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August 12, 2019 @ (-)

Tags: bad breakup hurt love

Well i was always looking for a soulmate where i will spend my life only with her, i found her in a social media, got together for 4 years, She is a lecturer in a university and very professional with her work and duty, i just feel like she is the one for me, very caring, loving and we do fight frequently because every relationships have fights, i have met her parents and she have met mine, we have actually decided to get married in 1 year as we discussed, but while time was passing by i literally been dreaming that she with a another dude, i asked her regarding this dream, she kept ignoring and change the topic, on the following week i decided to spy on her activites by following her everywhere she goes, then late in the everning caught her hugging a guy and heading to a hotel, i followed and caught both of them naked having fun with each other, i was totally broken, i could not bare with the pain and the thing i see, she never bothered to say sorry, but what she could say that was just a casual fun with the dude, i kept trying to forget her even my family loves her so much, Even it have been 1 year now,i am yet trying to move on but i failed, i am still stuck with the broken love.



October 30, 2016 @ (California )

Tags: Long distance, relationships, breakup, ldr

So about a year ago I was single and I decided to make a dating profile just for the fun of it. I started casually talking to guys on this online dating app and I came across one and got a good laugh at a joke he made on his profile. Now I usually don't message guys online but his was pretty funny so i decided to message him a response to his joke. We talked a bit. I'm from California born



October 17, 2016 @ (Findlay )

Tags: #saebreakupstprys

Me and my boyfriend has been together for 9 months. When we started dating to me it was more about looks but not all relationships start with a heart full of feelings. But the longer we were together the more I started to fall for
Him we would spend every weekend together at first it was awkward but we started getting really close to the point where he was the first one I would go to when I was having a bad day or problem. We would talk from the minute we woke up to the minute we would go to bed. We had our arguments but what relationship doesn't. I was 14 he was the first guy I ever Truley loved. We had a lot of problems with me snapchating other boys he thought it was something more than what it was. It was jealously that killed our relationship even though we fought a lot about it I was so blinded by something I thought was love that I never imagined us breaking up. We had plans for the future at the age of only 14 to other people they will look at it and say that's kids for you. But I think I really did love him one day he texted me and said it was over. He had said that before but never ment it. But this time it was diffrent. He didn't talk to me after that he just kept saying we would talk about it that weekend that weekend we met up at the fair we talked about it I kept saying sorry and he kept saying "I can't" "I'm sorry but I can't" he stood up because he has to leave and gave me a long hug. And said he was sorry. I sobbed in his arms and told him I didn't want to go he said he had to. He hasn't talked to me since. I've tried to reach out to him and he says he can't go back. How come I still cry myself to bed. But he can't she's a tear to a girl he said he loved a girl who he was with for 9 months. I get scared that I will never find that feeling again. Someone so perfect. I'm scared to love.



June 20, 2016 @ (india)

Tags: bad breakup

1 year from now i met a girl. I am a singer so was just performing in a college event. A girl was staring at me after my performance(in which i won).She was just sitting on a row ahead of me and she was continously staring ... i have been in 15 relationships so have a gud experience of what was it going to be. She searched my name as we din't had anything in comman. She message me on fb . And very next day she asked me to come for a walk in campus late in night. We had a good talk and she messaged me that night that she has a boyfriend.. i was like who cares. Next night she called me for a walk and that night THINGS happened and we were close . I always tried to stay emotionally away from her because she was in relation for two years that too non problematic relationship. After that we met almost daily for 4 months she was in relationship with a guy who was earlier in college was a senior so was working in a company in different city so for those 4 months whenever she met she used to say sweet things and show her affection n then she left her boyfriend. I asked her to not to leave him because i had stuff to do so cannot give her that much of time. but she broke up with him. I was also kindof liking her i was a plyboy but i started liking her because once she went to meet her boyfriend then i was not feeling good about it. But she then left her boyfriend came to me.. She always knew about experiences of girls i had so so used to say that i cannot be serious for a single girl. But sometimes being human when she flirted with someone else i used to feel bad about it and i said her. I too had many option of girls which she knew already but i began falling for her. I am a focussed man so was doing the stuff that i was supposed to do in my career so could not give her that much of time but i always tried to give her as much of time as possible . So i started falling for her even more.. i started actually loving her.. i had to go through many things in life which made me a kindof heartless playboy.. i was having a good career i am a singer , guitarist, painist, composer , millionaire, boxer(upto state level) and amazing at s**(because experince matters) so as per now u might have guessed there was no scarcity for girls .. but i was falling for her.. i started expressing to her my love.. in every way possible.. bt never lost balance as generally guys do. Now one day she comes to me saying "she wants to be friend" then next day" she wants to do her work" then next day "she wants her boyfriend back" . after 9 months of all she is suddenly realizing that she loved her ex only so she wants to move with that guy. Was i just a puppet? She shows no feeling for me now.. When she was cheating with that guy for me.. when she can come physically close to me third day after we met after a relation of 2 years then she can cheat me too.. Bitches will be bitches.. lesson learnt never trust a beaultiful face .. if she is a liar .. she will take use of u till she wants and then just hire a new boyfriend to fuck her.. NEVER TRUST LIARS.. if she can lie to him she can lie to me too.. i missed that point.


