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Sad Sally

May 26, 2016 @ (California)

Tags: #theonethatgotaway #sad #breakup

We met in August and had a fairytale start... everything was perfect. We are lesbians so we were already talking about how we hoped this ended in marriage. After six weeks, I found out I had a a once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity. The job was short term: only 9 months. I knew I had to take it and we were both devastated the relationship had to end. We had not been dating long enough to do long-distance (plus that doesn't work well anyway). She asked for no contact so she could get use to the dynamic between us of not dating. I moved on and lived my life, but my heart was in a holding pattern for her. The 9 months ended last week and I am back in the same town as her. I reached out...hoping that our story could finally really begin. She told me she had moved on.... she's isn't seeing anyone or anything like that... she said simply "I told myself months ago this wasn't going to happen and I have to move on and I did". I'm devastated. I really thought she was the one. Nothing happened... no fights, no falling out. We ended simply because of distance... distance that no longer exists... and she doesn't want to go down that road again.



February 26, 2016 @ (Netherlands)

Tags: Crying, Heartless, Brother, Long-Distance, Love, Unfair

I met a girl on a app, The connection made in the very beginning was a special one even though we were more than 10000 KM apart. It was wonderful, We had ideas for the future until her brother found out and made her break up with me not long ago, Nearly banning full contact with me. How can someone be so heartless? Still slightly crying while reading back those messages with her, Hoping one day when she is free from him, that she can continue with me.

Anyone else had those kinds of breakups? And what do you think about family forcing breakups?



August 22, 2015 @ (usa)

Tags: regret

Long-distance relationship. we both loved each other very much but she didnt have time for me. i got mad at her for not caming with me during her summer vacation but i didnt let her know why i am mad cuz i wanted her to find out on her own( my biggest mistake was testing her if she could find out on her own). she had some family members that were seriously ill and she was feeling down. i couldnt talk to her due to my work and she texted me about how bad she was feeling but due to bad connection i never recieved the text and i guess that really hit her and she started to hate and broke up with me but maybe if i had been in touch with her she would be still with me.

My advice is never ever hide the reason for acting mad to your partner and having wishful thinking he or she will never break up with you no matter how much u push them over the limit. i wish i could turn back time and make different choices. All i have in my life is regret.


Ambassador Of Eros

October 26, 2012 @ (USA)

Tags: Facebook, long-distance, lying

I was with this girl, and we started dating. After about 2 weeks she called it off because we would be seperated the following year. I agreed, and we have kept in touch ever since. Since then , I have kinda had dibbs on her. She found me on facebook yesterday and friended me. Today I looked closer at her profile and it said:
Relationship Status: In a relationship
I wasnt sure if it was true because she forgets to chang a lot of things after something happens. So I messaged her asking if she had a boyfriend. I have not gotten a response yet. What II'm ad about is that she lied to me about having a bf. She had emailex ne asking if I had a gf, and I said no. I asked her the same (with bf instead of gf) and she said no.
Still waiting for the response to the fb message. It's kinda creepy thinking thatfacebook could change my life...



June 19, 2012 @ (UK)

Tags: long-distance, cancer, depression, love of my life, soulmate

I was in a relationship with a guy for about 5 months. I had never experienced such an intense and caring love before. There were a few ups and downs but we grew closer and closer. He was constantly saying that I was the love of his life and that he would do anything for me. I felt closer to him than to any other human being ever before.

After 5 months, I needed to move to another country for my job. (This career move had been planned long before I met him.) After living in the new country for six weeks I was diagnosed with a tumour. When I told him about this tumour, he sent me an email saying that he still loved me as much as before but was planning on spending his next holiday with “some close female friend” and needed to let me go.

I hit rock bottom that night. I talked to him only once more on the phone. After that, I never heard from him again.

8 months later I am still struggling and on medication (both against the tumour and the depressions that set in after the breakup). Not one day goes by without me thinking about him.



