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October 26, 2012 @ (USA)

Tags: Facebook, long-distance, lying

I was with this girl, and we started dating. After about 2 weeks she called it off because we would be seperated the following year. I agreed, and we have kept in touch ever since. Since then , I have kinda had dibbs on her. She found me on facebook yesterday and friended me. Today I looked closer at her profile and it said:
Relationship Status: In a relationship
I wasnt sure if it was true because she forgets to chang a lot of things after something happens. So I messaged her asking if she had a boyfriend. I have not gotten a response yet. What II'm ad about is that she lied to me about having a bf. She had emailex ne asking if I had a gf, and I said no. I asked her the same (with bf instead of gf) and she said no.
Still waiting for the response to the fb message. It's kinda creepy thinking thatfacebook could change my life...



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Ambassador of Eros

October 28, 2012

No, I asked her out personally. My friend even had asked her ahead of time because he wanted me to get a girl for some reason.



October 28, 2012

Sounds like she used being away as an excuse to break up. Sounds like she didn't really want to be with you. If you were really together, you would have talked everyday and even visited. Possibly you were the only one that thought you were in a relationship...


Ambassador of Eros

October 26, 2012

Turns out she has been dating somebody else since June 8. She was cheating on me! :(


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