Cherly Heather

April 28, 2016 @ (usa)

Tags: testimony on how i got my ex back

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March 16, 2016 @ (ny)

Tags: Broken Heart

Before I share my story just a quick history. I had a 3 year relationship in high school i fell out of love then I met Erik and i was head over heels for about 8 months little dod I know he had feelings for his ex and his best friend. Being paranoid about this i gave him an ultamaduim and he broke it off. After this I did not believe in love I thought he was the one then I met chris. I dont know why I loved him since he was mentally abusive but I did. He also broke up with me while this was happening I had met another guy but he was just a friend to help me. And here is where my break up story begins. At first we just hooked up weird for me because I have never been that type but I felt so safe and comfortable with him. Although I didnt trust him because of my other relationships so he broke up with me briefly then we got back together. We then moved in together and were together for a year and a half. I kept threatening to kick him out because he was misplacing money and other events. He got sick of it and broke up with me. I understood that what I did was painful to him but I just thought he would try to workout it out since we had spent so much time together and lived together. I just don't know where to go from here. After Erik i didn't believe in love then i met my last bf and starting believing again now im back to where i started.



November 06, 2015 @ (austin tx)

Tags: strength in weakness

So, I have had my fair share of bad breakups, bad relationships and just bad times... when i met him, i just fell head of heals. one he was so good looking, i thought i was the luckiest girl in the world being able to call him mine.. he had the most amazing heart, so pure and always trying to be closer to God... I admired him so much for his humble personality and strive to be a better man... i loved him and he fell in love with me... but after time, we realized we both wanted different things, he didn't want to travel, he wanted to stay in the same small town, he didn't care for finishing college as i wanted to eventually get my doctorates... he said he felt like we just weren't compatable.. and it broke my heart but when it happened... i remembered my breakup before him and how i would lean on drinking and clubbing to find comfort only to lead myself into an even more painful path... this time, i decided to read the bible, to pray more.. and i am still trying to do so... things happen in our life, that makes us want to crawl into bed and never get up... but we have to be strong, and that strength doesn't come from drinking, or partying or hooking up with other people... it comes from the one who know us better than anyone else, the one who died so that we can have a chance... i dont know if you believe in God of not... or if you are struggling with faith, or if you just don't know about God, but when something happens in your life that brings you down... God could be using it as an opportunity to draw him closer to you... cause it's at our weakest that his strength shines the brightest... losing my boyfriend sucked, it broke my heart and i had to deal with a lot of self esteem issues... but i'm trying every day to be happy... to see the bigger picture... to be able to say i may not be fine right now, but God has a plan for me...
i just encourage anyone with a broken heart to pray, it is so powerful and can really make a difference... it is for me at least



November 01, 2015 @ (Toronto)

Tags: Tragic Love story

So I can't believe I'm doing this. Maybe some therapy so that I don't lose my head.

When I was about 12 or 13 I woke up from a horrible nightmare that wasn't easy to understand or describe. I was in a sweat and could hardly breath. The only way I could put into words to my parents was that it felt like I had a 10 million dollar ticket and watched the wind blow it from my hand and was gone forever. I feel now that this was a premonition for things to come. Almost like an intense ripple felt through time.

Flash forward 13 years, I'm 25 and I see the most beautiful girl sitting in the lunch room at work. Keep in mind that I'm a very shy type and for just once in my life I through caution to the wind. I had to talk with this girl she was a dream. I think from that point we talked on the phone every night, we had incredible adventures through conversation I felt like I had met my soulmate. Also we had an incredible physical chemistry. Late nights in my parents basement by the fire and nothing else mattered...the body heat and passion was intense, 2 souls coming together and best of all talking about life into the early morning hours. I was a struggling artist you see, working evenings at the shop and trying to make my dreams come true during the days. She didn't seem to care, we were lost in our own little world.

1 year turned into 2, and 2 into 3...and I never lost the passion, every day seeing her was like Christmas eve. Around that time she was finishing school and I was away in Europe doing fashion modelling. God she hated me doing that, being around other women but she had nothing to fear. She was my everything, my whole world and I was just trying to find a way to make life work with the struggles of being an artist.

Years passed and the modelling did not yield the money I had hoped. The girl I loved was growing up, she graduated school and was just offered her first grown up job. At the time I was starting my software company, god damn I wish some days that I could just put on a suit and tie. She was doing great and I can say that I just was not at my best...that's when I'm sure thoughts of children and a white picket fence crossed her mind. From every day after that she grew more distant. It's a horrible feeling of helplessness. Like sand sifting through your fingers.

