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A Guy Who Belived In True Love

April 14, 2019 @ (Somewhere)

Tags: breakups depression

Hey, im a guy in my twenties and i meet this girl who is 20 years old this year last summer. I have been together with her since then into recently. She have struggled with depression and school, and she told me she wanted to break up and be alone. She did this twice and came back twice after 1-2 weeks. Long story short, but i just keep wondering because today she told me it is over like really over. And i have tryed everything, like literaly anything. It has even gone out on my mental health, because i have tryed so hard to make things right. Everytime i tryed to move on then she was there again but now it seems like its over for good. I have had the best time of my life with this girl, and i dont want to realise that this is true. I have always belived in true love, much like in the disney movies kinda, and my parents have been together since they where at my age. Im a very sensetiv and empatic guy who just want to find someone to build a life with, its like my missing piece in life. So i wonder. I have never given up on anyone i have been together in, in my life. Is that strange? Its like im so in love and i would do anything to be with that person. Can a person love you even when they leave you because of depression and timing in life. Because this girl has said that to me several times, still this is compliated to tell and its a short story of the whole picture but i wonder about those questions. Is it strange that i want to build a life with the girl i love even if im in my tweenties? Is it true love when i never give up on someone? But i have never seen that in any girl og friends i have or have been with. Im i just weird?



January 31, 2017 @ (NY)

Tags: shitty breakup

This was my first time dating a guy. I'm a softmore in high school and he is a senior. Throughout highschool I talked to many different guys but I was always ending up being used. TBH it's hard to come around a respectful guy and I bet you all are aweare of that... anyway, out of the blue I started dating this guy and I had never felt happier in a relationship with someone. Even though I am still very young, through him i found out how I should really be treated and respected. He was my bestfirend and i felt so open and free with him , I never knew someone like him existed. Saying that sounds cliche but he was definitely a big part of my life. We dated for 6 months, which very much impressed me because i usually get over a guy fast! 2 days befor Halloween, I felt very strange about our relationship. He always had work and I got fed up with not being able to be with him all the time.. I didn't know how to handle my anger, so I asked for a break. I knew I was loosing feelings, not all to do with him, but more so the timing was awful. he was also leaving to collage soon. I just felt a little heartbroken. I knew he cared about me very much, when I told him I wanted a break he cried and that was so strange to see because i never had a guy cry over me. We loved eachother one day but the next i just couldn't be in the relationship any longer. He resipricated by telling me he doesn't want a full commitment beucase he's a senior and maybe we can get back together later if the timing is right. It sucked to hear but I knew he was right. He wanted to belive we could be friends, but at that time I felt as if the rest of his party life as a senior was the most important thing to him. We broke up on Halloween night, the day after we said all of this too eachother. He knew I wanted to break up with him BUT HE WOULDNT LET ME. I think it was somthing to do with his pervious relationship when his X broke up w him due to the same reason. So yep Halloween night he texted me a shitty breakup text saying he wants his independence . that made me so much more attached knowing i couldn't have him. We talked a little as friends after but we both agreed if we would ever want to get back together we can't be friends. I haven't talked to him for 2 months now and I don't know how i have made it this far , all I know is I deserve better , but I miss my best friend. Knowing our past and how alike we are , I somtimes do belive we will get back together but i never want to hurt myself again. What is your opinion on this type of breakup and any advice ???


Im Not Over You

January 13, 2017 @ (china)

Tags: sad breakup

I started to like this guy when I was in school. One day I was with my friends and they were face timing him and we were all playing truth or dare. Some how the truth question was... Who do you like? since it was his question he started to hesitate but bravely he said my name. My hear dropped to the floor. I told him I liked him too. He texted me later "Hey Cutie" and we started to talk. We talked about random crap and said things like "Love you"or we sent heart emojis to each other. In school we would flirt and talk and he asked me out. People say that being so young I don't know what love is. Or how to do it. I disagree but even if that was true... I'm positive I know this.. I CAN love someone and feel like they stabbed me in the chest saying that they loved me one day and don't like me the next. We can even look at each other the slightest bit now without is being awkward. I hate walking into a room with it because I feel so much anxiety. How can it be that I'm still not over him? Someone PLEASE tell me... How do I get over him?



January 31, 2016 @ (Indiana)

Tags: bad breakup

My now ex boyfriend of eight months has depression and is going through a lot with school/work and is stressed a lot. He doesn't seem to have good coping skills (he admits it) and things build up and he runs away. We'd been fighting a lot off and on (not terrible fights, but they were every couple days). Yesterday he went over to a friend's house and was supposed to come home around 1 or 2 am. He texted me saying that he'd had too many beers and was just going to crash there and would be home around noon. We were supposed to go out today and have a nice dinner and have fun (he was still saying he wanted to go right before he went to bed at his friend's). Well he gets home at noon, comes in and puts my dog in the kennel and tells me that he brought the guys over to meet me (he'd tried to introduce me before but the timing wasn't right). So they come in and I walk out and immediately something seems weird. None of them are looking at me and I say, "Hi!" but no one answers and I notice boxes. My boyfriend then says, "These are my best friends... I've known these guys for years and they're my rock." He paused and then said, "And the reason we have all of these boxes here is because you're out of here.. we're done. This is done." I was completely shocked and couldn't understand what was happening. I asked him to talk in private and at first he resisted, but then agreed. We went into the bedroom and he literally set a timer of 5 minutes. We talked and he says he has too much going on, we're too different and that in general, he's not happy with us and isn't in the place to be in a relationship right now. He claims it's not me but "us".
He says he's happy sometimes but not as much as he should be and that he brought his friends because he knows he'd not stay strong about breaking up otherwise. Here's the part where it starts getting weird: he filmed us with his friend's phone when we were talking in private to show that things had ended "amicably".



