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December 08, 2016 @ (Virginia )

Tags: Bad breakup heartache 💔💔💔💔

We were together for 3 years and it just went down in flames. Since we are southern down here we went catfishing all summer. The first time I got to see him this summer was when we went fishing and he act like he never loved me. All he done was ignore me all night then finally I walk up to him and I ask what his problem is and he tells me I'm too young for him. We were 4 years apart. I watched him flirt with other girls every night literally. He just laughed at me and so one night I punched him in the jaw and it felt really good. Then I thought I was done seeing him for good but he showed up at the lake and he just stared all night. I cried so much this summer. The sad thing is, is that he was the one person I depended on to make me laugh but this summer he was the one who made me cry my eyes out. He is the reason I do not believe in love. I still see him often in fact today he came to my house and it got awkward. I miss him but he is such a coward and a jerk. He taught me some lessons I will never forget and taught me to not let my expectations cause my heartaches because that is exactly what happened here. I depended on someone who I thought could make it better but he was just like he others. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭



November 30, 2015 @ (pegasusland )

Tags: muffin sushimuis clisje neko-chan broken heartache manuel muurbloem jason gregory house

About nine months ago, my girlfriend and I broke up. We had a relationship for about 4 years, but it felt like we knew eachother much longer because we saw eachother almost every day and we hardly ever had a fight. My (ex) girlfriend was a beautiful indonesian girl with mesmerizing dark brown eyes and the prettiest smile ive ever seen before. we had a lot in common and I love her like crazy ( i still do).The reason for our breakup was because of the fact that my parents are very traditional (im chinese btw) and strict. So that means that I am not allowed to date a girl that wasnt from the same root as mine and we are raised to have maximum respect for elder people, especially parents. In the beginning when we just started dating, my parents acted cool towards our relationship. that was because they didnt thought it was serious and they saw it more like friendship. But later when i told them that we are really boyfriend and girlfriend, they became mad and wanted me to find a chinese girl. I didnt listen to them and I Always had an argument with my parents because I love that girl so much. This went on for several years until that one moment i've had it all enough of all that fighting with my parents. Later ive been thinking about breaking up with her but i couldnt do it, i love her to much to lose her. I said before that im chinese and chinese people have a lot of respect for parents. so I told my parents: This is enough, I had it with all this fighting. I'll do whatever you want and break up with her''. This was the toughest I had to do in my life and when i saw her and didnt even told her in person. I broke up with her per text, because i couldnt watch her cry and suffer. I thought that i would get over her and that i would be one line again with my parents, but i was so miserably wrong. I still had arguments with my parents about other stuff and this went from bad to worse. plus i dont have my girlfriend to talk to about this stuff and support me. i thought that it would get better in the future but i was wrong again. its still the same it Always has been the same and now Ive lost the love of my life. I think about her everyday and i just cant forget her. everytime when I lay in bed i pretend that my cushion is her and that i hug her while I sleep and I even dream about her almost every night. I know that i sound like a complete idiot right now but i really still suffer. She moved on with her life and I still pretend in my imagination that I still have her. maybe i became mad or maybe im just an idiot. but one things for sure, this wound hasnt been healed a little bit and it wont be in a long time. it probably never will. but one thing is for sure, I still love her and I hope she will find happiness in the future, with me or without me.


Eve D

June 28, 2015 @ (Cali)

Tags: Betrayed, hurt, heartache

I dated this boy for a year and a half. We were great together, we spent every day together. He was so crazy in love with me and he did everything for me. About a couple months ago I started to notice a change in him. We started to argue a lot and I finally just realized that he wasn't the one for me. The night we broke up he was at another girls house. And a month later they are together. I guess the reason he was different was because he liked her. I don't understand how you can move on from a year and a half relationship so fast. It makes me question everything. So, while he is out with his new girl and having the best time I am stuck with all the heart ache. Ive never felt so betrayed in my life. The girl was one of my friends. I hope that he gets what is coming towards him one day. I hope one day he hurts as much as I've been hurting. It's getting easier with time, but I still have them days like today where I am angry, hurt and bitter. Has anyone been through anything like this and how did you over come it?



June 13, 2015 @ (Philippines)

Tags: hope, love, time, heartache, pain,

You know what's hard?it's when you wake up one morning and you're no longer wanted. That's how I felt when he broke my heart for a one night stand... AGAIN. My friends think that I'm stupid by staying in a relationship that we all know is doomed the first time he cheated on me. But I can't help it. I love him, more than his mistakes. I thought that if I'm gonna give him a chance he'll change. And he told me he would. I hold on to the hope that I was the one he always wants and need. Then one night as he was sleeping beside me I had this weird feeling that i need to check his phone. I know its my fault. I should not go thru his stuff coz I believe that what you don't know won't hurt you. But I did and hell I found out every thing. He saw me and he knew by the look in my eyes that I'm hurting. I'm not mad and I'm not even sad. I felt like I'm going to explode. Maintaining my calmness I took his had and gave him the phone, I made sure that when he look at the screen he would see everything I saw on his phone. I dressed up and leave but he would not let go of me. He was crying, begging for us to talk and make things right. I can't even say a word. My eyes just burst in tears, my heart beats fast and my breathing starts to be so deep feels like I'm drowning. Maybe I'm drowning with everything. I felt tired and all I want is to sit beside him. He was crying and I never expected him asking for my forgiveness. He was like a child, as I looked at him I felt something breaking inside my soul I feel responsible for the pain he's feeling. I'm not sure why, but it feels like I have to stay...with him and make sure that things will be okay. Maybe someday I will learn to walk away with everything. I'm not sure when and I don't know how but maybe just maybe I can still hold on to that hope that people do change... hopefully for the better.


