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Bad Luck

September 18, 2018 @ (Bulgaria)

Tags: Bad breakup, Cancer

Me and my girlfriend broke up this April after nearly 4 years of being together. Last October I was diagnosed with testicular cancer and had to undergo surgery (unfortunately lost one of my soldiers) and go to chemo. When this news came we had recently moved in together, but I had to return to my home town for treatment for about half an year. In that span of time she came to visit me 2 times and I went to visit her 2 times. Initially she was hesitant to come when I said that I will have to go through an operation. Her excuses were more than laughable - she had too much work in uni, I was too far away, couldn't we communicate through Viber, she though that this was a routine operation..... whatever that means. At least I think they are laughable, if the situation was in reverse I wouldn't hesitate to put everything on hold. So 6 month later I am fine, alive and kicking and when I return to her the first thing she literally said was ''Hi! We need to talk. I want to break-up with you''. She stated that she had learned to be alone for this time and thought our relationship was stagnating (which I have to agree with). Three-four months after we separated she has a new boyfriend. To whoever might read this - value your life, value your dignity, value yourself. For if you do not, nobody else will. If you do not live for yourself, nobody else will. I might come across as an egoist, but after this ordeal, life taught me that you have to an egoist, otherwise you will make compromises with no clear gain. God Bless and good luck to everybody. May you be spared such an experience!


Jason Hare

September 21, 2017 @ (Missouri )

Tags: Lost my family and my home and was left broken hearted

Was the one woman who meant the world to me. We were together for 4 years when we were younger. She cheated on me twice and I tried to make it work. We even had a daughter together. I left her on my daughter's first birthday. I was broken at that point and couldn't fix myself. It hurt like hell to leave both her and my child. Five years later she gets a hold of me lol for what I thought was because she missed me and wanted to try again. In reality it was to tell me I was going be paying child support. We took our daughter and her other 2 kids to the zoo. Was beyond happy to be able to see my little girl. After that we just got back together. It was the happiest day to finally be able to hold her close after so many years. I worked hard to make us a livable home. Dang near rebuilt it by myself. Started getting better things for our home new appliances. Her second daughter had kidney problems and we had to take 5 hr trips and got her on a donor list. I treated the other 2 like my own. I actually loved her more and more as the years went by. We were a family and I worked a lot to pay for everything. Own my own company so I had to stay out of town a lot. I was always faithful and loyal. My mom got cancer and almost died. Stress for me was huge but I struggled on. 7 years we were together and I thought we were doing good. I took my mom to see my older brother a few states away being that she might not see him again. While we were there I sold a job to a neighbor of my brothers. I drove home with my mom. Mind you i had to work 30 days straight to pay for the trip. Got home worked another 30 days to make trip back to do job I sold. Now this is when I lost everything and never even knew that she had been with another man while I was gone. She moved in with him and never once told me what was going on. Apparently they got together just days before I took my mom to see my brother.Years of bonds with children and I thought with her. The day I came home I called her because naturally I had been away and missed her and the kids. That's when I was told that she had a new bf and that I had lost everything. As stupid as I am I thought she was joking. We had promised to breakup if we found someone else we wanted to be with. So now shattered and alone I realized that I was only the one that was truly in love. I asked her why she didn't breakup with me like we promised. I was told that the 7 years we lived together and everything we had gone through that we were never really a couple. So for 7 years I was nothing not a friend not a lover. Not a family so what was I then? I was ghosted after all that time. I was used to fix up the house. Pay for the trips to the doctor. I paid bills as a couple. That was 2 years ago and I'm still broken inside. I'm not sure if I can ever trust anyone ever again. I'm not sure but I don't know how you just leave someone that you were supposed to love. Then to realize I didn't even warrant being broken up with. I meant nothing at all that's the worst part. How do you do that knowing that your hurting someone so deep and not even flinch. So that's my story how that what you think you have can actually be completely different from what is really there. In my case I loved and I meant nothing at all. When I met her I was sure I had found the one person who was put here for me. I was wrong I did learn how painful it is to love and not to be loved in return. Years of lies. I'm not sure how to say I love you and it mean nothing. When I said it I meant it with all my heart. To her it was just meaningless. Karma though always comes around.



