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November 02, 2016 @ (Eugene Or)

Tags: Smh

So this was last year (8th grade) and he lived in Springfield for a while but moved to Carolina but cane to visit. I didn't really know him at the time. I hung out with my friend and she would FaceTime with me around and he would say I'm hot and stuff (I hadn't dated anyone in a year at this time) and I started to catch feelings. We hung out for the first time and the mall. He was a little shorter then me but I didn't care. He came to my basket ball games and we would FaceTime everyday. Then after about a week he said he didn't have time for me and thought it was ridiculous because he lived so far. I cried because I really liked him. A lot. But I accepted it. In the summer I went to the fair and saw him kissing another girl (who lived here) which Pissed me off because he broke up with me because he lived too far but then..idk. It was stupid. But now I'm in a happy relationship for almost 5 months now. 🙂



July 18, 2016 @ (clearwater, fl )

Tags: bad break up, funny break up, ridiculous break up, epic break up

So me and her were going strong when one day her brothers girlfriend steps to her over allegedly stealing from them [i still don't know if she did or not] regaurdless I jump into action and throw my girl in the car immediately and diffuse the situation [I've been in enough trouble and am not hitting a female] I then i comfort my girl and call an hour late into work when it just so happens the district manager is there. so I square things away feeling good about how I handled the situation and went to work. she ends up calling me and breaking up with me saying I should have beat the girl up and skipped work [so glad I didnt] she had already wore me out emotionally that whole month [this day was supposed to be our 1 month anniversary lol] anywho so I say ok whatever I'm coming to get my stuff so I did and she said she wasn't ready for comminment that's all i needed to hear whatever [



November 11, 2014 @ (Miami, FL)

Tags: Funny breakup, bad, ridiculous

Well it comes to a very funny ending my friends... I was with this guy i really loved and still love at this moment for months then one day i felt like he was going to break up with me so before that even happened i asked him if he needed space but later i saw the 3 dots in the message and i told him if you're going to break up with me dont do it through text at least call me... 3 seconds later i get a call i was already belligerent and ecstatic... After telling me how such a great person i am and that he still loves me he says "hold up, mom can you pass me the ketchup" as the call end with me hanging up he broke up with me through the phone while eating dinner with his family. Pass me the ketchup always gets me till this day



February 17, 2014 @ (Australia)

Tags: bad breakup turned inspirational story

In this story, the breakup lasted almost four months. Stupid, I know.
When I was 20 I completely fell for my housemate, we'd been living together for a few months and he was a wonderful friend, we ended up dating for ten months. The first six were amazing. We had compatible future plans and lived together like an old married couple, we knew each other better than ourselves, or so I thought.
Over the course of the last four months, things started changing. He still did all the physical things that you'd expect a loving boyfriend to do, lifts home from work, random gifts.. but he started making me feel like I was a screw up. I couldn't do anything right, he was mad all the time at the stupidest things. Sometimes I would cry in our shared bed and he would just roll over to sleep. (remember this, it's relevant.) When my anxiety peaked to a point where I couldn't handle it, I told him it was over. He basically told me that he'd been wanting to leave me for months but didn't want to deal with dumping me, four months of emotional turmoil because he couldn't be bothered just talking to me! He moved out the next day.

There's an inspirational message in here though. After him, I dated a few people who lied and manipulated and all but gave up, until I met someone who I immediately bonded with over our emotionally damaging exes. The first time we had a minor disagreement, we made up right away, and then he rolled over to sleep. Because I'd always known this to mean "I don't like you right now." even though I knew it was ridiculous, I started crying. I tried to hide it, but when he noticed he immediately cuddled me and apologised, turns out he rolled over because his shoulder was really hurting but he refused to get comfortable again until I was happy again and falling asleep. We're still together.

There's never a good reason for anyone to make you feel like you're not good enough, or that you're not loved. If this is happening to you, just know that the worst that can come out of leaving someone who does this to you, is that you'll be single for a while. The best thing that can happen is a major self confidence boost from standing up for yourself and a better man just around the corner.

I'm sorry for making this so deep, but whilst that four months was the worst, most damaging thing that's ever happened to me, I came out the other side better off.


Waited All That Time For Nothing!

December 16, 2013 @ (Chicago)

Tags: bad break up, ugh, in love, crying

So. I had a thing with this guy. He is three years older than me and we started dating when I was 16. I immediately fell for him after our first date. He was everything I was looking for in a guy, and I could already tell that he was special. We had been dating for 2 months when he had gotten a new job and had to move out of state. I thought it was the end of us but we still managed to carry on for two more months. He was only 2 hours away so he came back about once a week. But then things started to get ugly, he stopped texting me and eventually said things weren't going to work out because he didn't want to keep me on the hook and he didn't see himself moving back home. So I went for a month without him, crying every single day. For some reason I had this gut feeling that things were going to work out, but I thought it was ridiculous so I tried to ignore it. But out of the blue, he texted me again and we began to see each other every time he came back. We were inseperable and we truly fell in love with eachother. He was trying to transfer to a store back home and for months and months he couldn't. But finally, after 9 months he did and we were both ecstatic. But in the weeks leading to his return I had a sinking feeling that I couldn't explain. 3 days after he got back, he broke up with me, saying he still wouldn't be able to give me adequate attention and that I should find someone better. He wasn't even willing to try to make it work for a month. I don't think that was the real reason.



