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Hayleigh Marie

May 07, 2018 @ (Maine)

Tags: Bad Break up

I have been dating this kid for 6 years I knew he was the one for me we both knew it. He use to tell me all the time that he was ready for are future we have been together for six years. He use to sing me "My Girl" by Dylan Scott I loved him more then anything but the problem was he was 14 I was 17 about to turn 18 and I was not ready to break up with him He was so amazing his kisses and eveything well one day I decied to go to his house to see are daughter yes we had a daughter and I found her locked in her room and then after I found him having a threesome with my best friends and then he said hey wanna join and I told him no then he asked me to marry him after my friends were told to leave and I said no and a few days later after we broke up he killed himself and wrote a note im sorry princess i never meant to hurt you i love you and im sorry,... I was devisted that my first love was gone R.I.P Ryan Miles Mccromack


Silly Girl

March 04, 2017 @ (Taiwan)

Tags: Sad breakup, silly breakup, silly girl, unimaginable breakup

When I was 13, I meet my ex in high school. I remember in the first class, we look at each other and smile which is the moment i remember until now. Those time, when young soul are pure and kind.. When time passes. We had a crush on each other, we knewit but we never confess it.

5 years later where we both are 19, we got together, he is my first love, while im not his first love. He went into several relationship during that 5 years. We were both in a long distance relationship(LDR) as at the year 19 people start going to college in University. I stayed local to further study, while he were in the State.

When we first separated, we fully committed to maintain this uneasy relationship, because i believe in fate. For those who been in a LDR, will know that how stressful, insecure, it is. It brings a lot of stress to me. At the first 4 months it was okay, and after that he start to playing missing, like for a whole day. Dint reply my text, dint pick up my call and dint even told me that when he is awake and when he is going to sleep. The time different between us is horrible, it was me that stay up till midnight to wait for him to wake up, but ended up receiving nothing. This kind of ignorance and gone missing go on and off continuously till another 6 months.

At the 10th month of LDR, i received an odd message from him. It was some very rude words, saying that I am a bitch. And then I realized that it sent by another girl through his phone. At that moment, my heart felt apart. My heart was broken. I cried and call him to explain everything, he told me that he was actually with the girl when he is in the State. He throw all the responsibilities to me to settle all this mess. Ask me to make the decision. I was mentally and physically being tortured. Everything was in a complete mess. His cheating partner was crying and screaming while we having phone call and I am really not under a sober condition to settle this mess. And I decided to hang up the call since I cannot think comprehensively towards everything. After the night, he keep send me sorry words, saying that he din't mean it, saying that he still love me, and a lot of sentences that mentally hurt me a lot. He spam and spam and spam.. every single day and act like he is the one who got hurt. MAN!! I am the one who silently being hurt all the time, every single time! 6 days after the messy break up, his cheating partner texted me, asking me to give him another chance, and told me that he was sick, asking me to send him some warm messages. I cried every single day, i cried a lot. The pain that both of them gave me is unbearable. It's like a knife stuffed into my heart and slowly twisting.

And finally I decided to text him, because I still love him at that point, he cried and beg me, asking me to give him another chance. Because I still love him, and we are back together. Same thing happened, okay at the first month was so good. And the following months he was playing missing. Finally at the third month he wanted to break up, and he said that he is in love with someone else. And we never contacted ever since.

After the break up, I couldn't sleep well at night. I always had nightmares, felt lonely and sad. When I look into the mirror i asked "What now? Am I not good enough?" "Why does being kind people will still get hurt?". All the question i asked, but non of them gave me an answer. Those sadness and insecurities haunted me quite a long time. It started to effect my health.

And after 4 months, someone with him told me the truth, the person told me that he had a lots of girlfriend before and after he gets back with me, all those classes, working timetable and trips with friends that he told me as an excuses of can't make a video call was actually going out have fun with a lots of chicks! Truth hurt. Truth really hurt like hell. I burst into tears when I knew this. I always thought that both of us need a closure, but the pain he gave me that feelings just wont go away. After the truth, and I finally realized that he doesn't deserve my tears. It is not worth to cry for him. Love yourself first girls!

