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March 14, 2015 @ (from hell)

Tags: sad break up, bad break up, love

"The last chapter of our story" or "the brake up" is my best way to tell you how! Let me know what you think

Why did you go and left me alone
Did you think like I'll just move on?

Your memory is in every corner of my mind
Without seeing you, my eyes will go blind

Do you remember when we planed everthing together ?
And you said "baby, I'll be with you forever"

I believed your word like it was an oath
Because of it, now I feel loath

We had a bond stronger than bricks
After all these years, you say we don't really mix!

My problem is, I'm in love with your smile
To get over it, it'll take me a while

There is apart of me will never forget you
I'll always love you, regardless what you do

And when you realize how much I do, it'll be too late
You'll crawl back to me, but I won't take that bait

I wish you will always be happy, even though I'm hurt
Cuz once you love someone you just can't revert

That's how I love you, but you decided to forget everything we shared
It breaks my heart, but at least now I know how much you cared

That's how you wanted to write the last chapter of our story
Nothing will fix it now, not even "I'm sorry".



March 14, 2015 @ (india)

Tags: bad break up.

I have been in a long distance relationship for a year now and my boyfriend has been acting really weird from the past two months. he has been desperately trying to end the relationship. the last time i met he seemed depressed and i thought its just the depression and the work pressure that has made him this way. we fight alot and he gets so upset that he ends up crying. we had a huge fight on my birthday which was a month back. Ever since then he seems to complaining of severe depression and that he hasnt been able to sleep and said he wanted some space. after two days he calls me and tells me that he is ending this relationship for good and that he hates me. he even said that he will be looking out for girls from april to get married too. I was shattered and i honestly didnt know what was going on. a week later he calls me again and says he was sorry and he cant live without me. I took him back but i was tooo hurt to heal so quickly and accept that he wanted me. it wasnt even three days when got into yet another fight. he then withdrew and stopped talking to me. i later get a call from his boss and his boss who is way older than us, said that its best i move on. I FEEL SO TORN APART . i dont even know why he did this to me. i dont know what is the actual reason for the break up. i loved him so much that in my mind we were already married. i saw him like my husband. why would a guy do this to me? i request him to meet me one last time in april when he comes here, but he bluntly refused. I REAALLY DONT KNOW WHY THIS HAPPeNED. i tried way to hard to make this work. something in me says he loves me. the other half tells me ive been only manipulated and kicked around like a football in and out of his life. I NEED SOME ADVICE.



February 26, 2015 @ (UK)

Tags: Bad break up, wierd break up

Okay.. here we go...
Everything was great in my relationship we had been together for 9 months and known each other since we were babies- our mothers used to have play dates!
One Tuesday night, he seems a bit strange. This was wierd, a bit distance, I id never seen him like this ever before and I was going to call him on it but the moment passed. Before he dropped me home he said how he hoped we were going to be together forever and how he never wants to let me go.
The next day - Wednesday I arrange to see him to see if he's ok because the previous evening had made me think.
We go out for a drink, we sit there and he says we should end.
I was stumped!!!
He said we just have to end and he was soo sorry and how this was the hardest thing he's ever done and that he still didn't know if he had done the right thing.....
I was so shocked.
Out of the blue.
This was my first proper relationship, first love and now first break up?!
I managed to hold it together till he dropped me off home (the most awkward car ride I have ever experienced) we hugged in the car, I get inside my house and then totally break down, I cried for hours. No exaggeration.
Well that was a year ago, we still see each other - in the same volunteering program - but haven't said a word to each other.
It was just so wierd. He started going out with this girl in September, they got engaged in December and are getting married in June.
Still wierd though.



February 09, 2015 @ (Conneticut)

Tags: bad break up

I'm a girl, i was dating a girl for months. Then we split up alot, she cheated,lied. Etc. And i still thought she was worth it. One day, she came over and said she had to leave early to go to the doctors. But before that she has been talking talking to a diffrent girl and fliting. I asked her about it. she didnt wanna talk about it. And left. That day we broke up "all my fault" and i cried for days and days when she was flirting with my bestfriend. Turns out the girl i asked about likes me. Sorry. I still love her though.



November 01, 2014 @ (Berlin)

Tags: Bad break up

Well me and my boyfriend were together for over 4 years. Like many people say the first year was great we were always happy we loved spending time with each other every second of everyday. Then things started to change. He became distant and he never seemed interested in seeing me or talking to me. I started not to feel right about our relationship but I was desperate to be with him. I found out that he was cheating on me for 3 months straight! I was devastated and I didn't know what to do because I had such strong feelings for him. He never apologized for cheating but I took him back anyway. Our relationship has been rocky this whole entire time' for 3 years. He is constantly comparing me to the girl he cheated on me with. He's always pointing out everything that I do wrong and he never let's me be myself. Everything is always blamed on me. He's broken up with me again for someone else and again I took him back. He break up on average every 2 weeks and I hate it. I always feel terrible I always feel at fault. Days go by that he will just ignore me. I want this relationship to work so bad but he won't put any work forward it's always me. I'm not sure what to d anymore.


13 With A Broken Heart

October 31, 2014 @ (timor leste )

Tags: bad break up

I was going out with this girl for 3 weeks she came up to me at school and told me that she loved me. She also told me that people have been saying that I loved her too which I still do. they were mostly my best friends who told her. She was very shocked and happy at the same time. She came up to me and said I love you and i asked her out the very next day. I was very happy and so was she. Everybody in school said we looked really cute together.