May 11, 2013 @ (Indiana)

Tags: example1

I have a doosey for the enjoyment of all the broken hearted here, I MUST share. This happpened over 14 years ago, and I still revel in the ridiculousness of it all on occasion, and it makes me very thankful for what I have now, and very thankful I am a much more mature person,too. I was dating a man who had become a very important part of my life. We were best friends, did so many things together and the chemistry was insane. Everyone told us how lucky we were to be so crazy about each other. Constantly pawing at each other, doing everything together, at that time, the happiest time of my life. A euphoric laugh and love fest. The intensity of my feelings for him were over the top on every level. It stayed this way for about 2 years. I was hook line and sinker, do or die with this guy. Being away from him felt like detox, miserable loneliness no matter who was around. But then I started noticing he was not returning my calls quite as often. He would occasionally be unable to hang out. We were both busy, I thought once things died down we would pick back up where we left off. He got a new apartment in the same apartment complex as his mom and sister. We hung out there when he was not working or busy doing this and that.I talked to his mother and sister almost everyday, discussing our plans for this and that. All was well, when suddenly he stated we needed to break things off and see other people, then asked for a last romp in the hay as a good bye. I was so upset, looking for solace, I entrusted with my now, new family, his mother and sister. I then found out he had a new girlfriend. Well,not actually new. They had been dating a year and lived together in his new apartment for about 6 months. They knew the whole time. Yowsa.



April 04, 2013 @ (SC)

Tags: firstlove

My ex and I met in the beginning of my freshmen year. We hated each other at first, but eventually became friends and got very close. One day, she texted me telling me that she loved me a little "too much", so I took that as her saying she liked me. Long story short, we ended up dating. We were so connected it's ridiculous. We spent almost every single minute of every week and weekend together. Of course we had to hide our relationship, but we loved each other more than words can describe. I know we did. The pressure of hiding our relationship really got to me, so we eventually ended up telling our closest friends (we shared all of the same friends). They accepted us, and basically already knew because of the love that they saw radiating from us. We had a lot of problems, though. I was a jealous beyond belief person. I had trouble allowing her to go to any friends houses for fear that she would fall for one of them and leave me. I wanted her to be with me 24/7. I know realize that I needed to lighten up and trust her a little bit more. That was my big mistake. She, on the other hand, did not get jealous enough. She would never show me any kind of affection at school unless I begged for a kiss or hug. I know she might have been scared, but god. It was a year of being together. Get over the fear of PDA. Things clashed, and we just had many problems. This past week, I guess it all just blew up and she was not taking it anymore. We broke up, and she is now gagaing over someone else. She rebounded very VERY quickly. That stings like hell, but there is no talking her into getting back together. She won't budge on this. My only hope is that she dates this new person and sees how much I loved her and that nobody else will love her that way. For right now, I'm just trying to get over it all. Fml.



February 03, 2013 @ (Pennsylvania, USA)