Xoxo Best wishes



October 02, 2016 @ (Southern Russia )

Tags: Bad Breakup

So when I was in 10th grade I saw this girl in Engineering class and she was my first Crush ever, I thought she was perfect, She had this long beautiful hair, breathtaking smile, cute, a little bit shy, challenging, caring and had some little knowledge about video gaming which was my weak spot. This was also my first love, I tried to flirt with her but I was a very insecure person at that time, I was pretty much obese (115 KG,253 lbs) and I was the probably the ugliest guy in the class :(, my flirting skills were a disaster and she eventually had a boyfriend from another class, they were together for 4 months and after that they broke up.
I dreamt about this girl for a whole year and I told myself that in 11th grade I will make something out of myself and I will GET HER.
Starting from February 2016 and till July 2016 I lost 37 KG (that's 81 pounds) and went from 115 to 78 KG (253 lbs to 171 lbs), I lost weight for my own private reasons but one of the main one was for my crush. The WHOLE SCHOOL was in complete shock of my body transformation (I'm talking about teachers, students, janitors, community workers, cooks, friends) and I was voted student of the year in my school, I've never felt this much happiness in a long time, I've felt completely on top of the world, my confidence rose up and I felt that I needed to flirt with my crush, but that failed too.
Eventually I found a job in my school and I worked there as a painter (I painted the walls, classrooms and etc... for the school year) to pay truck driving license. And then one day my CRUSH showed up in the school and literally started talking to me straight away, I was really busy with my work and I told her if she can hold on just for a few minutes but she ignored me and we started talking, the conversation went deep in a matter of minutes, I though to myself ''SO FAR SO GOOD'' and we literally spent the next 2 months (June and July) talking to each other on the phone ever SINGLE day. one day when I felt the right time to quit my job, I told her that I wanted to hang out with her (was my first time talking to a girl over whatsupp) and we've set the meeting in my city.
During August we hanged out every day and we felt closer and closer with each meeting. During the beginning of 12th grade (the final senior year) I told her that I loved her over the phone and she said she loves me too. It was the most magical moment that I've heard over the phone. The next morning we went to quiet place in my school yard near the teachers parking lot and we kissed, it was my first kiss EVER and especially with my crush, it was such a special moment in my life and I will never forget it, I've felt completely happy. We were the most popular couple in my school apparently because people had known me for being a single guy for my whole life.
After a week and 4 days my nightmares became to reality, we broke up.
I wasn't depressed but I felt sad as fuck man, we had a fight the night before and its just a long story, things weren't going great for us, so we decided to break up.
I was very sad with myself, and I was being told that time heals everything, and I shouldn't be upset because we were barely together for a month,but it doesn't matter if the relationship lasted for a week, I've felt heartbroken and pretty sad with myself.
She on the other hand felt completely good after the break up and told me that she had 2 boyfriends before me and she is going to chase for another one and I need to do the same, find the one, she told me that I will fine the love of my life but to never give up, even in my darkest moments of my life.
I will never forget these words that she said to me the day after our break up. But the awesome memories we had together still taunt me till this very minute. And the worst thing is, I pretty much regret the decision to leave her.
I've came to the point that not anything that shines has to be golden.
I feel very disappointed because I've wasted so many energy over her for the past 2 years.
But I need to look at the bright sight, this short relationship taught me that to make sure I will never do any mistakes in my next serious relationship, life is one hell of a tough journey, and we need to keep going, keep looking forward and never give up.



December 29, 2015 @ (UK)

Tags: funny, first love

Met my ex-boyfriend who was going into the army. We hit it off, I knew I didn't want to stay with him whilst he went into the army. So off he went 5 months later, I broke it off. He refused to accept it and so before Xmas I dumped him once again face to face, then again at New Year via phone...and then we went around in circles until Valentines Day came around and I freaked and ended it via text. He dropped off my Valentines Day present to my Mum's house which was months supplies of canned fish and canned food. I kinda felt awful! Still think of him 6 years later, but realise I was just too immature to cope with it all!