The third day I told a friend of mine that I was dating her because he didn't know. He started blackmailing her to break up with me or he'll tell the head of the school. We had a rule of dating is not allowed in our school for some reason. My friend turned out to be my enemy, he liked her too that's why he blackmailed her. When i got home from school I went in Facebook and then she told me that she is breaking up with me. It's been a week and 1 day now i am heart broken.... :'(



October 11, 2014 @ (Malaysia)

Tags: bad break up, sad break up

The second year of school i was scared... to be in a new class. The first year i never have friends i was always alone always getting bullied. the second year im scared it might be worst.. but.. i met a girl who was so kind and caring for me.. 2 months past we cared each other as friends. its time i told her i loved her.. and on the day she accepted it because she was in love with me also. we been through a lot together. we are always together to fix anything together. one day she started to change into a diffrent person. she dont care me like how she use to she dont love me like how she use to. but i told her i will always love her with all my heart and never leave her. she said she wont give up on us and will be forever with me. we promise each other. one day she said maybe we should break up..she said sorry i give up on us.. sorry i break our promise.. that day.. i never believed in forever anymore.. i cried everyday.. and she was so happy without me. she flirts with other boys. then.. we started talking again.. we got back together again.. after a week the last day of school i told her i will make her happy again. that night i said sweet things and told her how beautiful she was. we had a awesome night. then.. we went to bed. tomorrow her mum found out we where dating she couldnt accept it.. and my GF said sorry i have to leave.. but she said why when she was with her ex her mum accepted it... she said maybe because im not chinese.... and she said.. at least we are friends... everything went crashing down. she started being happy again with out me. i started being alone again.. no friends.. nothing.. and she saved me when i was in a dark room.. she light up my room but now she left.. its worst then before.. i tot we could be married... and.. Grow old together... i wanted to call her.. she said maybe tomorrow.. then tomorrow i ask can i call she pretend she didnt hear it.. and we stop talking.... i just needed.. the phone call.. to tell her how much i love her.. before she leave.. but.. i didnt get that call..



October 04, 2014 @ (Australia)

Tags: Bad break up, sad break up

Year 9:
I met him on a train, he went to my brother school.
September 17th 2012, he asked me out.

Year 11:
Almost two years, we were the strongest couple in our school, he was kind, caring, perfect, we won prince and princess at our school formal.
I often overreacted at some stuff, and whenever i did i would always pull the "lets break up then" card, but we always worked them out, always! We were so tight, and he was so clingy and i loved that about him.
Then one day we had a fight, we were skyping and he shared screens with me and it was porn, and then he quickly hung up and said "i don't know how it got there." I wasn't mad, just upset, i couldn't even satisfy my own boyfriend, my self esteem dropped i guess. He knew i was upset and kept asking if i was mad, and i chucked the "lets take a break then" card. I regret it.
He didn't even fight for me.
He texted me a day before my birthday that "I hurt him too much" and he "couldn't handle it" 5 days before our 2 year anniversary.

To think that they guy who planned your whole future together, told you where he was going to propose, how many kids you two were having, break up with you, yeah. that sucks.

Am I in the wrong? Ah, im so confused.



September 23, 2014 @ (Tampa )

Tags: Bad break upj

Well I met this boy in high school a year and a half ago, he wasn't even the tipe of guys I would go for, we were complete opposites, but we became good friends for about two months and started dating. We hit it of so well it was one of my most amazing loves. Through out our relationship there was this girl that would always want contact him and I never trusted her, me and him would have disputes everytime she messaged him it never stopped. When I told him to block her on facebook she had a tumbler with a nudes picture of her self and she massaged him through there as well, when I found that I told him to delete it. I thought finally she would stop. Anyways one day he comes home and just breaks up with me no reason or explanations I was shocked so heartbroken. And I couldnt help but think it was because of her.. The next day I texted him and Told him I would pick him up from work to talk, we did and he treated me like he'd never shared a life with me. A complete jerk! All he kept saying was "I need time" and he claimed to still love me. He even said that after time passes he would make up his mind about us, giving me false hope. All for what? I couldn't take it anymore, decided to hack all his social medias and it turns out had been talking to this girl months before. This girl is honestly the lowest of the lowest, and he completely disgust me. I thought so high of him, believing his every promise and it turn out he's was just a liar. And would drop me all for some girl that told him showed him and promises to do all sorts of nasty things to him. i wish he would have broken up with me before starting all these things with this girl. Thats what hurt the most. All this happened behind my back. I'm glad I get to move on and not have to worry about him because honestly he's not even the list not worth it anymore.


Henry Lee

August 10, 2014 @ (Singapore )

Tags: Bad break up nasty person

I meet my first serious gf at uni thru mutual friends. We really clicked and we dated and became a couple about 3 months later. She told me her last serious relationship was 2 years ago. Then 5 months after we first met, she told me that she had broken up with someone 4 weeks before she met me. And that she needed space of course. To cut a long story short , she broke up with me soon after. I was heart broken feeling sad and also very angry . I felt she tricked me into investing emotionally into her. I loved her and thought she could be my wife .
I went no contact to heal . The first few months were bad . Insomnia, severe low mood . I wept and cried daily . After 4 months, I began to feel better. Then our mutual friends started telling my ex was sorry she lied and then told me the truth later and yada yada. I wanted so much to ask why tell me the truth 5 months into dating if she was sure of her feelings? But I thought nay forget it she does not even have the courage to speak to me in person. So I told our mutual friends not to relay messages for her. When I began dating again 8 months later , my ex gf tried to speak to me. I shut her down completely . Then she stared rumours . I met my next gf and future wife 18 months after the breakup.


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