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Brian Hung

April 05, 2017 @ (Tainan)

Tags: Anger, Disgusted, Revenge, Cheating?,

I'm writing right now 5:08 in the morning about my breakup story, it was a while ago back in January, I was in a relationship with a girl, where we were in love deeply, but notice how I said were, because after a while, something happened... We were taking the same class of music, where she met this other guy, now, I was cool with it at first because I don't want to be completely restrictive. Then something hit me, I started noticing her not replying to my messages often and stopped interacting with me, I'm easily angered so I immediately confronted the other guy about this where he was cool with it and respected our relationship. We used to talk over 3 hours a day, then we talked less than 10 minutes a week, she started ditching me to go see him, sitting closer to him than she would sit beside me. Then she said she needed space, remember how we hardly interacted now, and I thought it was total bullshit, we had a huge argument over it but eventually resolved it, she told me to stop looking at her, talk to her or walk with her (we are still in the fucking relationship), eventually I couldn't take it anymore and broke up because she is being bullshit, and now we are in a very unhealthy friendship where she is extremely bias towards anything about me, she constantly pisses me off, fuck thats how it is now and I want is revenge.


David Pheng

October 10, 2016 @ (Cambodia)

Tags: Heartbroken Breakup

A month ago, I was deeply in love with this sweet tough guy whom I nicknamed him "Blueberry". The relationship we had was like an electromagnetic force turned into flames and sparks, although sadly it only lasted for a month. It all started in the late summer and ended in the early monsoon. It was the kind of love that was unexpected and overwhelming, and we had no idea why we ended up falling in love at first sight. Meh, you wouldn't believe me, right? Yup, I wouldn't believe myself, either.

I had always thought that the idea of being in love at first sight was "foolish" until it happened to me. He was brave enough to hold my hand, walking in the pouring rain and whispering to me that he'd never met someone like me before. At that blissful moment, I caught him looking and smiling at me dazzlingly, laughing like a little kid. Oh, you know what? His smile was infectious; his deep husky voice kept me interested in whatever he talked about; and his large and tall body kept me safe and warm. I knew he also liked me...and I was happy.

Time passes; feelings change; memories fade; people leave but hearts never forget. We broke up out of the blue. It hurt like hell when he told me he tried to make the relationship work but it didn't, because he made me fall so deep in love with him. It was the moment I knew I'd just lost a soulmate whom I could talk to for hours without any pretense, laughing at his jokes without acting like he was a funny guy (because he was one hell of a funny guy) and sharing secrets to each other. I felt like I'd lost someone more than a close friend, although we only spent a month together. We'd had plans to be done and promises to be made until we found out that we weren't meant to be together in the end.

I would be lying if I said that I was fine going through the breakup...but I guess, it was okay, because I kept reminding myself that all I've always wanted is for him to be happy even if I'm not the cause of his happiness. The combination of anger, guilt, and revenge built up inside me has finally subsided. I admit I was so mad and depressed, leaving him numerous messages and calls...because I wanted him to be there when my heart was broken and fire was burning inside me. I couldn't sleep and eat well for several weeks; I lost some pounds; I looked up "how to mend a broken heart" articles on the internet, yet they couldn't help much as my heart still wanted what it wanted, although my head tried to prevent me from going back to what'd shattered my heart into pieces. The funny thing was I even cried at work when he instantly popped up inside my mind.

Buried deep inside my head, his presence was still there. I saw the invisible him every where we used to go together. As much as I tried to erase him from my mind, I only kept hurting myself by doing so. It took like a month to get better from it. However I'm in the process of healing my heart and bringing back the old happy me, deep down inside I still miss him and wish him all the best. I love him. I still do. But I'm letting him go if that's what makes him happier. Thanks for all the memories which will be kept and locked forever in my heart.

Stephen King once said, "Some birds are not meant to be caged, that's all. Their feathers are too bright, their songs too sweet and wild. So you let them go, or when you open the cage to feed them they somehow fly out past you. And the part of you that knows it was wrong to imprison them in the first place rejoices, but still, the place where you live is that much more drab and empty for their departure."