April 16, 2015 @ (United States)

Tags: Bad Breakup

Exactly a year ago I met someone special, the moment I set my eyes on her I knew she was something of one of a kind, I was a typical high school student and she was as well. It took me a month before I worked the courage to speak to her and my gut was right, she was the most beautiful person I have ever met. She was weird and quirky and funny and stupidly silly. The school year ended and thats when it started to get serious. We spent our summer together and did many things, she taught me how to swim(because I never trusted anyone around water due to my hydrophobia) and we went on vacation together(her parents payed for my trip lol) It was honestly one of the happiest times of my life. We barely fought and if we did we made up each time like it was nothing and moved on with our days. I grew blinded by my affection soon after, I loved this girl and I was terrified to admit it. Soon after the next school year started, I could feel the distance happening. Which caused me to become jealous, scared, etc I was panicking and didn't know what to do. I could see it coming and it did. She broke up with me, telling me she didn't want a relationship right now blah blah blah. I crashed and burned, I was so devastated that I just wanted to hurt myself(of course I didn't) she then led me on for a few months, would kiss me, try and comfort me when I was down, she even came over to my house and slept with me, but in the end she would always use that excuse and it pushed me even further down... causing me to push her even further away without realizing it... Ever sense then I've just been realizing what I did wrong and been bettering myself, dating new people most guys would say my life has been pretty great for some of the girls that are chasing me.. but all I can continue to think about is her. The one that got away. That all I can do is pray because I knew her reason of leaving me was complete crap, especially since she's with someone else now. I just wish her the best while I sit and wish I had the best. She's still deep in my heart and I see people hating on their ex and everything, but even though she did me wrong I can't help but wish she has the best for her. I just know that if I was with her now, things would have been much different and she'd still be mine, but that's my new found confidence that I will hope to be able to use with someone of the same or better amount to offer... I've learned a lot and even though I still am upset about her, maybe we're better off. Or maybe it was the bad timing, I'm now 18 and i'm still young. Life ahead of me is something to shine about.



March 25, 2015 @ (United States)

Tags: Heartbroken

I knew we were going to be together the first time I saw her. She was my first real girlfriend and my first love. I never cared about anyone more. I thought she was perfect. After 7 months she wanted to break up with me out of the blue. Worst timing too. I had recently lost my job for something I didnt do, got kicked out of my classes because I forgot to pay on time, and my parents left to go on a 2 month road trip. I was home alone, I had nothing. She said that I was the only thing that made her happy and she wanted to be happy with herself before she could be happy with someone else. I was devastated. It was the first time I had really cried. I felt betrayed and thrown away like trash. Everything we had, gone. I told her we can do this together but she had already made up her mind. I still think about her every day.



February 28, 2013 @ (Ontario)

Tags: Timing, Love

I haven’t had much experience with serious relationships but this is one of the hardest things I've done. I would really appreciate some feedback from outside sources since I'm a popular guy but few people to go to in this city and certainly no shoulder to cry on.
Last night I broke up with my girlfriend of 2 years; a girl I admire and daresay love (in many ways), who upon graduating, fought her hateful parents and moved to the city where I studied to complete my late ass degree. Free rent to help pay her loans and good job opportunities out of the question, she moved here to work to survive just to live with me.
We’re both 22 now, and we have known each other for a little over 2 years. Because of her anxiousness to date and my cautiousness it took us about 6 months to go from friends to official.
Moving in after a year was scary enough but done so that we could stay together. This loving girl knew she wanted me forever from the first few months. I was new to the whole relationship scene, and rather unsure. Naturally the thought that she was scared the crap out of me.
But we moved in, and as expected there were some rough nights. We were far from perfect, and her dependence on me paired with her inherent need to ‘have the final say’ on everyday issues tested my rationality regularly. In spite of a few terrible nights where we swore we were done, the year as roommates ended far better than expected. We had learned a lot about living with one another and grown our love. This was mostly because she did everything possible to be the perfect girl, she: is caring, generous, and sweet beyond belief, cooks fantastic meals, adopts new styles, and always promoted a good sex life. Still I felt unhappy – for a reason that was not immediately clear. I loved her, but I also restrained my interests for her sake at times. I feel that this is normal, but I also feel young and that there is much I want to do before I make the necessary sacrifices that come with commitment. In short - I felt that everything was moving too fast.
She never stopped pressuring me into the thing she wanted most from me - a promise. This was something that I couldn't give until I felt ready. She plans to have the security of an engagement ring within the next couple of years, and reminds me of that regularly. I love her, but this is my life too!
With what looks like 2 or 3 years before a real career begins for me, being ready to propose seems half a decade away. I tell her I want to enjoy the relationship we have and continue to work on it and grow together. When I talk to her about the pressure her sacrifices put on me she says she wants someone to match the love –and commitments- that she shows. Unfortunately I can't do that, and although I love her, I have to let her go.
Our timing was cruelly wrong, and I think it is finally time to stop ignoring that fact and use the time to explore myself and my desires. She could be the one, but that’s just not something I can decide yet.