July 27, 2011 @ (Hell)

Tags: Biggest Jerk Ever

My ex and I were in a long-distance relationship. We had been dating for 2.5 yrs. I had left a job in South America for him to move to the states. After two years in California and many dead-end jobs, I needed to relocate to the East Coast to find work and provide a stable living for us. We agreed that he would meet me a few weeks later. After six months of waiting for him to get his act together he announced that he wanted to move to Central America with or without me. We argued for what seemed like forever. One night we got into a horrible fight, and did not speak the rest of the week. When I tried contacting him to see what was happening, I found out that he had moved to another country. He never contacted me again or answered my e-mails.



June 28, 2010 @ (uk)

Tags: cheating, bastard

My ex and I have known each other since we were 5. We were best friends from the age of 14 and dated briefly when we were 15- He chased me and I caved. Two weeks later he dumped me for his ex, who was two years older. Kids stuff, i soon forgave him; wasn't that into him anyway.
When we were 18 and at University we would visit each other on the weekends. One time i went to stay with him for a weekend and didnt return to the city i was studying in for a week. We quickly fell in love, into the 'honeymoon period' and committed to a years long-distance relationship, seeing each other once a month. We moved in together the next year when we both graduated. Seven years down the line, we'd had our fair share of knocks but were always a team- we still had our strong group of friends from high school and managed to maintain our individual interests and own lives as well as having a great time together. To everyone outside; we were the perfect couple. I thought so. Being a smug prick never serves you well; remember that.

My grandfather died in June 09', followed by 3 extended family deaths and the death of my other grandfather in the September. I was a bit of a wreck. In December 09', my ex asked me to marry him. It was very romantic and i was the happiest i'd been in my life. I started the wedding plans right away.. but a little scared. He was pushing the wedding stuff and wanted it to be small, no fuss and sooner rather than later. I charged on with the purchases and booking the venues etc.

In April 10' he sat me down and told be he'd been seeing a girl from his office for two months. He said that he 'loved' me but he wasnt 'in love' with me. Seems he'd 'loved me' enough to want to get married in a fu*king rush in the December but by the February had decided it wasnt what he wanted. Trouble is, my ex is a sap who can't function alone- so he'd spent two months making sure the girl was interested enough and setting himself up a nice little back up plan before filling me in on the fact my world was about to be smashed to bits. To add an extra kick in the teeth; he'd told of his cheating bastard ways to three (3) of our mutual friends before one of them made him come to me with it. I threw him out, but there was no fight from him. He'd already made the desicion to go.

Two months on and i'm starting from scratch. He went straight into a relationship with the office tart (who signed my engagement card 'wishing you both all the happiness in the world' by the way). Pair of fu*kers.



October 13, 2009 @ (California)

Tags: heartbreaking

This isn't an especially exotic breakup, but it certainly broke my back. When I was an intern, I took a weekend call pretty early ... on a Friday night, so the amount of trauma we saw was very heavy (idiots drinking/driving, getting stabbed, etc). That 28hr shift was pretty much the worst night of my life b/c of:

- my first end of life discussion w/a family
- getting my chief to come in was like pulling teeth
- a couple of traumas came in basically DOA
- my medstudent, despite being warned that it was going to be a tough night and that he should read up on diagnosing traumatic injury, decided to read up on wiring of cautery knives ...
- ... then had the nerve to cuss me out for not treating him like he knew anything, despite him never reading, never knowing anything about patient treatment other than pain level
- the floor nurses refused to take verbal orders, making me actually walk up to the floor and write it in the patient chart (no matter if I was in the middle of a Code Blue or not)
- in fact, I got into lots of arguments with nurses about retarded crap
- the next morning, I was so busy in the ER, the oncoming resident had to see all my patients, making me look like a total douche
- I didn't sleep
- I didn't eat after lunch
- hell, I didn't even get to sit down at ALL that night

So I finally get home, almost getting into an accident on the way home b/c of exhaustion, and I get into bed and crash. 10hr later I wake up, still wiped out, hungry as hell, and figure the only thing that can make me feel not like shit is talking to my [long-distance] girlfriend of 20 months.

Well, literally just after I said the words "I don't think I'll ever have a worse night in my life," she cuts me off and says that she doesn't think we should date anymore. I was so exhausted I could barely put up a fight. I just slept for another 24hrs, and didn't eat until 2 days later, when I came back to work. Absolutely heartbreaking.

It was at that point that my realization dawned: being a doctor SUCKS; THIS is what I busted my ass, all my life, my dream, for???


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