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April 26, 2019 @ (Scotiabank Arena)

Tags: Carspotter, Porsche, Porsche Cayman, Scotiabank Arena, Toronto, Harbourfront, Toronto raptors, NBA

Blue 718 Porsche Cayman S at Scotiabank Arena during the Toronto raptors game.



April 13, 2010 @ (Calgary)

Tags: Liar....

So I am 21 now and I have known this guy since i was 15.. he was my first love... we dated and lived together for 2 years when my dad left and then he cheated on me with my friend... after 2 weeks I moved to the states and went to college. After being there for about a year i wanted to come back....
We ended up getting back together... even though I felt I shouldnt i loved him... all I could think about was him...
This time it seemed good... I moved back in with him... we were happy so I thought... he told me if he ever felt unhappy we would break things off...he said he would never do that to me again... that he could never hurt me cause he loved me so much... that I saved his life

So i go on a trip to Toronto for 10 days and the day after I left he was already out at the bar with some girl he used to say he hated and that she was a slut.... a couple mroe days in to my trip I found out he was sleeping with her that she thought he was her bf... he told her all the things he told me.. that they would go on trips together and travel....

When i got home i went there to get my stuff... he was crying said he wasnt going to be with her anymore... that he knew he messed up and it would be healthier if we were apart... he needed to find himself.

So I call the other night cause I left some things there and she picks up... says he loves her now that he doesnt love me and she hung up on me.

What kind of guy can move on so fast after 6 years? how could he let her hurt me? and of course LIE LIE LIE he says he wants to be alone but now hes with this girl? He says that he is only with her to get in her pants cause she looks like a porn star and i dont... and that he wants to marry me in 2 years.

WHAT kind of bullshit is that? I am so heartbroken and depressed when I know I deserve better... I just dont know how to stop being sad...


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