August 20, 2011 @ (reading, pa.)

Tags: example 1

I met a wonderful man on We were instantly attracted to each other. He came on very strong and I told him to take it slow, which did not happen. In the long run it was flattering to have this handsome man say he was falling in love with you. By the third week of dating he did a turn around saying he needed time and was confused. I responded with an email telling him to take the time he needed but in the future no matter who he is with to go slow. We ended up seeing each other again and we were back in the same boat with him telling me he wanted to live with me and he loved me. Again 2 weeks after the first episode he started to pull away saying he was not sure. At this time I was schedule for surgery and he was suppose to take me and be there when I woke up. Well Mr. Wonderful said he was sorry and he just needed time. I told him take the time and I would find another ride to the hospital, terrible timing. Also I told him I could not continue with this roller coaster and to please stop contacting me. We talked a few more times with him saying he was sorry and this whole thing had nothing to do with me!!! I asked it there was somone else and he just said he was going through something. So now the surgery is over, I had lots of friends and family helping out. I am dealing with healing from the operation and the pain of not being with a person I truly cared for. Obviously he had some emotional issues and was not ready or open for a loving relationship. I still have great hope and look forward to my wonderful partner who I know is just around the corner!!



February 01, 2011 @ (Australia)

Tags: recent, breakup, harsh

this is long SO, im 21 and a girl ive been with for 18months, shes 18. but ive known her for about over 3 years now we met online and immediately connected and liked her i couldnt stop thinking about her even when she stopped talking for a year and got a bf i also had gotten a gf but after all that somehow perfect timing got us to start talking again when we were both recently single and after a few months i fell even harder and we decided to be in a relationship.

anyway she recently came up to stay for new years eve cause she knew itd mean alot to me, a couple days before new years she decided that Me asking her why she wasnt saying much and just moping around was a good reason for her to decide to leave and rip up some heartfelt things i gave her infront of me and say were over as soon as she gets back home etc. but during the days between then and when she actually left 1day before new years, she said she loved me and held, kissed me we had sex etc. but when she got back she blockd all communications with me so about a week after unanswered txts i added her best friend of 7 years to suss something out cause they havent been friends since a few month ago, i immediately found out that its because My ex was talking to and seeing a guy her ''friend'' was hooking up with behind her back, which was also behind my back. and they are already in a relationship and all that shit so she had been lying to me and cheating for a good few weeks i'd say. we promised eachother from the start even though she lived in another state it wouldnt just be another fuck around and the feelings were real and i would just move there anyway we only saw eachother a few times in person but i was still happy loving her and was serious even if it was hard sometimes i just thought that it'd make it all the more better when we were finally together all the time and i was nearly about to make that happen before she did this. she tried blaming her friend for pushing those 2 closer together becoz her friend pissed him off when she was screwing with his head but thats no excuse to go and start fucking him and dating him she should have stopped talking to him when her friend did. people will tell me too bad and that it was the distance thats a problem but i dont think that makes a difference after 18months ive been really hurt before but this managed to top everything else cause im just so sure about this girl and couldnt have feelings for someone else if i tried i cant move on, if you knew half of the things shes said and promised to me and made me youd be just as shocked as i am for what shes done. i dont know how someone can just erase that amount of time with someone they said theyd be with no matter what just like that asif i was nothing and i had never and would never cheat on her. i have to cry myself to sleep and im sick of it and im stupid enough to hope she'll come back like she did before because i have theories that the guy only did it becoz he wanted to piss her friend off for fucking around with him but if they bould BOTH do that to me n her friend then they must be perfect for eachother in a screwed up way and im guessing it will fuck up soon and she'll be alone and regret it because i know he can't love her atleast not like I do if i'm still dumb enough to want her even after what she's done cause i feel empty im used to having txts and msgs etc. from her every morning day & night and it just kills me to have those images of them in my head i can never get over it so all i'm gonna do is wait until she stops ignoring me.



October 13, 2009 @ (Phoenix)

Tags: good timing

A girlfriend of 2 months who I was actually really into decided to call me and break it off. She said that it wasn't working, I immediately agreed. She then said that I was a great guy, I confirmed that she was a great girl and that just because we were both great doesn't mean we have to be together...I then wished her the best and hung up the phone.

Turns out that breaking up with me while I am playing "Madden" is really efficient.


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