I wasnt sure if it was true because she forgets to chang a lot of things after something happens. So I messaged her asking if she had a boyfriend. I have not gotten a response yet. What II'm ad about is that she lied to me about having a bf. She had emailex ne asking if I had a gf, and I said no. I asked her the same (with bf instead of gf) and she said no.
Still waiting for the response to the fb message. It's kinda creepy thinking thatfacebook could change my life...



June 01, 2010 @ (somewhere in hell )

Tags: My story lol is one undeserved nightmare

last night he lied to me stayed out all night cause no curfew n the night it was changed he rather hang out with local lowermainland surrey hookers and he ignored me he truly is a peice of shit he was always mean to me cheated on me lets guys take advantage of me tell them that i think hes my bf n so ive had some creepy creepers pull their gross baby dicks n say its ok n what MY ex bf said about being with other girls and how he hangs out with them all the time but theyre all nasty n sell themselves thats low and gross and i dont do that lifestyle he scams ppl n lies to his mom n steals from her and i paid for this month then im gone but its not that sad i guess its all for the best its over alanna ive had a bad life n alot of pain n he knew it all he doesnt remeber anything about me or us or anythin,its hard to explain how bad i let this shit continue on its kinda sad but its sad that he wants to be with that lol its funny as well lol cause im really good lookin ive tried alot of things and i knew it wasnt me and he couldnt say the truth i mean if u dont wanna be w./someone u say it n ur done but hes hateful and im warnin u girls about him hell probly lie and tell u fake info about his name n shiz or drug u up so he make mula postin pics n lettin ppl watch him fuck nasty hookers w two more old men who are junkys and trash n have hores all the time like non stop im single now and i dont wanna go out with anyone i jus wanna be me lol n honestly he can kiss my sexy ass goodbye hes borin in bed fucks like a retard
this has been hard i broke up with him cause he came to me cryin cause he got awwwwwested n had to stay clean in jail for two days lol so i deleted my email from his account cause he wanted me to change his pw and i saw his gfs emails other lady friends like fuck u he thinks im stupid ...but i sent him an email or two n it wasnt bad its jus get the hell away from me buddday seriously were on a different levels and hell never change



October 13, 2009 @ (Boston)

Tags: Online whale

I started an online relationship with this women from Canada. After several months of talking online and on the phone she suggested we meet and arranged for me to come visit her. She paid my whole way there. When I finally got there I discovered she had greatly exaggerated her appearance(by a good 100lbs) and that she lived with her family in a small apartment. After suffering threw sex with the whale for a week(with her creepy brother listening in) I finally got out of there and home trying to figure out how to break this off. 1 week later she gave me the perfect out, a ridiculous ultimatum. There is this game I like to play that she doesn't, she thought I was addicted and told me "It's me or the game" I happily said the game and cut off all ties with her



September 25, 2009 @ (nowlans nigga)

Tags: nipples

So here's the score. I broke up like the rest of you lame asses, but then i thought I had a chance with my ex. I mean, it's like every story I've ever read. I should have known better, right? So, I took my ol' lady to the He Is Legend concert like she used to like, and guess what? She apparently doesn't like them any more. Gayer than AIDs right? Anyways, I guess girls like you for something, then break up with you for the same thing. I mean, what is so wrong with working nights? Tracy came up to me and straight said, "Fuck You" to me the last time I saw her. That's intense. I don't wear too much of that shit on me, but that one stuck. Her friends came up to me and told me that I'm the biggest asshole in th world. I mean, it's not too far off, but I've been trying. I don't know what to do. I can't sleep. I can't eat. I feel like the biggest GAY, ever. How does a female wreck you like that?? So, I was told to check this site out by my friend, and I thought that I would make up a story, but I just had the juices flow. I hope there are creepy chics out there that are reading this and ready to pounce. I mean, what the fuck is wrong with hugs? I don't even want a girlfriend. I'm never home and I never really have time, but a girl to spoon with on Sunday is my requisite for a girlfriend. Grr. I love venting on websites that are anonymous, syke. Anyways, this is probably the gayest thing I've ever done, but I will keep on venting and pretending like this doesn't matter to me.... but it does.


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