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March 22, 2022 @ (US)

Tags: sad break up, sad, death

My fiance was 11 years older than me. About six months before the wedding was planned he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. All he was going to need was a surgery to remove one testicle and six rounds of chemo. Unfortunately both testicle were removed by mistake. It was absolutely devastating. I broke off the engagement a few weeks later. He was heart broken but understood why. Sadly the cancer spread and ended up passing away after Thanksgiving last year. He left his house and money to me. I feel so guilty because remained so generous and kind to me.


Pedro Ramirez Nancy

March 18, 2021 @ (Bangladesh)

Tags: #badbreakup #heartbreak #firstlove

My name is Taylor and now I am 15 years old. Here is my bad break-up story: I was 12 years old and in Grade 5 when this guy named Sam had a crush on me. But as days went He started liking me more and more and then in class 6, he asked me out. And I said YES. 2 months went and then suddenly his mom somehow knew. and then she texted me that I should stop texting his son and that it's all over. I got scared to death as I always feared his mom. (ngl but his mom was very strict so yeah that's why I was always scared. And she was very popular among all the kids' mothers). so the next day, I came to school and I see Sam talking to one of my classmates about how his mom knew and all. and I went up to him and then asked him "Hey, can we talk?", he shouted at me in front of all my classmates "You get out of my sight right now! RIGHT NOW!!", I didn't know what's going on so I left, humiliated. and then so after school was over and it was time for me to head home, Sam came up to me and then told me "Hey that was actually a prank." and I said "what was a prank?", he replied "that mom text" and then I left without replying as it was so lame. he chased me and said that he loved me. and I told him "Aren't we on a break or something?" and he just left, mad and I didn't like that for some reason. made me feel like I couldn't take his joke. so then I went to him and said that I loved him too (which was true btw, I really loved him) and then the next week, his mom again found out that we're still together and then she suddenly came to my school and I had to face her out of nowhere. She told the rest of my classmates' moms that their children should not talk to me as i will make their children bad and that I am toxic. So I eventually lost all my friends. So She started the conversation by saying "I'll slap you and break all your teeth, who do you think you are?" and she continued "do you even know who we are? how stupid of you to even think that I was uneducated like your mother??? Sam's mom and dad aren't uneducated like your parents so know your place. How dare you even run after my son?? I have warned you earlier. Didn't you reply to my text? why did you not listen to my warning? I will make sure that you get expelled from school. Where's the vice principal?" I still don't understand how my parents are involved here. Most of the stuff that she said was about my parents. My parents had nothing to do with this. An just because they are richer, doesn't mean that my parents are "uneducated" just because we aren't as rich as them. I was scared to death. and Sam just stood there. he didn't even stop his mom. and then I was shaking and standing in one corner and then I went home and I couldn't tell anyone as I thought it was actually all my fault.. and then the next day I go to school and I see Sam with his friends, all ready to start an argument with me. I really wanted to talk to him and so I ask him "can we talk?" and he starts his argument by saying "You're so cheap!", I felt bad. He then continues, "Do you guys know what his dad does?? Your parents are uneducated" - and my classmates then shouted "OHH DAMNN SAMM" and I just couldn't take it anymore so I head to the washroom and then my classmates started taking votes like "Sam or Taylor?" and everyone supported Sam. Months go by and we are always in the same classroom. He never stopped bullying me. And then quarantine happened and I am so happy. I feel so happy. But then a few days ago I had to go to school for something and then being back to school made me depressed once again and made me feel bad like all those flashbacks came and the whole week I was depressed. I'm okay now and I will have to face sam one day.
It just hurts so much. I'm in class 8 now and I still haven't moved on.


Tia J

June 03, 2017 @ (malaysia sabah)

Tags: sad breakup

Everything was so perfect , me and him everything. I never loved anyone as much as I love him, I swear. He's christian, and Im a muslim :) it's common for relationship like this in my country, but not for his family. We were forced to break up because of his mom cant accept that im a muslim. It sucks cause we really in love. It happened last night, 4th of June. And we had been together for 9 months. It just, I dont know, everything was so perfect between us. I cant imagine that I met a guy who fully understands my attitude but at the end, I have to let him go. Even I love him to death. I know I wont be looking at someone the way I look at him. And everything wont be the same anymore.