December 26, 2015 @ (Europe)

Tags: First love, Bad breakup

We have been together for a half a year. We are really young,only in 9th grade. You might think we didn't even love each other, but we really did. But just recently he told me he doesn't love me like he used to. It completely broke my heart, I meen it happened on the Christmas month and it made worse. Gosh we have had so many things great memories, we had such a bright future. But my friends say he's no good,cause I have been crying every night for more than a month, I haven't been eating and I am already really skinny, you know this is what love does, he's a great guy, and I completely did not expect that, and I fell in love with all his flaws and I even liked to fight with him, you know it felt like we were a family. The first love is so strong, I'll never forget him, I meen so many firsts, first kiss, first boyfriend, even tho he was more than that to me, he was like my brother, like my best friend.. I can't imagine my self with anyone else, actually I can't imagine my life without him, because he became such a big part of my day to day life. Can this really be over? I meen he was the first to kiss me, he even asked he was like "can I?", and oh god he told me that he loves me, when we didn't see each other for a long time for the first time, he came to my huose with a bunch of roses, he was so nervous, but managed to say that he fell in love with me. And the last time we texted I asked for him to remove the status from facebook, and the photos from Instagram if it's all over, and he said no, and I told him that I'm really heartbroken, and that I don't see myself with anyone else, he said that he doesn't either, but he hasn't texted me since, he just sits on Facebook liking other girls pictures. Please help, I don't know what to do and please tell your opinion if it's over.



December 13, 2015 @ (California )

Tags: First love breakup

I met him in seventh grade and I had this math worksheet that was really hard and he was the smartest kid in class so I asked him to help me and that was the start of it. We talked at school all the time and held hands whenever the teacher turned their backs. And when school was over we talked on the phone for hours sometimes on weekends we would fall asleep talking to eachother. I remember listening to him breath and I wish I was there holding him, just falling asleep to his breathing. He told me he loved me first. Instead of saying I love you I said I blueberry you because I once had a blueberry in the shape of a heart. I wonder if he still remembers that. We broke up at the end of 8th grade because we were going to different schools. We lost touch. I lost my mind. Even though this was so many years ago, I still love him. I still think about him. I'll probably love him forever, he was my first love



December 04, 2015 @ (Indiana )

Tags: Bad Breakup Sad Breakup

When i was 13 i got in to a serious relationship... (Haha serious at 13) but he was my first love. Anything i could ever want, but after a year and 8 month it got dull and he started to pressure me for sex. I eventually ended it. Soon after i had a rebound and i went into a spiral of depression. Throughout dating my rebound i cheated on him with my first love repeatedly. I can to the epiphany that i was still in love with him. Its been years and I still am close with his family, and I'm still in love with him, so much so that the inside joke in my family is "He could say jump, you would ask how high?"



August 24, 2015 @ (India)

Tags: So sorry!

We were close friends... but eventually friendship turned to love..he loved me soo did I ..after school we got together.. we met once every month, spoke every day...he sent me his pics.. everything was perfect...until now..just a few weeks back in july 2015... i sent him a collage with our pics and a message..after that i was having my important university examination ( Medicine) so i could not call or text him much..but still i felt that he was avoiding me.. in the midst i tried texting and calling him a zillion times... he never answered my calls..neither did he respond to my text messages... but i was not ready to believe that he would cheat on me... i contacted our school friends..i mean we all were pretty close.. i told them that he was doing this..they told me that they have also stopped getting information from him.. i was alarmed.. they said don't worry and don't spoil your exams..thankfully in the midst of so much anxiety i was able to do my most important exams in life..... and he had told one of my friends who called him upon hearing my complains..the truth behind his avoidance.. but she refused to tell me.. because she was scared of me spoiling my exams..i understood that something was terribly wrong..i waited..yesterday at last my exams got over... she called me at 11:00pm... it was a conference call..three friends... she began.. i listened... his parents saw the collage... his mom cried...and stopped talking to him for two days..his dad still doesn't speak to him... he was beaten... they feel that this is not a serious relationship..and that their son is giving me false hopes..iam a doctor..he is studying for Bcom... his mom said all these.. her parents will never are playing with her will never get settled before her..allow her to live... :'( and made him promise upon Holy Quran .. that he won't speak to me or see me again.. he has decided to lead a bachelor life... :( i cried bitterly... i was was he... if he had cheated on me..i could at least hate him.. but we still love each other soo much and yet....i spent sleepless nights..i can't cope....we could not hear each others voices for one last time.. :( ... I don't wanna be any one else's but his... and yes,,, i will wait... i will wait for him... i won't let him go... let me ask my parents when it's time.... the rest I leave to God..... My God had never disappointed me... and I believe in him.. he won't disappoint me any further... Cuz it's our first love.. and I want it to be our first and only love..... <3