October 26, 2014 @ (Oxfordshire)

Tags: Bad breakup


I've been with my gf for 2 years 2 months and it was love at first sight. We met online and realised we lived in the same town about 400 yards from each other.

We went clubbing as she Is quite the party girl, likes to drink and forget her worries and that's one of a million reasons why I love her so much.

The first year of our relationship was the typical fairy tale, we told each other how much we love each other and want to be this way forever. It was a dream that everyone wanted.

The second year however has been tough. In November last year, we found out we was expecting our little baby together which was fantastic news but it wasn't an easy pregnancy (both have kids from previous relationships) she was constantly in pain, being sick and found it hard to be a normal mother. Then she lost one of her horses that she adored so much, I supported her as much as I could but she put on a brave face and marched on. Finally her dad fell ill with cancer, he lives in the highlands of Scotland so she doesn't see him often but that's what's upsetting her most I think. But to top it all off, now she isn't pregnant, she wants to party again and have her me time, which I understand but our time has vanished. I get extremely jealous when she does go out because that's the only time I see her smile :( when she gets in, usually early hours of the morning, I interrogate her asking her about whether other men have been around her. I'm my own worst enemy because I imagine situations that never happened and believe what never exists.

I had the courage last night to ask her if this relationship is worth saving, she replied I do not know. I asked if she loves me and again the answer was I do not know. I broke there and then, I didn't know how to be anymore. So I asked where do we go from here and she asked me for a break where I move out, restrict contact so she can have space and time to think about what she wants.

Today is the day Iove out and I won't see her or maybe here from her till her head has been cleared and she can concentrate on exactly what she wants.

I'm lost without her, I can't sleep, I can't eat, I feel sick all the time, I'm shaking all the time for I do not know if the outcome is going to be what I hope for but time is needed to pass and as I cry typing this, I fear the answer is there, written on her face but is going to take time for the answer.

I must do what it takes to stop being a jealous man if I'm ever going to prove what I'm worth and in time I hope she sees me as she did before



March 24, 2014 @ (Karachi, Pakistan)

Tags: Bad and unfortunate breakup

My girlfriend and I started going out three years ago and fell hard for each other. Even head over heels sound like an understatement. I am a 29 year old guy and I have always been a closed off person but when she and I started going out, she brought out the best in me. She made me feel like the king of the world and that I could achieve anything in this entire universe. Right around the time we started going out my father was diagnosed with throat cancer. It shook my entire existence. To find the guy you always looked up to and the authority figure in your life to be so timid and helpless. I was shaken up, then I lost my job, by profession I am a graphics designer and illustrator. We were extremely frustrated. And we decided to talk to our parents about us because we wanted to get married. A note here that she's from a well-to-do family and I am from a middle class family so the social status and lack of financial backing played a very important role when we tried talking to her parents. You need to understand another thing that in our culture we respect and listen to our parents' wishes because of how much they've done for us. and after talking to them they got furious. They took her cellphone, grounded her and we didn't talk for over a month. I know it sounds childish, but this is how our culture works. But she was resilient woman and she stood by me through all this and so did I. We spent two more years after that. My father passed away last May. And my financial situation kept getting worse and worse. Now I am at a stage where I am literally left with nothing in my account. Don't get me wrong she didn't drain me. But I was so distracted by my father's death and the trouble at her end that I couldn't pick myself up. So, a few months back she got a proposal and her father agreed to it and we discussed that since things are going in a certain way and we can't afford to hurt her parents, so we decided to break it off. I know that she loves me and she knows that I love her. I mean I have faced such problems in my life that it's beyond imagination. But this is worst feeling of all. Because I have never loved anyone or anything this much. But she's now talking to this guy her parents introduced to her and I know it's killing her but she's doing it. I want to salute this woman here and want to tell her that I love you and I will always love you. You were the best thing in my life. But I have these memories that I will take with them where ever I go.
It's funny that two people, who love each other dearly and wholly are pulled apart.