March 24, 2014 @ (Karachi, Pakistan)

Tags: Bad and unfortunate breakup

My girlfriend and I started going out three years ago and fell hard for each other. Even head over heels sound like an understatement. I am a 29 year old guy and I have always been a closed off person but when she and I started going out, she brought out the best in me. She made me feel like the king of the world and that I could achieve anything in this entire universe. Right around the time we started going out my father was diagnosed with throat cancer. It shook my entire existence. To find the guy you always looked up to and the authority figure in your life to be so timid and helpless. I was shaken up, then I lost my job, by profession I am a graphics designer and illustrator. We were extremely frustrated. And we decided to talk to our parents about us because we wanted to get married. A note here that she's from a well-to-do family and I am from a middle class family so the social status and lack of financial backing played a very important role when we tried talking to her parents. You need to understand another thing that in our culture we respect and listen to our parents' wishes because of how much they've done for us. and after talking to them they got furious. They took her cellphone, grounded her and we didn't talk for over a month. I know it sounds childish, but this is how our culture works. But she was resilient woman and she stood by me through all this and so did I. We spent two more years after that. My father passed away last May. And my financial situation kept getting worse and worse. Now I am at a stage where I am literally left with nothing in my account. Don't get me wrong she didn't drain me. But I was so distracted by my father's death and the trouble at her end that I couldn't pick myself up. So, a few months back she got a proposal and her father agreed to it and we discussed that since things are going in a certain way and we can't afford to hurt her parents, so we decided to break it off. I know that she loves me and she knows that I love her. I mean I have faced such problems in my life that it's beyond imagination. But this is worst feeling of all. Because I have never loved anyone or anything this much. But she's now talking to this guy her parents introduced to her and I know it's killing her but she's doing it. I want to salute this woman here and want to tell her that I love you and I will always love you. You were the best thing in my life. But I have these memories that I will take with them where ever I go.
It's funny that two people, who love each other dearly and wholly are pulled apart.



November 03, 2013 @ (a hipster's paradise)

Tags: bad break up

I do not love you
To the moon and back,
Or infinity and beyond
I do not love you
Until death or until the end, and
I certainly do not love you
For always and forever

How can I say that I love you
To the moon and back,
When I love you so much more than that?
To infinity and beyond,
When I love you triple the infinities
That life will allow me to have?
How can I say that I love you
For always and forever,
If I believe that no 'always' and no 'forever'
Could ever speak the length of my love for you?

Darling, I could never say
A mundane 'I love you'
When there are about
One million, thirteen thousand, nine hundred thirteen word in the english language and
None of them could sum up how much
I love you.



October 21, 2013 @ (the AMERICAS (NORTH))

Tags: It was interesting

I had left work due to medical reasons and shortly afterwards I was rushed into ICU for heart complications, and multi-organ failure. Meanwhile my girlfriend at the time was fired from her job and unannounced to myself left the country all together. Weeks in ICU attempting to contact her to finally receive the message "It was nice to know you, I have no need in that country anymore" hangup. Meanwhile here I am on my deathbed pretty much going wth ...



December 23, 2012 @ (Cambridge, MA)

Tags: Coward

T got depressed in October & wouldn't see me for six weeks. My father died Nov 6th. Nov 14th was my birthday. 1 1/2 weeks later, T disappeared without explanation, not answering my calls & messages. I was depressed after my father's death, I'm very insecure, and I'm used to the people I care about disappearing. Due to these factors, I interpreted T's absence as he didn't want to talk to me. After about 10 days, I finally sent T a text asking why he wasn't answering my messages, that he said he cared about me, & I missed our conversations. The next day, T answered that he'd been away without a phone signal. He said no one else was upset by his absence (no one else was used to daily contact with him!), and that he was uncomfortable that I'd assume something negative about him. I explained about my depression & insecurity. T said he understood, that he wasn't upset. He wrote a bit about his Thanksgiving, sent a joke, and then a smile when I joked in reply. I thought everything was OK. But then I didn't hear from T again. I wondered if T had gone away again. I was also worried~ I didn't know if he was dead or alive. After about a week, I went to T's place, and was shocked to find that he was at home. I suddenly realized that I'd been left for no reason, and that T didn't even tell me, had in fact led me to believe that everything was all right between us. I rang the bell. T wouldn't come down. I rang the bell for a while, and T called the police! Not only was T not man enough to come down and tell me what was going on, but he wouldn't even tell me that he didn't want to talk to me. T said that he had very strong feelings for me, that he loved me. He said we were friends, and our friendship was the most important thing. T had also told me that he'd never forget how I was there for him when his father died. He dumped me 2 1/2 weeks after my father's death!


