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March 29, 2017 @ (MN)

Tags: Bad breakup

I am a young and lovesick boy, one that thought online dating over a game was a good idea. I thought it was silly and rather joke like at first, until I absolutely fell for a girl. I was in love. I wanted her. I needed her. She felt the same way and eventually we started texting. We had plans of marriage, further romance, college, and so much more. Then one day I had gotten a text from her that said nothing more than, "I'm literally in tears rn...". I said "what's wrong baby?" No reply. "Are you there?" No reply. "Please don't tell me what I think happened happened..." Once more, no reply. I soon got a text message from her mother saying I was forbidden from ever talking to her daughter again. I fell into tears immeadiately. I deleted the game, and am still recovering from it. Please careful of what you do on the may end up very hurt. Thank you for reading my awful breakup story...



April 22, 2016 @ (Eire)

Tags: bad

Our relationship was great, people where jealous of us, we where a couple that would make you sick to watch us together.But after going away for three months with collage getting messages from their class mates saying that they are cheating and still believing they wouldn't lie. That's what happen's when you put someone before your better judgement. You feel soft like anything could hurt you. But you'll forgive them or refuse to believe that they are like that and people are just jealous. When we got back they seemed more and more bored, always asking for vacations knowing that I couldn't afford them. In essence it was time for goodbyes but not in the honest way. The plan of action was to use the group of friends we had around us, first it started with their friends telling me no they would never do that and so on. This made me more suspicious and after awhile I lay awake beside them crying wondering if they'd lie. They'd go away with newly made friends and when u ask to meet them, they'd say i've got my friend you have yours. Even though they knew all of my friends. After awhile I was drinking a lot my friend was also going out with their best friend. So I asked did he know of anything "no" being the answer I was still unsatisfied but at this stage I knew they'd do anything to keep the truth, from all the promises and I did'nt ur paranoid you smoke too much!! Well in the end I broke it off because I was torturing them for the truth on a daily basis losing my mind attacking friends questioning everything and everyone I loved. Which made telling the truth harder for them. In the end they waited till I was drunk got me to cheat with one their friends and then watch as my ex left, we met once before they had gone, admitted to having done stuff too but not what with who or where as much as I begged, I suspected my best friends became angry and bitter, from a really outgoing person to just depressing to look at. I'm still on my own too proud to talk to friends. They come back every year to my town and I see them together with the group of friends I miss. One of my friends told me they knew after it happened and said everyone knew to absolve himself of the difficult position his gf put him in. To me that excuse is for pussies bro's before hoe's and all! Hoping for some light? BE CAREFUL WHO YOU LOVE!!!



January 27, 2016 @ (Italy)

Tags: Bad break up, trauma, hope, family, child

This goes out to all the people grieving over their break-up,

I wrote on here about a month ago, swearing that my relationship with my boyfriend was finally over. Crying over the fact that i was ready to get married to him, have his child and start a future. Swearing that no one could ever make the feel the way he had.

Well, long story short, i moved into his house, i had a beautiful daughter and am currently fighting for custody in order to return home. Suddenly the person I loved had become someone i dont know at all. This house has become a prison cell. And i live in constant fear that he is going to take away my most precious gift of all, my daughter. But time will pass, happiness nor sorrow lasts forever. I will win both legal and physical custody of my daughter and will finally live an independent life.

Take my story to reflect carefully on your own. Be careful what you wish for because one mans sorrow is another persons salvation.



November 24, 2014 @ (Iowa)

Tags: Be Careful

I was dating this guy at one point and I was warned many of times he was a "player". At one point I was starting to get a feeling that something wasn't right, he was treating me the same but I had this gut feeling something was wrong. So like the worried girlfriend I was I checked his messages between his ex and he was cheating on me. I figured that out right before I left for Fall Musical which I had to perform in. I was crying the entire night and luckily was surrounded by friends. Then a month later I took him back, yes I know dumb idea, it was going good until the day of my Honor Band where when I woke up and went on Facebook it read, "when u relise u are trying to get over sumone and it just duse not work no mader how happy u are with the person u are with now..." (Word for word sadly he doesn't what grammar is) and I cried for a bit went to school and sat in the band room crying and spent the entire car ride crying for the fact that he broke up with me through text after he sent me that.I had the same people comfort me there as I did at Fall Musical. The next day though he started going out with what I thought was my best friend.

It has been 10 months and it still pains me to know that there are people out there that will use you. They will tell you they love you and you will believe it and hang on every word they said. So listen to your friends when they tell you that person is no good because they might know better than you at the time.


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