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Sannon M

December 19, 2016 @ (cinco)

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I started dating a friend. We were seeing each other couple times a week. He never treated me very well, and acted as is I didn't matter. then after a couple months, he began to ramp things up, treated me like he really cared, treating me very good acting like he cared about me. He said he was getting feelings for me I began to start believing we had a future together. Then, one night he told me that he had met someone else, and he thought he cared for her. And how he didn't want to cheat on he. Afterwards he actually got mad at me for being angry and hurt. Worst thing is he knows he hurt me, he just didn't care that he did



March 26, 2014 @ (new jersey)

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Wow where to start on January 1st I was asked out by this boy.... he is in my school well I am a sophomore and him a senior.... every girls dream in high school.... well anyway he asked me out and it was so cute cuz he was like I like you and when I said I like him too he was like really. ... I tend to over think things and It was all thru Facebook.... so eventually during our 2hr long discussion at 2 in the morning he asked me to be his girlfriend I was ecstatic... I mean cmon a senior was asking ME out... well he came over that saturday he met my mom and my brother and my little cousin he was so sweet he played with them and him and I watched tv all day.... and then on the monday after that saturday he told me he loved me and he was falling in love... and I have to admit there was something about him that made me start to fall... well a week and a half later he broke up with me the reason was that he had a lot going on and he didnt want to loose me and that as soon as things were better for him we would get back together... being naive I believed him... well 4days or so later he got with a different girl which broke my heart but I was ok.... on February 19 he came to me upset and said that she cheated so he broke up with her and he wanted me back so I hugged him and he hugged me back and so I really wanted to be with him we got back together we were great for 2 weeks... again... then he turned around and broke up with me but this time there wasnt a reason so I was heart broken yet again but then I was bound and determined to find out why.... well I started paying closer attention to EVERYTHING and EVERYONE when one day I seen this girl walking with his sweatshirt on 3 DAYS LATER.... I went up to him that day since we had the same last period class together I was furious he was supposed to be only friends with this girl.... so he told me he didnt want to talk to me which hurt me worse I cried right there in front of him.... he wont look at me unless he thinks im not paying attention.... his smile makes my heart skip a beat..... and I am still in love but I dont know if he still loves me anymore....



February 07, 2014 @ (India)

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I want to share my story just to ease some pain...You know the worst part is when you have no one around you to share your feelings.....
I am from a typical Indian family.A girl who has always loved her parents more than anything in her life. Wanted to be with them always, take care of them. Infact I had decided that I'm never going to marry anyone ever.So, I never allowed myself to have any soft corner for anyone. I was happy but then someday I got a message from some old batchmate of mine on Facebook. Gradually we started chatting, sharing thoughts, jokes, started talking on phone and literally got addicted to each other. I started considering him as my best friend. He has always been real nice to me, always convinced me that one day I will find someone who will accept myself with all my responsibilities and will respect and love my parents like his own. And then after 6 months the day came when he proposed me. I was already having a hint of this from the past couple of days. I really liked him but had never thought about him like that because we had same gotra (we Indians are prohibited to marry someone with same gotra) . I never wanted to disclose my feelings to him but also didn't want to hurt him with a 'NO', So I told him this all gotra thing and convinced him to just be friends. But with time we just got drifted away and started living in an illusion that something will happen and we will be together in future...Decided that we will convince our parents and will marry with their permission....Started planning our lives together, fully committed, making all the promises to be together till the end, never realizing that they were all just dreams...We were madly, deeply in love. We completely accepted eachother as husband and wife...I was sure of one thing that it was not physical attraction though he was no less than Prince charming...I mean how could it be ...We haven't met each other for the last 7 years...
Time passed....We were so in love... I had never realized that this much love existed on earth. Even the feeling of having him with me made me so comfortable, cozy, relaxed...I felt so complete with him.....I never even required to say what I was feeling,,,we just not needed any words to express each other...
Then one day somehow my parents found out about us....I told them how much I love him and also assured them that I will never do anything without their permission....They were so mad at me...They said straight forward NO just because I being a female was having higher education that him...There was a big emotional drama......I tried my best to convince them but all in vain......And finally asked me to choose between them and him...This was even before I could tell them about gotra thing.....After all this I realized one thing that they are never going to accept us and if I somehow force them to or do something on my own, he will never get the respect he deserves....I love him but I respect him more.....I just can't bear this fact that my family don't respect my husband.....So, I broke up with him...Told him that they think that we will have ego clashes in future....He hates me for this...I know...Infact I hate myself too for this.....I feel so sorry that I couldn'd keep all the promises we made.....Everytime I think about this it feels like something cuts me from inside.....I know in this relationship it was me who was unfair.....It's been long time since we broke up but still every night I silently weep thinking about him...I still love him and miss him so much.....He was my first and last love......I know I will never be able to feel the same way again.....I am all broken.....People says that time heals all the wounds but in my case I feel like this pain is increasing day by day....This regret, this pain is my punishment.....And now I myself don't want to let it go...At least in this way he is with me....I know that I can never have him back but still wait for him forever.....And if some day I got to know about his marriage I will be the first person to be happy for him,,,at least he has moved on....



