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Waited All That Time For Nothing!

December 16, 2013 @ (Chicago)

Tags: bad break up, ugh, in love, crying

So. I had a thing with this guy. He is three years older than me and we started dating when I was 16. I immediately fell for him after our first date. He was everything I was looking for in a guy, and I could already tell that he was special. We had been dating for 2 months when he had gotten a new job and had to move out of state. I thought it was the end of us but we still managed to carry on for two more months. He was only 2 hours away so he came back about once a week. But then things started to get ugly, he stopped texting me and eventually said things weren't going to work out because he didn't want to keep me on the hook and he didn't see himself moving back home. So I went for a month without him, crying every single day. For some reason I had this gut feeling that things were going to work out, but I thought it was ridiculous so I tried to ignore it. But out of the blue, he texted me again and we began to see each other every time he came back. We were inseperable and we truly fell in love with eachother. He was trying to transfer to a store back home and for months and months he couldn't. But finally, after 9 months he did and we were both ecstatic. But in the weeks leading to his return I had a sinking feeling that I couldn't explain. 3 days after he got back, he broke up with me, saying he still wouldn't be able to give me adequate attention and that I should find someone better. He wasn't even willing to try to make it work for a month. I don't think that was the real reason.



December 03, 2013 @ (maryland)

Tags: Bad break up, horrible boyfriend, cheater

So at this point I had been single for a little over a year. I was having a blast and really wasn't looking for a relationship. I had recently become friends with one of my best guy friends girlfriends. They broke and we decided to remain friends. We went out for girls night a few times before, and one night we decided to go over to the next county and bar hop a little. I had just turned 21 so this world was new to me. We went to this biker bar full of people considerably older than us, but we made the best of it and had a few drinks. Then her friends call her that are at a bar near by. We go over there and most of the guys in the bar are friends with her and she had known them since high school. She introduced me to most of them and I really wasn't interested in any of them. The we go to the other side of the bar and there is a group of guys just talking and we walk up to them. Apparently she was friends with them too. She walks away and immediately one of them starts to talk to me. "Hey i've never seen you before, where are you from?" he says and I respond " well I've never seen you either, and i'm from the county over. " " so am, whats your name" he says "Mae" I replied. "I'm Mike, I think I like you already." Then proceeds to put his arm around me and kisses me on the cheek. Naturally, I'm like dude you're too close. Then he bought me a drink and we talked a little. He liked that I was short, and that I had tattoos. I didn't look like your average girl next door. When they call last call he asks me to come home with him, but I said no. He then asked if he could drive me to my car back in our county at least. I agreed. I never usually click with people in general, especially this fast. We got to my car and talked for hours. We exchanged numbers and were basically stuck to each other the rest of the summer. When we met he told me he was going away to grad school and I thought we could just have a summer thing. But by the end of the summer, he was telling me he wanted to keep what we had going while he was away and I agreed. We stayed together for the next year and a half. In that time he had told me many many times he wanted to be with me forever, that he couldn't wait to spend the rest of our lives together, he loved me more than anything, we were going to move in together when he moved back from school ect. Our relationship seemed as serious and as perfect as you could want with someone you feel like you love more than life itself. Everything seemed very mutual.When we were together it was like nothing I have ever experienced. I felt like I had never loved anyone before he came along. He was in my eyes amazing. He constantly told me how much I was perfect for him and that he was all mine. Then one day in october, My older sister decided to look him up on facebook. All this time he had told me he didn't have a facebook. I'm not the paranoid type so I just never thought anything of it. Turns out he blocked me and anyone he knew was close to me. He didn't realize my sister had a different last name than I had. He had a serious girlfriend where he lived, and had been together for a year and a half before he met me. Then when I confronted him about it, he begged me not to tell her. She was who he really wanted to be with and he led me on knowing he was never going to fulfill any of his promises. Our whole relationship was a lie.