Stupid Love

February 01, 2015 @ (United States)

Tags: cheater, living together, breakup, stupid, jerk

So, I was relocating closer to work and decided to move in with three of my coworkers. Two of which I knew and the third I did not know. So, third unknown guy and I meet. Instant sparks. We ended up hooking up that night, we were drunk and I just split from my loser ex. From then on we hooked up practically every night and finally asked me to be his girlfriend, swell not what I was looking for but I was really into him. The first red flag that I should have taken as BREAK UP WITH HIM was when I got a weird feeling and looked at his phone. The same night he said he was too tired to hang with me he went over some girl’s house at 3am and she could “barely walk the next day”. He said it was just a joke and they have known each other forever. I must be brain dead to have believed that but I did. After a couple of months we decide to go look at a really cute puppy. It was love at first lick. Everything was great but the lease ended soon. So boyfriend and I decide to move in together. He cheats on me… while I was visiting my nana. It was some girl from work.
The kicker is I get another weird feeling and snoop again he did not even have the balls to tell me himself (bad, I know but this guy is making me nuts). I finally get a confession out of the bastard. I forgive him, like an idiot, we cry together and spoon. I find out he is still getting kissy with her at work and even put her in his phone with a guy name. He swears he will change yada yada yada. I believe him… again like an idiot. For his Birthday I took him to a Sox game and got a hotel room in Boston. For my birthday I waited all night in the ER while he had minor surgery (not his fault) and slept in the room with him at his request. A few weeks go by and I’m asked to house/dog sit for his parents while they go away. Bored, I check my facebook messages and come across something I have never seen before.
Apparently boyfriend decided to text his high school girlfriend on my birthday that he loved her and wanted to come over to “feel better”. I don’t dump him. Yes I know I’m a dumb schmuck. I found him on tinder and he practically ripped his phone from my hands so I wouldn’t see his messages. Then I find him on plenty of fish. I ask what hes doing on there he says it’s a joke. Guess what I find… another plenty of fish profile!!! In his email I find his reply to an adult film ad saying he is the next up and coming star. I asked him to take me on a date, even a free date, never did it. I’m getting fed up at this point but for some reason, maybe it’s the dog and the house I just can’t let him go. My very last straw before plunging into irreversible insanity?
I had been feeling like he wasn’t working but he told me he was. So, being me, I call and ask for him. He is no longer with the company. I call him, he slept at his parents house, and ask if hes working today. Come on baby redeem yourself. Guess what his response was, notice a pattern here? He was like yeah I’m working. That is when I was like enough is enough… although I should have said that a very long time ago. I would have saved myself a lot of tears and heartache. It was my first serious relationship and I thought I was seriously in love and vice versa. What I don’t get is whenever I would talk about ending it he would convince me I was the only one in his world. Moral of the story, don’t be like me, red flags-know them and run like hell, and no matter what you deserve respect and trust in your man.



March 29, 2013 @ (san diego)

Tags: ?

My boyfriend of 1 year broke up with me and I am devastated . This was my first relationship and I feel an immense heartache. I feel I'm to blame because of my anger and distrust when he didn't give me a reason to. People say he'll come back but I highly doubt it. It hurts everyday and its barely been a week. I know he wants nothing to do with me. I feel like this feeling will never go away. Everything reminds me of him. I still love him. If he loved me, where did that love go? Or was it never love. If I could turn back time I would because I'm filled with regret, sadness and regret. What hurts more is he's already moving on. Love sucks.



September 30, 2011 @ (Canda)

Tags: Heartache

I recently broke up with my girlfriend. We had been dating for about 11 months. On our first date she told me she had slept with 25 ment which didnt bother me at first but started to bother me when we kept running into them all the time when we went out (prob 12 differnet guys) The reason i initiated the break up was because she goes out drinking once or twice a week (i used to go with her) and come back at 3 unable to talk or walk she is so drunk. she is permanently on anti depressants, her grandmother is a ragins alcholic, as is her aunt and her dad is a recovering alcohilic. i tried to tell her she had issues with alcohol but she wouldnt accept it. she cut back for a while but started up again. She blacks out almost every time she drinks. I emailed her parents with her consent telling them thaat she needed help and she has just started seeing a counsillor eery two weeks. AFter we broke up we were still texting all the time so I imposed a one week communicaiton ban to see how we both felt. Once the ban was finished we ran into each other in a bar and she said that she still really loved me and that she didnt want to be with anyone else but she just couldnt be with anyone and is convinced she is going to spend her life alone just like her aunt. I told her I loved her but she just kept saying she couldnt be with anyone. She says I deserve so musch better than her. I go home and she stays out to party. The next day I go round to hers to tell her i still love her and will never give up on her. I look through the bedroom window as she wont answer the phone and she is in bed with another guy! i am devastated. She comes out and says they didnt sleep together, just kissed at the bar and then she came home by herself and then he called her after as there was a party in her building and then he had a beer on the couch while she went to bed and then he came and slept in the bed after. Says she kept her nightie on with her underwear. I asked her to swear on my life that nothing sexual happened and she did. She crys for 4 hours the next day and says she so sorry she hurt me and she still loves me. I tell her to neer contact me again. A few days later she sends me a text saying "i just want you to know, i hope your doing ok" I didnt reply No contact since then, that was a few days ago.


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