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April 17, 2019 @ (Parkdale)

Tags: Eazyano , Hok , SS100, Santasquad100, caca gang

New song coming out on APRIL 20 2019!

"Blazed" - Poop Boy 416 ft Eazyano HOK, Jackie St Clair, and Strif905


Gabor Barna

April 02, 2017 @ (Maryland)

Tags: Domestic Abuse

I’m writing today to discuss how my ex broke up with me. I want to start of by saying, I have made a video. It is very lengthy, but it discusses bullying and domestic abuse in it. I show my personal relationship, and why I should have left it because of how much pain it caused in the long run. If you know anybody out there that is a victim of domestic abuse, please show them this video. So, I met a girl online. I drove 50 miles to meet her. She had never had a boyfriend before, so I became her first. She grew up in a very abusive household. Eventually the way her dad treated me is how she would treat me verbally. I lived in the abuse because I loved her, and she would always break down and say she was sorry. Eventually things would get so bad she would split from me. Now, she does drugs, heavy drinking, and one night stands. She told me how much better her one night stand within an hour of meeting a guy, was better than I ever was. I gave her a ring the night she lost her innocence, and it hurts for her to say that. She called me derogatory names, etc. Do I love her, yes. And I know she is only following a cycle by an abusive father that has hit and choked her, but I should have left the relationship when she first started putting me down. I am a guy that has been bullied and abused a lot in life. Partly because I have dog scars on my face, and she did call me ugly and things like that for it. She was always aggressive and wanted to fight people. She beat up one grandma where she was detained for it, and almost got into a fight with her roommate at college where the roommate was put with another girl and she was left to be alone. If you know someone that loves a self destructive person, and you want them to understand they have to leave them, watch this video.



August 08, 2011 @ (Orlando, FL.)

Tags: Liar.

I probably deserved it. In fact, I know I did.
I created a fake IM to text my boyfriend of almost 1 1/2 years to see if he was as loyal as he says.
I made the girl my perfect opposite- nothing like me down to the typing.
I talked, flirted, tried my hardest to get him to like "her". It wouldn't work. He said the cutest things about us that made me fall in love with him all over again. The next time "we" talked though, I sent him a picture of some random hot girl on the internet. He exchanged pictures.
He said she was "adorable." all the while texting the REAL me, and saying I'm the only girl he has eyes for, the only one he finds adorable, pretty, gorgeous, beautiful, cute.
My heart dropped a thousand miles.
My throat choked up.
My eyes began to downpour.
"I" asked if his girlfriend would like this. He said he didn't know, then said that, "we could talk just as friends."
I wanted to tell him I caught him in his lie.
I was so hurt. We'd been together that long- I gave him my EVERYTHING, just for that in return.
I can never forgive him.


John Smitty

May 24, 2010 @ (neverland)

Tags: breakup, cat, pussy, death

My girlfriend and I were on Skype having a serious talk about our relationship. She then grabs her cat and begins to choke it. She said the cat is a metaphor for our relationship and I had to convince her to stay in the relationship before the cat died. I tried to come up with a good reason, but the dying cat was distracting me. I told her to stop but she didn't listen. Apparently i didn't come up with a good reason quick enough because the cat died.

I really thought we had something together, but killing a small animal to prove a point really turns me off. There's a little part of me that thinks, if we didn't break up, that I would be next.


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