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January 03, 2011 @ (Pennsylvania)

Tags: risk, suicide attempt, inverted nipples

Dear Lisa,

For the three months we dated, I had picked up on the fact that you dropped out of and left college quickly, but never inquired as to why. When I finally found out that you had cut your wrists amidst a breakdown and your roommates found you bleeding in your room, it was too much. Maybe it was an isolated incident, but the chance that a dispute between us in the future could lead you to do the same thing is to much of a risk. Relationships are difficult enough without also having to worry about your significant other potentially physically hurting themselves or others. Instead of denying you have deep rooted psychological issues, I hope you get help and eventually find happiness.

Also, you have inverted nipples and despite my best effort to ignore it, it's a turn-off. Not a deal breaker, but a factor non-the-less.





September 25, 2009 @ (nowlans nigga)

Tags: nipples

So here's the score. I broke up like the rest of you lame asses, but then i thought I had a chance with my ex. I mean, it's like every story I've ever read. I should have known better, right? So, I took my ol' lady to the He Is Legend concert like she used to like, and guess what? She apparently doesn't like them any more. Gayer than AIDs right? Anyways, I guess girls like you for something, then break up with you for the same thing. I mean, what is so wrong with working nights? Tracy came up to me and straight said, "Fuck You" to me the last time I saw her. That's intense. I don't wear too much of that shit on me, but that one stuck. Her friends came up to me and told me that I'm the biggest asshole in th world. I mean, it's not too far off, but I've been trying. I don't know what to do. I can't sleep. I can't eat. I feel like the biggest GAY, ever. How does a female wreck you like that?? So, I was told to check this site out by my friend, and I thought that I would make up a story, but I just had the juices flow. I hope there are creepy chics out there that are reading this and ready to pounce. I mean, what the fuck is wrong with hugs? I don't even want a girlfriend. I'm never home and I never really have time, but a girl to spoon with on Sunday is my requisite for a girlfriend. Grr. I love venting on websites that are anonymous, syke. Anyways, this is probably the gayest thing I've ever done, but I will keep on venting and pretending like this doesn't matter to me.... but it does.


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