September 25, 2012 @ (ontario canada)

Tags: heartbroken, deserved it

Our love stories begins in September 2010. How fitting it ends now.

I will be honest and tell you that I didn't deserve his love the first year we were together and if I could find a way to take that time back. I would. A bit of history - he is 10 years younger than I (I am female). Although our maturity levels were in sync age (until recently) was never an issue. (It was something that troubled me. And because of that created unnecessary stress).

He worked full time, I was in school full time and worked two part time jobs. I have two children. One was 11 at the time the other 16. I had made the decision prior to even meeting him that I wasn't going to just introduce my kids to just anybody. I needed to know he was going to stick around. I didn't want to be one of those parents who bring partners in and out of their childrens lives. One year I told him when we met. I would introduce him after one year.

My family and friends disaproved of our relationship because it was interacial and because he was so young. I fell under the pressure. And ended it in December 2010. It didn't last long. We both loved each other and to end a relationship for others seemed wrong. Yet I always put my family and friends needs before his.

He lived 45 min away and was always ready willing and able to see me at the drop of a hat if I was free. Free time was something I didn't have much of and I soon began to resent the fact that all my time was consumed making someone happy, either my family, my children or him. I began to resent how much time he wanted from me.

I felt I had nothing to give in the first place. In May 2011 I noticed there was a girl he worked with that he was msging daily. I confronted him and he deleted her from bbm and facebook immediately no questions asked. The fact that I was uncomfortable made him do it. Why couldn't I do the same for him. I had a 20yr friend who made him uncomfortable and rightly so but I didn't do the same for him and he didn't push me. I know it hurt him.

I chose soding the back yard with family on a night we should have been together because my obligation to family was stronger to my obligation to him.

I could list several situations where this was the case. All of which now, I regret.

In july he lost his job. Money became tight and I found myself frustrated at the fact that he was playing video games all day while I worked my butt off just to make ends meet.

When september came time to meet the children my son had a death in his class, then his aunt was diagnosed with cancer and died shortly after. Excuses I know. But I wanted my son to be in a good spot prior to meeting him.

In december, he still had not met my son, still didn't work, was borrowing $$ from friends family and me who didn't have any to begin with. I ended things again.

Naturally we ended up back together in januay. But this time roles had switched. I realized how much I loved him and wanted to be with him and I was ready to share my life with him. Every aspect. The things I hesitated doing before I did without hesitation including getting rid of that 20yr friend. But now, he was distant. He was reserved. He was worried. I tried everything I could to make up for the wrongs that I had done.

The things he requested were unreasonable we both know it but I did it. Some of the things he asked me to do I am so ashamed that I did. Most, I will never tell a living soul because I am so disapointed in myself.

I hadn't seen him in 6 weeks. We hadn't slept together in 3 months, he was refusing to meet my kids still. Then on friday when I was supposed to spend the weekend at his house, he sent me a bbm msg while I was at work I am a manager of an employee and it was his first day. He didn't even give me a chance to respond before he deleted me on bbm. Blocked my emails and my phone number and I haven't heard from him since.

Why is it I love him so. Why is it I can forgive him anything now, but that first year we were together I couldn't give him what he deserved!



June 19, 2012 @ (UK)

Tags: long-distance, cancer, depression, love of my life, soulmate

I was in a relationship with a guy for about 5 months. I had never experienced such an intense and caring love before. There were a few ups and downs but we grew closer and closer. He was constantly saying that I was the love of his life and that he would do anything for me. I felt closer to him than to any other human being ever before.