November 15, 2013 @ (Lincoln NE)

Tags: Bad break up

Boys are stupid



November 13, 2013 @ (NY)

Tags: bad break ups, how to break up

I havent broken up with my boyfriend yet, but I'm about to. We have been together for 2 years. When we started dating I was still talking to my ex and that really hurt him(thats what he made me believe) and he made my life hell because I used to talked to my ex in our first month of being together. After like a month of being together I moved in with him and I dropped out of college, I quieted my job, I dint talk to my family, didnt have Any friends other than him. I did all that to show him that i really loved him and no one else. After a while I found out that at the beginning of our relationship, just like me, he was talking to his ex too and not only talking, after I moved in, He was begging her to go back with him. I also found out that he was inviting girls to go out. I also found out that in valentines day he didnt even say happy valentines day to me but he wrote his ex a big email saying how much he wanted to marry her and how much he loves her, and if she needed help, he was there for her. I found out all that almost after a year of us being together. Now we being together for more than 2 years on and off. We still leaving together. He has a son that I love like if he was my son, but he also has a step son (the son of his son's mom and they broke up like 7 years a go) and he is leaving with us and he is a fucking pain in the ass. But not only his step son leaves with us, my boyfriend's mom also leaves with us. Whenever she wants to yell at me she does, whenever she wants to be nice to me she is, but most of the time she doesnt talk to me. I dont work because if I work is a big fight because he doesnt want me to work. So, I have to be home taking care of his real kid, the pain in the ass of his step son, put up with my boyfriend's bitch mom and also put up with my boyfriends crap. On top all that he never complements, anything I do is enough for him. But after all that I'm still loving him and its been so painful every time we have broken up in the past and we always go back together within a month. I am soooo tired of this and i dont know how to break up forever because I'm afraid of the pain that I'm gonna feel plus i think of his real son that is like my son too.
So please I will appreciate any advice.



November 08, 2013 @ (Seattle)

Tags: bad break up, young love, sweet, cute, douche bag, depression, anxiety, high school, sad, ugh

Oh my gosh . My ex boyfriend is a douche bag. I swear .. I was never over him.. but he caused so much pain, and I really tried to .. BUT NOW HE WANTS TO GET BACK TOGETHER . I'VE HEARD RUMORS FROM MY FRIEND ALEX (who is also his best friend) BUT I DIDN'T BELIEVE IT. But now he's smiling at me with those beautiful teeth .. talking to me and luring me in with that voice.. the voice that's like honey and just makes me melt everytime I hear it. He changed me. I wasn't always depressed, even if my life wasn't all that great .. after my parents finalized the divorce, there wasn't much to look forward to. But he was there for me. He was always my shoulder to cry on. Ever since 7th grade . UGH, MIDDLE SCHOOL. I thought middle school was hard; but compared to high school, it was a party.. my emotions are just everywhere.. but yea, the point is, he ended up breaking me in the end. I knew it wasn't gonna last. Of COURSE I knew. But something at the back of my mind just wished it wasn't. And I guess I just couldn't accept the cruel reality that it was over. All those movie dates . All the times he'd put his arms around me.. and that smile- it was directed towards me and me only and I used to literally feel as if we were the only two people in the world. That strawberry blonde/brownish hair .. haha.. the long paragraphs he would send me in the morning about how beautiful he thought I was.. those times in third period where we laughed, he would flip his hair, start strumming that bass guitar of his while the strings teacher would yell at me about dropping my violin and then having to tune it all over again. We lived to make her annoyed omg , but I just miss it . I miss everything. I miss him. I miss not being lonely.

That time on the ferris wheel at the state fair with terry and alex? When we kissed and said 'I love you' for the 80th time?
I miss us.

The truth is, I was never over it. I miss running my fingers through his hair.

I just dont wanna be lonely.

I poured my heart out to him and he took advantage of me.

I miss that fairytale feeling.

But I guess all fairytales have to end. Just ask Troy. He had no problem ending mine.

And now he just wants to walk back into my life again? After all the pain that he's caused? Like nothing's happened? I just can't.

The thing that makes me hate myself the most? Everytime he glances at me, I still get butterflies. When I see him laugh in the hallways, my heard starts pounding inexpilcably fast. And the last and most horrifying thing? I was tempted. I was actually tempted to say yes.



