November 24, 2014 @ (Iowa)

Tags: Be Careful

I was dating this guy at one point and I was warned many of times he was a "player". At one point I was starting to get a feeling that something wasn't right, he was treating me the same but I had this gut feeling something was wrong. So like the worried girlfriend I was I checked his messages between his ex and he was cheating on me. I figured that out right before I left for Fall Musical which I had to perform in. I was crying the entire night and luckily was surrounded by friends. Then a month later I took him back, yes I know dumb idea, it was going good until the day of my Honor Band where when I woke up and went on Facebook it read, "when u relise u are trying to get over sumone and it just duse not work no mader how happy u are with the person u are with now..." (Word for word sadly he doesn't what grammar is) and I cried for a bit went to school and sat in the band room crying and spent the entire car ride crying for the fact that he broke up with me through text after he sent me that.I had the same people comfort me there as I did at Fall Musical. The next day though he started going out with what I thought was my best friend.

It has been 10 months and it still pains me to know that there are people out there that will use you. They will tell you they love you and you will believe it and hang on every word they said. So listen to your friends when they tell you that person is no good because they might know better than you at the time.



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