February 05, 2014 @ (Honolulu, HI)

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So I was friends with this boy for about a year and a half before we started dating. He was in the Marine Core. I actually met him when he was going through a divorce with his high school sweet heart who cheated on him with 20 different guys that he worked with. He went on deployment and we become Facebook friends and started talking all the time and skyping everyday. We talked about absolutely everything for hours. He came back and and we then went out a few times with his friends to the bars and had fun. This one weekend all his friends rented a hotel room and in the same weekend my roommate was being a bitch and locked me out, so i ended up sleeping in there hotel room. He was always such a gentlemen and walked me to my car and helped me move it before we went back to the room. We decided just to hang out with each other. We went back to the room, and laid on the bed and just stared at each other. nothing happened and we cuddle. After that we started having movie nights together and he would beg his friends to bring him to my house because he didn't have a car. well, about a month after that, we decided to drink. and then one thing led to another and he kissed me. and then the weekend after we ended up sleeping with each other. and he just started coming over a lot and we were best friends. always with each other. about 2 months after that, we went on a booze cruise and he proclaimed his love to me. I told him to call me in the morning and that i didn't believe him because he was drinking. He called me in the morning sober and said it. (FIRST TIME IN LOVE) i liked him so much, his girly side, his stupidity, the fact that we would always get ready together and take showers with each other. about a month after that he just stopped texting me as much , and he was getting out of the military. the day he left, he told me how much he loved me but that we were not going to do distance.. well he didn't talk to me for four months. Just left and nothing. I googled his name and saw he had a dating website and he had been talking to girls the whole time in our relationship. I flipped shit and sent him nasty texts. four months later he tried talking to me and told me still that he loves me and that he would be 100 percent with me if we were in the same town. He also said how much he has liked this one girl in high school his whole life and going for her. I thought everything was so twisted. It hurts so much to this day. i want it to be a struggle to remember his name



November 13, 2013 @ (NY)

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I havent broken up with my boyfriend yet, but I'm about to. We have been together for 2 years. When we started dating I was still talking to my ex and that really hurt him(thats what he made me believe) and he made my life hell because I used to talked to my ex in our first month of being together. After like a month of being together I moved in with him and I dropped out of college, I quieted my job, I dint talk to my family, didnt have Any friends other than him. I did all that to show him that i really loved him and no one else. After a while I found out that at the beginning of our relationship, just like me, he was talking to his ex too and not only talking, after I moved in, He was begging her to go back with him. I also found out that he was inviting girls to go out. I also found out that in valentines day he didnt even say happy valentines day to me but he wrote his ex a big email saying how much he wanted to marry her and how much he loves her, and if she needed help, he was there for her. I found out all that almost after a year of us being together. Now we being together for more than 2 years on and off. We still leaving together. He has a son that I love like if he was my son, but he also has a step son (the son of his son's mom and they broke up like 7 years a go) and he is leaving with us and he is a fucking pain in the ass. But not only his step son leaves with us, my boyfriend's mom also leaves with us. Whenever she wants to yell at me she does, whenever she wants to be nice to me she is, but most of the time she doesnt talk to me. I dont work because if I work is a big fight because he doesnt want me to work. So, I have to be home taking care of his real kid, the pain in the ass of his step son, put up with my boyfriend's bitch mom and also put up with my boyfriends crap. On top all that he never complements, anything I do is enough for him. But after all that I'm still loving him and its been so painful every time we have broken up in the past and we always go back together within a month. I am soooo tired of this and i dont know how to break up forever because I'm afraid of the pain that I'm gonna feel plus i think of his real son that is like my son too.
So please I will appreciate any advice.