Tags: breakup, mistake, regret

Where to begin? I guess I should start with when we met. It was April 9th, 2012; the day we got back from a trip for marching band. I was talking to my friend Melanie and she said, "you should try to talk to new guys. You never know, something good might come out of it." I said, "who should I talk to though and how?" That's when she suggested I talk to the guy who would eventually be the best boyfriend I've ever had: Brandon. So, when I got home, I message him on Facebook because I had nothing better to do and I thought if I went up to him in person and talked to him that it would be weird. I doubted that he even knew who I was (I was wrong about that. Turns out our friend Nick had told him that he should date me when I was a freshman. I'm now a junior and he was a sophomore at the time. We're in high school). So, we hit it off and everything seemed great. But as months passed I was wondering why he never asked me out. He told me he wanted to get to know me better first. So then the summer went by and we didn't talk much. Then in August 2012, we had band camp and we started talking again. He asked me if I wanted to sit with him on the bus on the way to competitions. I said yes. The bus rides were always fun and he was a really big flirt. Once again, I began to wonder why he wasn't asking me out, but this time I didn't bring it up. Then on November 6th, 2012, we hung out and he asked me out. The way he did it was really corny, but it was cute. I was so happy. Then, 2 weeks later he told me that he didn't want me hugging other guys, because he wanted it to be an exclusive part of our relationship. I thought this was dumb, but I just said okay because I didn't want to start anything. This were going fine and then two weeks later, he told me to switch lockers and move into his (I was previously sharing one with my best friend, Louis). I think he was just jealous or insecure. Maybe both. I was his first girlfriend, so maybe he was just scared he'd lose me or something. So, that weekend he's over my house. We've made out before but we had never used tongue and we tried it but I didn't like it. He got frustrated and said that "it's a way to kiss. How can you not like it?" I said I didn't know. Then over the next two weeks it seemed like everyday he said he was getting frustrated with me. I was getting upset and depressed because I felt like I was letting an not being a good enough girlfriend. So, eventually I decided to break up with him on December 14th, 2012, because I just wasn't happy anymore. I did it over the phone because the only other time I would have been able to do it was at school or at my house and that would have been awkward. So I was on the phone with him and I did it. I broke up with him. He didn't say anything and I started to cry. I felt really bad and him not saying anything made me feel worse. Then five minutes later he said "Can we still be friends?" I said "yes" he said "okay. Bye." And hung up. I kept crying for a good 3 hours. He called me like 2 hours later but I was asleep. He left a voicemail saying that he hopes that I don't think he's mad at me and that he wishes things could have worked out but he's glad we can still be friends. I was happy about that. But as the weeks passed it seemed like he wanted the opposite. Now, he rarely talks to me and I feel like when he does, I annoy him. I miss him so much and it's ridiculous. I want him back, but I know he'll never want me again. I at least want to be friends again. I asked him to my junior prom, so maybe that will help, but we'll have to wait and see. Is there anything else I can do? I think I might be in love with Brandon and knowing that I screwed things up just hurts so much. I want to fix it. Breaking up with him was probably the biggest mistake in my life and I regret it so much.



January 24, 2013 @ (los angeles)

Tags: #worththeread #breakup

2010 I graduated high school and got a job at a hardware store. At the time I was a ridiculously friendly and outgoing (innocent) eighteen year old girl. So it being a hardware store there's a lot of men. One which I fell for without him saying a word to me. An fellow employee at that. I'm a petite girl he was this adorable petite 25 year old guy with sexy tattoos. So I tell my other coworker/nfriend I have the hots for him. And this girl goes above and beyong to get us talking. So a few months later we start talking. He had an age issue with me, but we had a long talk one day and he got over it. He told me he really like me. On our first official date I lost my vcard to him..I gave him the goods. (Which at the time he didn't know) I told him I had done it before. Whatever I thought that was going to be it. He got what he wanted...but no. He asked me to be "his girl". I was the happiest girl in the world. This was october 29th, 2010. So a month passes everything is fine. Then christmas time came along. I was really excited because I got him the coolest gift. So that year xmas eve was on a Friday. He was off fridays. coincedentaly he worked. As I walked in the girl who hooked us up hands me a bouquet of roses and a gifst and says "here from miguel" I'm like "WTF!I don't know a miguel" I take the flowers and gift to the break room and he's there. My everything. He looks at the roses looks at me tthen ignores me for five torturous weeks. I run into him at work one day still hurt. He says "hey Delete my number and pretend I don't exist. You'll learn its not good to be as friendly as you are"



April 18, 2012 @ (US)

Tags: female, emotional, slapped

I'm a bit embarrassed about this, but cut me a little slack, this happened 20+ years ago, and I was an emotional, young college girl at the time (an English Lit/Drama major no less). I had been romantically involved with this guy for about six months and it seemed to me that we just couldn’t take things to the next level and it would be in both of our interests to move on. So one day, I decided to have a heart to heart chat with him, going to great lengths to be sensitive to his feelings, and getting a little emotional in the process of saying it was time to end things. His response? Well, very casual, dry (he was an engineering major, go figure;) and hmmm, maybe even a little cheerful. He said with a smile, “yeah, you’re right, it’s probably the best thing.” Well, I was stunned by his lack of disappointment and asked if that was all he had to say. He again replied casually, “yeah, I think that’s about it.” I had invested the past six months of my life with this guy and he didnt seem to be the least bit upset that I was breaking up with him?! That was more than I could take. I stood up from the bench we were sitting on in the heart of the campus quad (imagine a diminutive Asian gal hovering over a large, strapping male), gently lifted his chin (by the look on his face, he may have been expecting a good bye kiss) and then SMACK — he got a hearty slap, right across the face. Of course I walked away in a huff, a complete, emotional wreck. Later on, I talked about it with a few of my sorority sisters and of course got hugged, consoled, etc. Then one of my sisters said something like “so wait a minute….you broke up with him and then slapped him?”. It then occurred to me how ridiculous the scenario was! Laughter ensued along with lots of good-natured teasing from my friends. The story doesn’t end there. A few days later, he sent me flowers and an apology card. I’m not sure if the poor guy even knew what he was apologizing for! ;-)


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