April 11, 2015 @ (United States)

Tags: first Love, First break up, second chance, back together

My story might be a little different, but still the same feelings, the same pain. I am a guy and i fell in love with another guy this was my first relationship with a guy. We met in March of 2014 everything was great from day one. We met at a parking lot at the willowbrook mall in Houston, TX. We were great together, we wouldn't go 24hrs without texting each other. He told me from the begining he was scared of getting hurt and wanted to take everything slow, he said he had moved too fast before and only ended up getting hurt. He didnt want to make the same mistake this time. We never became an official couple, but we were officially dating. He told me what he was feeling was getting stronger and it was freaking him and he didnt want to lose me. We went on a few road trips, Marfa, TX Austin, San Antonio it was great. We used to see each other a few times per week almost a year later we started seeing each other less and less, he put this big distance between us i didnt know why and it was killing me. In October I decided to ask him to take it to the next step, he straight out said no, he didnt want to get hurt or move to fast. I told him i would wait for him. We kept hanging out, things were ok I was already in love, but i was also scared. so in March i finally decided to put the fear aside and tell him i fell in love with him and that i love him so at least he knew how i feel, i didnt want to pressure him. When i told him he probably freaked out, he was more quite than usual. I started feeling sad, i didnt want to lose him. I told him to tell me if he wasnt interested anymore or didnt want to continue dating. He said he was just figuring out himself. On March 18th saw him again and it was the last time i saw him, i texted him he didnt reply at that moment i thought he was ignoring me, avoiding me, he texted me back he said he wasnt. I felt he didnt want to talk to me or hang out anymore it was killing me i didnt know if i did anything wrong, he told me there was not a thing wrong with me that it was all him and he wasnt ready. i told him i had faith we will end up together i had hope he would shop up at my door and tell me he wanted to give it a chance. He said maybe someday, he wasnt ready yet, but he wasnt going to disappear or quit talking to me. That was his last text. He completely ignored me, I didnt know why, i didnt know what happened or what i did wrong. I still havent gotten a text from him. I did everything i could to be together. This is the first time I was in a relationship with a guy, I never thought i could love someone, i never thought i could love a guy this much. I accepted all these feelings, I was ready to tell my family if i had to. Its almost two weeks since he ignored me, his silence is killing me, he didnt give me the gift of closure. I dont know what hurts more to feel that i lost him, to have accepted all these emotions or to be ignored and i dont know why or what happened or if i didnt anything wrong. This is the first time i feel this, the first time i suffer for someone. This is the first time i love someone and it was a guy. And the worse thing is that i still have hope that he will show up at my door, i hope he is just figuring out himself to finally be ready and start something with me. He will be ready someday, he will give someone a chance, i wish that someone was me, i wish it was me the one to make him happy. I love him, he will always be my white guy, the one who brought light into my life.



April 06, 2015 @ (Australia)

Tags: Bad Breakup, Cruel, Cheating

10 days from our 2 year anniversary and there she in another guys bed.

2 years ago we had met at a party things were great we connected really well after about 3 months into our friendship we decided to give it a go. She was my first love and i thought it would be my only love.
Everything was going so well except for the usual fights here and there which i always knew was normal until she got to college she wouldn't text me or call me as much anymore and she always cancelled the last minute for her friends at college. in the last weeks of our relationship I knew deep down she was different. Then one day she called me and said i think we should stop seeing each other i told her i would see her that afternoon. i thought about it all day what i would say to change her mind but i realized that i have to respect her decision as she must have a reason to it that afternoon is exactly what i did. NOT EVEN 24 hours later she text's me saying i've just made the worst decision of my life i had been crying non stop. she had no idea how hurt i was. I got back with her then realized i never really knew why she wanted to break up in the first place so me being me i went to her dorm unexpected at 6am to find her not there then go to this guys dorm bed i knew she was texting and find her in his bed.. Love is too cruel to me


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