October 16, 2012 @ (California)

Tags: sex

I was dating this girl for about 6 months. She was amazing, funny and beautiful. Little did I know she was a slutty ass bitch. One night I was going to her house just to hangout and walk in on her having a threesome with my brother AND my best friend. I got pissed and stormed back to my house. She followed me there and walked into my room and tried to seduce me into having sex with her. I said HELL no bitch, we're over. Get the fuck out of my house! She ran out crying..I wanted revenge so I called up her friend Rachel (she was really ugly) and asked her if she wanted to hook up because me and Sarah broke up and she said yes. The next week she called me and told me she was pregnant and that the baby was mine. I'm fucked and my baby is probably going to end up ugly.



March 15, 2012 @ (Derbyshire)

Tags: Mark

I used to date a guy four years ago who I really liked and who supposedly liked me.. We were together from May till September, it was a Summer thing.. his friends were jealous because he would spend all his time with me and abandoned them, and when they saw me they would taunt me and verbally abuse me. At first I didn't take any notice of them but one day when I was walking home from work these 2 boys started following me and throwing stones at me and saying that I was so fat that I looked like an 'Atomic bomb'. I confronted Mark and told him that this had to stop or I would leave him as this really affected my self esteem.

After a while things started to calm down and I thought things were going back to normal, only Mark started spending less time with me as he claimed to have football practice. Then one day we were meant to go out but he said that he had to go to practice so I met up with my friends instead. As I was waiting for my friend to pick me up I saw him making out with a girl IN FRONT OF MY OWN HOUSE. I mean he obviously didn't know how to tell me that our relationship was over and done with so decided that the best way to do it was to show me that he was cheating on me. The loser.

I was really really hurt and didn't enjoy most of the night. On the way back home I took the bus and he happens to be there with the new 'girlfriend'. My really close friend was drunk and kissed me on the lips and Mark saw everything so at least I got my revenge on Mark.

I occasionally see Mark and I just say hi and bye but I've heard that he's really screwed up and recently broke up with his girlfriend at a party and went out with another girl on the same night infront of her. Classy!

In other words, I'm so grateful that I'm not with the loser anymore!



August 11, 2010 @ (usa hillbilly vill)

Tags: karma revenge

lol so just to shorten it up

i dated this girl once before and she lied and bla bla bla we broke up it took a big tole on our friendship but 2 yeaqrs later she starts hunting for my cock. the sex was great and after 4 months of kinky nasty porno grade sex she decides we should date. so we have a good relationship for about a year we decides to get engaged excetra and then one day she want to go to some crapy concert but i have to work so she takes her (male) cousin ok what ever thats fine they are bot mettle heads but after that she started to get distant from me and going out when i wasn't home but wouldn't tell me shit so i being tech savvy loged into her email to see pictures of her cousin jacking it and her reply's on how she loved sucking his cock (fucking smaller than mine ) and how she loved the feel of it going down her throat bla bla bla you get the point plus references to them having sex.... nasty anywho so obviously we break up she moves out and in with her mom and dad (come on your 34)...around 3 weeks later she starts dating her cousin ( whom she had introduced as a 1st cousin but is now claiming he is a 3rd) ok now this guy is a piece of work hes dating and fucking his cousin of some number and totally controlling her life telling her where she can go what she can do who she can be friends with (cuz she still wants to be friends with me )"not going to happen" any who she starts pissing every one off with her whining about how controlling he is and how he is an alcoholic and not showing up for his job and lying about why we broke up (she gets mad at me for telling people that we broke up because she was cheating on me with her cousin) "truth hurts i guess".... so time passes she is still bitching about him but in under a year she is engaged to the dick. but there is a problem yup he is married has been for years... so now about 2 years later she is stuck with a guy that quit his job in a depression they are both living at her mom and dads and she still bitches about him being a controlling drunk but she wont do anything about it because she alienated all her friends and doesnt want to admit to being a cunt lol KARMA is a bitch inst it


John L.