It's been about 3 years (I think) since we broke up. She has since moved on and met someone else. I was really angry when I first found out, but I'm just not convinced that she would have the life she wants if we were still together. I'm married to my work and she deserves better.

The saddest part of the story? I'm sitting here telling it to you over the internet. I've dated other women, but I just can't stop being in love with another. These relationships fail because I have to end them, it's just not fair for the other individual. Never in my life have I been wounded like this, and the years haven't healed a thing.

It's unbearable dealing with all the pain and anger, but deep down knowing that the woman I love more than anything else in the world would be better off without me....



May 22, 2015 @ (ontario)

Tags: bad breakup, Horrible person, worst girlfriend

I had been seeing this girl for a year and she refused to keep her legs closed. no matter what I tried, I trusted her like crazy, and she continued to abuse that, first was when we were several months in she went to go hang out with a friend, when I wanted to say hi she told me off and said that the guy still thought they were together and wanted toa void a scene, still trusting her, because that is how I thought relationships worked I let her have her way. she claimed the next day that she cheated on me with him, merely saying in a weak tone "well... I didn't want too..." when I got upset she went aroundt elling everybody who would listen that I was pissed at her for being raped. having been raped myself at a young age thi would never be the case. now my trust in her is shot because I know the rape thing is a straight out lie. I started keeping an eye on her facebook and skype to spot more evidence of cheating. and she hated this and defended herself by saying her sleeping with another guy is none of my business, despite my taking her in from what she claimed was an abusive family and dating her. she cheated on me a second time with another guy and after several days of thinking I forgave her once more. several months passed (to about the year mark) and she cheats on me again with the guy that 'raped' her. this time I have had it, I told her to pack up her stuff and leave. to which she did everything she could think of to stay, blocking the guy and showing me messeges about how she is refusing sex to him now and the like, so against my better judgement I let her stay, not a week later and she cheated on me again, I have had it at this point and kicked her out on the spot. that day she tried everytrick to get me to let her stay, from appealing tot he fact I cared about her to saying I couldn't make her go back to her 'abusive' family and every other manipulative thing you can think of. When that failed she flipped the switch and started bitching about everything, making me to be the bad guy to everyone who would listen, Saying it was my fault she gained weight because I put her on a certain diet (untrue) and that I expected her to be a servant and such. in reality she got to stay with me rent free I made sure she was fed everytime I went groceries (once a month) I would ask her if there was anything she wanted and I even got her a cat that she begged me for, spending several hundred in the process. I wasn't able to hang out with friends without her getting pissed and if I tried to see a female friend she would think I was cheating. but anyways, she is packing up her things she raided my kitchen, took everything she could fit into her bag and then took all of my dishes and every piece of cutlery she could find. leaving me with 2 plates and a bowl. when I confronted her about this alls he had to say was "oh they were mine" when I told her I couldn't eat now cause I had nothing to eat with she says "oh I left a fork for you under the couch" she even refused to give me back the key to my apartment, when her mom FINALLY stepped in to make her she decided to throw it onto the lawn as opposed to hand it to my outstretched hand. 2 months later and I haven't spoken to her since.



May 06, 2015 @ (Bay Area California)

Tags: Confused, wealth

I found a woman I wanted to marry I proposed. Everything was good, I was doing well in my career and got a promotion and I was excited to start a family and I recently purchased a nice condo.

I had immense self esteem issues throughout the engagement and dating. I had it ingrained in my mind that you need financial worth to be loved. I used pervious relationships as proof that I needed to be wealthy in order to be loved. I constantly assumed the relationship wouldn't work out and I would be abandoned for lack of wealth or cheated on. I walked around assuming people thought it was the "first" relationship I had due to my technology career.

It got to a point where I assumed I was being used for money (never knew exactly if it was true). She wanted me to buy a bigger home and fork out a lot for a wedding. It might of been her dream to have those things, but I didn't take it that way. It's like I subconsciously waited for an excuse to end the relationship. Instead of trying to work through it, I abandoned the relationship and out of the blue gave up on it. I was loved by her and her family and probably hurt everyone. It was the most rude, insecure, selfish thing I could of possibly did. I just gave up on a future, family, and love because of my insecurities and lack of maturity.

It was a Saturday and I called her and told her she didn't love me and that she loved money and to forget everything. It was the last time I ever spoke to her. Now that I look back on it, I am ashamed. I assumed she didn't love me and told her this, she refused and said she did. I told her to meet someone else that was financially wealthy enough and said to her that she would not see my ugly face again.

It's true you need to love yourself before you love another person as cliche as it sounds. Like if you don't value yourself, how do you expect someone else will. And the other "don't care what others think" is true. You can't go through life basing a relationship on what an outside force will think or assume.

If I could go back I would of handled myself very different and waited until I had my self esteem and confidence intact which I still lack.


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