After 5 months, I needed to move to another country for my job. (This career move had been planned long before I met him.) After living in the new country for six weeks I was diagnosed with a tumour. When I told him about this tumour, he sent me an email saying that he still loved me as much as before but was planning on spending his next holiday with “some close female friend” and needed to let me go.

I hit rock bottom that night. I talked to him only once more on the phone. After that, I never heard from him again.

8 months later I am still struggling and on medication (both against the tumour and the depressions that set in after the breakup). Not one day goes by without me thinking about him.



January 28, 2012 @ (tx)

Tags: love hurts, im sorry

It all started in 8th grade this shy quiet guy name christian was in my class he was really shy and like he would hang around my crew but wwe really didnt fuck wit him like that..I was a very loud girl very popular.. and i would always bully him because he was shy but then he starte dating this girl and they dated for a year but he was till shy.. oh yea and he was smart too.. but like a year later in my freshman my friend andrea showed him a picture of me in new years and like he saw it and he said "damn she fine" he was saying that bout me wellshe told me and i was like who is christian i already had forgot bout him till i seen him in the hall way and like i told her to tell him that he was fine theni got his number from her.. so we started txtin him and like he was the sweeetest guy in the world he cared about me even back then when we havent even had started dating like he seemed to match to the "perfect" guy every girl would like to meet.. so we started dating on 2.25.10 but we broke up like on june 30. 2010 because iwasnt sure of what i felt for him anymore... i was confused i was so used to being single and like i wanted my freedom back and i broke up with him poor him he was torn apart i broke his heart and i was his second gf. well like a month or two later we started dating again till like my "bestfriend" told him that i cheated on him and it was a total lie why would i cheat on him when he was the sweetest guy in the world the guy i loved the guy i wanted to spend the rest of my life with... well we broke up and like a month later we got together again and another "bestfriend" told him i had cheated and i dint cheat this time.. they where jus mad because of the guys they loved didnt wanna b with them anymore.. well we got back together...again.. till i forgave one of the girls that said shit to him and he got mad told me no to hangout with her or any of my other firends i said okay so i lost all my friends.. well me and this girl started being friends again and like she took me somewhere and he got mad and broke up wit me... this was 7.2.11 and like since then i would txt him nad i wouldnt get a respond soo i would one day i wanted to see if i was still important to him so i made up a lie and told him i had cancer, and i also told him i was pregnant! but he caught me in my lies and didnt wanna b wit my anymore and he dindt get the pont that i did it jus so i can be with him..he never really appreciated me he started being mean to me and like wold even put his hands on me.. but now this month he told mehe wanted to work this out we have been having sex again but after i left him get it he left me for a girl that has been tryna get wit him for about two years.. and like now im heartbroken 1/28/2012 i was so used to him :(



January 16, 2012 @ (Australia)

Tags: phone, crazy

Me and this guy weren't exactly dating but I had to break up with him anyway. I met a guy and gave him my number. I then accidently left my phone at my friends house. My phone was there a few days. I thought I would just explain it to him, if he called or messaged me. I got my phone back and it happened to be my birthday. There were a bunch of msgs beforehand. These are the text messages that followed.
Him: Did you have some company last night? I cant be with someone who is going to play around. Not having it. So please explain....(separate msg)I thought u were different, obviously I am wrong again.
Me: I left my phone at a mate's house and got it about 12 last night. I didnt think it would have been nice of me to msg u then. But thanks, this is exactly what I wanted to wake up to on my birthday. By the way, my friend told me his dad had cancer thus why things have been hard for me to get my phone.
Him: Ok then just wanted to know. Happy birthday hunny, hope you have a great day and I hope I cans ee u soon xoxo
Me: Why the hell would u assume I had company? Why would u assume the worse of someone u barely know? I'm not your GF. My mother doesnt even speak to me like that. Why dont u explain?
Him: I know your not my gf. Ur friend texted me back off your phone (my friend had told him to stop calling because I didnt have my phone). And he said he couldn't tell me his name. If you want me to go I will.
Me: Why would my friend need to tell you his name? Why would his name matter? If u wanted an explanation you should have asked nicely. If something like this sets u off into insulting me, its really not gonna work out ever.
Him: Ok all the best...(again new message)...Ur a quitter. You'll be a lonely old woman. It sounds like you'll get what you deserve so good luck with someone that'll put up with that...Quitter....So u quit an arguement. lmfao...Its just an excuse so u can flirt with guys tonight on your birthday...classy whose place are you gonna leave your phone at this time. lmfao...get f***ed.