November 03, 2013 @ (a hipster's paradise)

Tags: bad break up

I do not love you
To the moon and back,
Or infinity and beyond
I do not love you
Until death or until the end, and
I certainly do not love you
For always and forever

How can I say that I love you
To the moon and back,
When I love you so much more than that?
To infinity and beyond,
When I love you triple the infinities
That life will allow me to have?
How can I say that I love you
For always and forever,
If I believe that no 'always' and no 'forever'
Could ever speak the length of my love for you?

Darling, I could never say
A mundane 'I love you'
When there are about
One million, thirteen thousand, nine hundred thirteen word in the english language and
None of them could sum up how much
I love you.



November 03, 2013 @ (Denver )

Tags: bad break up

A Few of the Things:

Your beautiful eyes
That were the color of waves;
A few of the things
I will always crave.

Your lightning touch
that thundered through my nerves;
A few of the things
I felt I didn't deserve.

Your adorable laugh
And marvelous grin;
A few of the things
I fell in love with again.

Your short gentle hugs
And your plain little kiss;
A few of the things
I will constantly miss..



November 03, 2013 @ (LA)

Tags: young love, sad, bipolar, jerk, young, bad break up, boys, guys, high school

I told him everything. I made myself completly vulnerable.. and I regret that. I really do. I already knew it wouldn't last forever, it never does, especially when you're so young. That feeling just.. wore off. He used to type a long paragraph just about how gorgeous he thinks I am but that slowly resolved to one word replies.. And remember that girlfriend? Yea, that came back to bite me in the butt. She started all this drama, constantly texting



October 24, 2013 @ (Florida)

Tags: Bad break up

At the beginning, I knew better. I knew better than to date someone who I hadn't been friends with for a while.
I knew better.
Yet still I was determined that this guy I was seeing, was worth it all and that everything would work out. He promised me. Doesn't he know how to keep promises?
His parents got in the way. Always. I learned to accept that, and even though they would insult me to the point of tears, I never gave up on this guy. I never lied, cheated, or never kept my promises.
I let him in, and we enjoyed eachothers company. Just two lovers, happy with no interruptions.
I learned his likes: Baseball, Christ, Spicy Food, Powerade Zero Orange, Orange anything, Food always, and much more.
I learned his goals: Finish college, own his own Chick-Fil-A or sports bar.
All of my friends loved this guy, because I was happy.
I really was happy.
He never really went out of his way unless I begged though. I wasn't sure how to take it, but I never got really upset. I just asked him to please do something to make me feel special.
He ALWAYS promised.
I mean he always said he had a surprise for me, and the times he actually gave me a note, it would be two sentences.
Still, I was happy.
Suddenly I became less important.
Morning texts consisted of "Good morning, love you." You're telling me you had 30 minutes ride to college and all I got was that?
It used to be "Pick me up at 10:30AM, let me ditch school to be with you."
Suddenly, I didn't feel like enough, and even though he reassured me that I was, he never showed it anymore.
My birthday weekend was terrible. Last minute he decided what was more important, It wasn't me. Not even on my birthday weekend.
I was upset. I forgave him.
We moved on, but he no longer kept his word that he had surprises.
Why lie?
I became a part of his life and suddenly he could lie to me.
I loved him anyways.
I don't know if I expected too much, but I didn't ask for a lot.
I gave him so much.
I always supported him with any decision he ever made.
I tried to make him happy still.
I recieved broken promises.
My sister died. It hit me so hard, but I never showed it.
I didn't want to bring him down.
He never asked if I was okay. Not once.
I wasn't okay. I'm STILL not.
I loved him anyways.
He lied to me and said he would go to the funeral with me.
I felt special.
Then he said no... I felt worthless.
He could see how much pain I was in, he still said no.
I forgave him. That is unforgivable. I needed him and he walked away, work was more important.
I still went to his work, I hugged him and cried. He made everything okay suddenly.
Suddenly, I didn't feel worthless.
Then came Sunday.
I was broken. My mom was in the hospital, my sister died.
He broke me MORE.
He walked away from me at the worst time.
I let him go, he didn't fight to stay.
Suddenly, those endless nights talking, random walks, the aquarium, my birthday, the baseball games and laughing in bed... were to be broken memories.
We talked that night. He lied. He gave me false hope.
We got back together and suddenly it was okay. We could fix this. Love could fix anything.
I forgave him.
He broke me even more.
Suddenly he ignored me all day. We spoke only late at night.
His parents got in the way. I could see how much he let them control him and his happiness.
He hid me from them, like I was the dirt beneath them.
He toyed with my emotions. We were together, he just wouldn't tell anyone.
I broke even more.
I tried to forgive him.
It was my turn to stand up and walk away.
I did.

