Eve D

June 28, 2015 @ (Cali)

Tags: Betrayed, hurt, heartache

I dated this boy for a year and a half. We were great together, we spent every day together. He was so crazy in love with me and he did everything for me. About a couple months ago I started to notice a change in him. We started to argue a lot and I finally just realized that he wasn't the one for me. The night we broke up he was at another girls house. And a month later they are together. I guess the reason he was different was because he liked her. I don't understand how you can move on from a year and a half relationship so fast. It makes me question everything. So, while he is out with his new girl and having the best time I am stuck with all the heart ache. Ive never felt so betrayed in my life. The girl was one of my friends. I hope that he gets what is coming towards him one day. I hope one day he hurts as much as I've been hurting. It's getting easier with time, but I still have them days like today where I am angry, hurt and bitter. Has anyone been through anything like this and how did you over come it?



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September 03, 2015

I wasn't in the same situation as you, but I was in a relationship that when it ended I didn't have any closure and at least you have that! The reason he gave me when he broke up with me sounded like he was sugar coating it and I didn't know the real story behind it for months until now. A friend of his recently told me that while we were dating he was really stressed for his exams and that at one point he skipped school for a week as he couldn't handle the pressure. He didn't want to break up with me, but felt it was the right thing as he didn't want his grades to be in jeopardy. Now that I know the whole story, I feel guilty as I wish I would have known so that I could have helped him out! I have learnt that guys who are not honest with me, I shouldn't waste my time with and that I deserve better! If they can't be real with you, what kind of relationship is it? I would say that you should temporarily remove anything that reminds you of him until you feel better and try moving on with your life by keeping yourself busy!



August 20, 2015

literally the same happened to me, I try to look at the positive things everyone time I see them together and I see him bored I just laugh , its easier when your able to laugh at things like him being sad or bored ( I know it sounds cruel,but it helps )



July 28, 2015

Hey Eve! I'm in a relatable situation. And I'm sorry but people are just different with feelings. It hurts like hell that someone doesn't want to be with you anymore. I fought so hard for my relationship. But his work always came first. And then a few days ago I asked him why we broke up and he said he didn't look at me in the same way anymore, and he didn't want me. Use it to your advantage. Move on and up! Start a journal, it has helped me so much. Don't torture yourself. Delete him. And everything you have to remind you of him, put away until you feel better. These guys weren't right for us. Hope you feel better soon!


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