July 20, 2010 @ (Tennessee)

Tags: JoLeigh

My Boyfriend and Me were together for 7 months when it all started. He found out his Uncle (which was like his dad) had cancer. I was ALWAYS there for him, and ALWAYS tried to make him feel better. I sat in the hospital with him a couple of times, to try to make him feel better. He starting acting different around me when all this happend, He was alot more mean & starting acting like he didnt care anymore. I kept telling him how he was hurting my feelings but the fighting continued. At the first of July everything starting going down hill. We fought everyday. I always trie telling him how i felt but he never listened to me. One night around the usual time he calls me He said he wasnt going to call because he was watching a movie. I just asked him If a movie was more important than me? and he said I get mad over the littest things. All I wanted was to talk to my boyfriend? The next night, I texted him and asked him if he was getting tired of me? And he said I dont know, I just need time. So that scared me and I called him. Well apparently he didnt have enough respect for me to go somewhere private so we could talk about this. Because all I could hear in the back ground was people talking & he was saying was Idk Idk Idk to every question I asked. That night I decided to ignore him for the rest of the night & the next few days, hopeing that would make him realize how much he had hurt my feelings. But that was a horrible mistake because all he did was get more pissed at me over it. I finally broke down and texted him a few days after this and all he texted back was," You know we are not dating anymore, Right?" That broke my heart. I called him and we talked for 1 hour & a half. He wanted to take a 2 week break from our relationship because he was so "stressed" & needed time to think. So I was like Okay maybe this will Help out relationship. We went 2 days without talking and i was miserable. I missed him so much. A couple of more days went by and I found out from some of our friends he had been "talking" to another girl. And he denyed it when I asked him. & even his sister said he liked her & they were talking. I told him I was done and I wanted all my stuff back from him. 2 weeks went by, and We havent talked. He has left picture comments on that girls pictures, and ive seen them. Lastnight I broke down and asked him,"Honestly do you miss me?" All he wrote back was, " Kinda, but no not really." I was crying so hard I had a panic attack. Now here I am, Alone. I try to talk to other boys but all they do is remind me of him. I cry everytime Im not with someone being occupied. I miss him ALOT, & knowing im not good enough for him to love me forver like he promised kills me every second. Im depressed & not happy anymore. Ive always been a happy person but I cant even smile anymore. Next monday we would have been together 9 months, I still feel like texting him and saying Happy 9 month Anniversary sweetheart, I love you with all my heart, but i know I cant. God makes everything happen for a reason but i dont feel that this is a blessing or to make things better. Maybe one day someone will bring back the smile on my face.



December 06, 2009 @ (Maryland)

Tags: Holiday Joy

Back story: B/f and I have lived together for 5 years. We have been through a lot. Losing grandparents, my father having cancer, him being laid off...the list goes on. We have talked about marriage before and he always said that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.

We are at thanksgiving dinner with his family and as always the questions begin about future wedding plans. B/f flips shit and in front of his whole family tells me he is moving out, he can't handle the pressure. I still had to drive an hr to my parents house and have thanksgiving with them. I figured he just snapped with pressure of the holidays and what not. I went home around 10pm...his shits turned off.

To make things worse, his brother calls yesterday to ask me out on a date. Weirdest fucking family ever.


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