And now it's been a week and I found out I'm pregnant. He knows this, and I'm pretty sure he wants to get back together because of it, and because he says he wants to be with me because it was a mistake to break it off.

A couple days later, I figured out he deleted every picture of me and us off of his facebook (he says he didn't do it), like the 11 months we were together didn't exist, I didn't exist and I could be erased that easily.

So I took him out, between college classes, and we fell back into the routine. He made me laugh, smile, even looked me dead in the eyes and said he wanted me back. Well it's a little embarrassing seeing as his mother is his friend on facebook and probably saw everything erased of us. Still, I was considering it.

I went to drop him back off at College, and I sat there in my car asking him if he had flirted with any girls. He said no. So I said, alright... Well let me see your phone (I honestly wasn't snooping, I just wondered if he still had pictures of us in his photo album. He did.)

Right then a girl messaged him and it opened up, and I know I shouldn't of read any of it, but I did. Shame on me. IT WAS ON FACEBOOK CHAT. It went like this:

Him: Hey
Her: Hey
Him: How are you?
Her: Didn't you just break up with your girlfriend?
Him: How do you know I had a girl?
Her: Look I don't have time for this nonsense.
Him: Do you want to get to know me?
Her: Go sit in front of a TV with a tub of icecream.

And that was it. I told him to get his shit and get out of my car. Generally, if you want someone back, you don't go around flirting?

He texted me saying he was sorry, that it was just a question. I was pissed, he sat there and acted like I didn't even exist, talking to other girls. How serious was he about getting back together, because HE was the one who suggested it. Turns out that wasn't the only girl he had been talking to.

He then turned it on me saying, "I thought we were done and you were talking to other guys, that's why I did it."

No, actually I don't play with peoples emotions. I hadn't talked to any guys. I wouldn't of anyways, but the fact that I'm pregnant and knew he needed to be there in this childs life, pushed me even further to try and make it work out.

I'm so confused!



October 04, 2013 @ (NY)

Tags: bad break up

I met this girl in my senior year in HS. I really liked her, but i was neing the respectful guy and hide my feelings because she was with someone else. Anyway, we stayed friends for the year and when summer came we lost touch. At my second semester of college, I ran into her and we decided to catch up. While talking to her, i learned that she was single and i got a little excited because i still had feelings for her. so i decided to make it funny that i had a crush on her in HS and she told me she did too. This should have been a warning because she was with someone when she liked me, but i was naive. A little while after that i askerd her out and we started to date. It was great for about a week until i found out from another friend she was atlking to her ex when she previously said she didnt talk to him anymore. I confronted her about it and she admitted it. I then broke up with her, but we still kept in touch. This was my mistake because i decided to give her a second chance. I understood why she was talking to her ex. It was a 2 year relationship and i know that can be hard. So we dated a gain after a mont h after i broke up with her. The relationship lasted a little over 2 months and i found out from another friend that she was sleeping with a younger guy that was still in HS. I didnt want to jump to conclusions, but my friend said that this other guy knew about me and was only in it for the sex. Me and her hadnt had sex yet but that is my fault because i am a virgin. I still refused to believe it, but i went over to her house to confront her and she denied it and i believed it cuz im a moron. Then a few days later, i get a text from her right before im going out with some friends saying that she was breaking up with me because she had too much stuff going on. By this point i was soo done with her shit that i said ok and still wwent out and had a good time. I learned my lesson from that and will never let myself into a relationship lie that again. I am currently talking to this girl and we probably are going to be together soon :) thumbs up


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