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March 26, 2014 @ (Bournemouth )

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Me and my ex dated for a year and a half (well almost...). I don't know if I need to move on or not, it doesn't feel right in my heart to. Here's some background information:
We were best friends all the way through secondary school, the first week of year 11 we got together. We then spent the next year and a half together, which was the best time of my life, I felt feelings towards him that I never felt for any one before, he was my soul mate and I couldn't imagine my life without him. Then one week before our 18 month anniversary he ended it, saying he needed more space, which I agreed I felt we needed too, not that I wanted to break up. The next few weeks were hell, I couldn't get my head around what had happened and why. We talked for a few days after the break up, going through everything, and then didn't take for almost a week, which was hard considering I talked to this boy almost every day for 5 years of my life. It is now three weeks on and I still miss him like crazy, we still text, and he claims we are still 'best friends', it just doesn't seem right, I know we are not supposed to just be best friends, we are supposed to be more, and everyone thinks that. He is giving me mixed signals on how he feels, even though he claimed after 4 days he had 'moved on'. The worst part is, I still think about him every day and love every moment we are speaking, however, we work together in the school holidays, which means after breaking up and not seeing him for a month, we have to work together next week for two weeks (Easter), and I don't know what's going to happen. I know I can't move on because its not right, so how do I make him realise its not over?


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