July 25, 2010 @ (Orlando)

Tags: Why does this happpen

I have posted my story and it was the first time I ever had something like this happen.

My question after reading other peoples stories is this.

While everyone says move on thats all you can do. Others try to take revenge but my question is why?

Why do people of today treat people with such little respect. Sex is seen as nothing more than a social event when that is never what it was designed for. It was meant for marriage.

Look at all the media around you (sex sells) look at we as a people and what we are becoming. People are so selfish that they forget that the one thing you do is put the other individual above yourselves.

We are all here because the person we thought we could trust, believe in, give our lives to, want to be with for the rest of our lives, etc. Left or broke us. How many of us have done this to others. Yes many times it's better that we split (abusive or harmful) but at the same time its become normal to break people's hearts and souls and in some cases we still don't know why the other did it.

I am challenging all of you since you have gone through a breakup to stop and think. Don't just jump into bed. Look at the person in the face and ask is this the woman or man I can spend my life with. Waking up to their face every morning and never getting tired of it.

Don't let your emotions run your life. Stop the cycle that the world has said is normal. Stop having sex just because it feels good. Or you are lonely. Grow up and set an example for others to follow.



May 14, 2010 @ (America)

Tags: living well

M and I were dating for 2 1/2 years when we broke up, but it wasn't like your ordinary breakup. Starting around January he started ignoring me all during the week then calling at the end of the week and giving me excuses like; I was sick, my phone broke, work was hard, and even once saying he forgot my number. Theses excuses went one for well over a months when I decided enough was enough - I simply stopped calling him, and he didn't call me either. It was like our relationshp faded.

It broke my heart so much, for the first month I was inconsolable. Then less than two months later I found out he was dating some other girl and It re-shattered my heart it felt like he had never loved me in the first place if getting over me was that easy.

It compelled me to work harder at school, my career, and personal relationships and to make a horrible story great, this year so far - I gotten the highest GPA I have ever had, Im in better shape than I was when I was dating him, and I have an even closer relationship with my friends and family now.

What going on with me ex? He broke up with that girl he was dating and got fired from yet another job.

Living well really is the best revenge!



October 15, 2009 @ (Atlanta)

Tags: Karma x2

This is a long story but full of karma. I was totally in love with my girlfriend, and she with me, while we were serving in the Army in Germany. She got reassigned back to Ft. Meade so we were separated for many months but sent love letters back and forth and called as much as possible over that time. I eventually got out of the Army and went to visit her. She pretty much blew me off but I guess I didn't really want to accept the fact that we were broken up. 4 months later, she tells me she's getting married, to the dude she's been screwing while I was still in Germany. After the honeymoon, he gets back to find orders to Korea (unaccompanied tour, no spouse). I had to laugh....Revenge is mine!!! Years later, I go to Hawaii to visit a friend and he tells me she's there, still with her husband. I meet her and we hit it off, she's all over me asking me to come back while her husband is back home for the Thanksgiving holiday. Sorry for the homewrecking thing, but I was still very much in love with her. So I go back and she blows me off again! WTF...we aren't physical, nothing like my visit a month prior. Anyway, her husband is scheduled to get back on Tuesday, so I leave on Sunday and call her Monday night. Her husband answers, obviously in the middle of an argument. I thought it was because I had been there, not that we had fooled around or nothin. I call our mutual friend and find out she had another dude over Monday night and were doing it on the couch when her husband came home a day early. Karma strikes again!!!



October 13, 2009 @ (So. Cal.)

Tags: brother

I had known this girl for a while and always had a crush on her, but she ignored me for about a year until we finally started hooking up. We were actually starting to move towards a relationship when she decided one night to have a threesome with some other skank and my brother. Then, 10 minutes after she had the threesome she came into my room telling me she loved me and trying to have sex with me. I declined. Then to top it all off I wanted to get revenge by having sex with her friend, who is actually quite ugly but it was just the principle. And I just found out last night that her ugly friend is pregnant, keeping the baby, and I'm the father.


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