I Miss Him

November 02, 2012 @ (OK)

Tags: break up sad death

His name was Joseph. We met & fell in love. He was really sweet and caring. We were only together for a month. He found out his ex was three months pregnant and with twins. So we broke up because of those responsibilities. We tried to get along. But I was really hurt and whenever he would call me I would ignore him. His ex would constantly threaten me telling me that I should stay away from them that I better not ruin her happiness. On my birthday, Joseph came to see me and we ended up arguing over his now fiancee. I cried a lot, it was the worst way to start my 23rd birthday. His babies were born and he still wanted me to be part of his life and asked for forgiveness for all the mean things he said. I forgave him but I told him that I didn't want to be part of his life and to please leave me alone then he told me I was a cold hearted immature girl. We said so many things to each other. I moved on, we lost contact. Then this past May we saw each other at a mutual friends party and he smiled at me and told me I looked beautiful. I looked away and he kissed me and said "I still think about you everyday" I pushed him away and slapped him and told him to never do that again and I left. He went after me and I told him to go away with his wife he said "i didn't marry her" I asked "why?" he said "I don't love her. It doesnt matter if I have kids with her I love them and you but not her" and I said "stop lying! Leave me alone!" & he said "is that what you really want" and I said "yes.." and he said "fine" and he left. Two days ago I receive a call from his mom telling me that he passed away in a car crash and I feel like shit because I wasn't able to tell him how I felt I was just really hurt.I wish I can see him again but it won't ever happen :"(



September 25, 2012 @ (ontario canada)

Tags: heartbroken, deserved it

Our love stories begins in September 2010. How fitting it ends now.

I will be honest and tell you that I didn't deserve his love the first year we were together and if I could find a way to take that time back. I would. A bit of history - he is 10 years younger than I (I am female). Although our maturity levels were in sync age (until recently) was never an issue. (It was something that troubled me. And because of that created unnecessary stress).

He worked full time, I was in school full time and worked two part time jobs. I have two children. One was 11 at the time the other 16. I had made the decision prior to even meeting him that I wasn't going to just introduce my kids to just anybody. I needed to know he was going to stick around. I didn't want to be one of those parents who bring partners in and out of their childrens lives. One year I told him when we met. I would introduce him after one year.

My family and friends disaproved of our relationship because it was interacial and because he was so young. I fell under the pressure. And ended it in December 2010. It didn't last long. We both loved each other and to end a relationship for others seemed wrong. Yet I always put my family and friends needs before his.

He lived 45 min away and was always ready willing and able to see me at the drop of a hat if I was free. Free time was something I didn't have much of and I soon began to resent the fact that all my time was consumed making someone happy, either my family, my children or him. I began to resent how much time he wanted from me.

I felt I had nothing to give in the first place. In May 2011 I noticed there was a girl he worked with that he was msging daily. I confronted him and he deleted her from bbm and facebook immediately no questions asked. The fact that I was uncomfortable made him do it. Why couldn't I do the same for him. I had a 20yr friend who made him uncomfortable and rightly so but I didn't do the same for him and he didn't push me. I know it hurt him.

I chose soding the back yard with family on a night we should have been together because my obligation to family was stronger to my obligation to him.

I could list several situations where this was the case. All of which now, I regret.

In july he lost his job. Money became tight and I found myself frustrated at the fact that he was playing video games all day while I worked my butt off just to make ends meet.

When september came time to meet the children my son had a death in his class, then his aunt was diagnosed with cancer and died shortly after. Excuses I know. But I wanted my son to be in a good spot prior to meeting him.

In december, he still had not met my son, still didn't work, was borrowing $$ from friends family and me who didn't have any to begin with. I ended things again.

Naturally we ended up back together in januay. But this time roles had switched. I realized how much I loved him and wanted to be with him and I was ready to share my life with him. Every aspect. The things I hesitated doing before I did without hesitation including getting rid of that 20yr friend. But now, he was distant. He was reserved. He was worried. I tried everything I could to make up for the wrongs that I had done.

The things he requested were unreasonable we both know it but I did it. Some of the things he asked me to do I am so ashamed that I did. Most, I will never tell a living soul because I am so disapointed in myself.

I hadn't seen him in 6 weeks. We hadn't slept together in 3 months, he was refusing to meet my kids still. Then on friday when I was supposed to spend the weekend at his house, he sent me a bbm msg while I was at work I am a manager of an employee and it was his first day. He didn't even give me a chance to respond before he deleted me on bbm. Blocked my emails and my phone number and I haven't heard from him since.

Why is it I love him so. Why is it I can forgive him anything now, but that first year we were together I couldn't give him what he deserved!


Confused, And Lost

January 16, 2012 @ (Wv)

Tags: break-up

Well, it's been around six months, since my girlfriend and I had broken up. we had only been going out for three months but it seemed things were going really well for both of us. Some unfortunate things happened, and she broke up with me because I had to move. I ended up not moving because of a death in the family and she told me she didn't want to hurt me anymore, so we didn't get back together. In the past six months, her best friend told me that my ex still had feelings for me. (keep in mind, the three of us are still very close friends.) Then about a month later she said that my ex didn't want a relationship. I still have feelings for her, and have tried to move on, but nothing seems right. I need an idea as to what I'm to do at this point, because she seems to be falling for another guy now, three months after her best friend said that to me. I'm lost, and need help. Anyone?


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