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June 28, 2017 @ (United States)

Tags: Hurtful breakup

I met this guy on a site called we talked for about two weeks before meeting. We hit it off and began seeing eachother. Well about 3 weeks ago (early June 2017) we go on a long road trip and he brings up that he not only wants us to keep saying but he wants us to be exclusive. This made me very happy. I was shocked by this because most times it's the girl that brings this stuff up. So after we became exclusive, I noticed that he didn't want me around that much. He kept saying he was meeting his "buddies to hang out. Well on a Saturday, he asked me to come over after I got off work. I went over and we snuggled up in bed and talked for a while. I went to get me a drink at the gas station and got him an energy drink. I return, not gone 30 min, and he says his boss came by and wants him to go help him with some stuff. He then says he has plans to go see a "buddy in kansas. I was upset that I couldn't spend time with him. He told me I could stay at his place and help myself to what ever. He leaves. He texts me while he's gone asking how I'm doing and such. Then around 6p he texts me and says "you need to leave. My landlady is coming by." I told him I would stay to let her in. He says nothing. I knew in my guy what was up. So I put his dog in the kennel and leave. I let him know I'm gone and his all sweet to me about it. He promises to come by my place later. Of course he doesn't because a "buddy" needs a place to stay because his power went out. He calls me and talks all sweet. I still knew in my gut... the next day I get up and drive by his place...there was the car of another female. I go home, highly upset and text him about how he made me feel knowing he was cheating and why would he bother telling me he wants to be exclusive when he had no intention to do it himself. He never said a word. I've logged into the site I've met him at and he's still logging on. I guess it's true, leopard never changes his spots. He did all of this knowing I was still mourning the loss of my mom, who passed in January. I talked to him about her and everythng. And he still chose to hurt me like this.



October 25, 2016 @ (1311 willingham drive)

Tags: bad, upsetting

so me and him kinda was dating..rn im in pain im more depressed then freshmen year i started liking him never talked to him till my 10th gr year which is rn im a 10th grader and he is a he talked to me thats how it started we got to know each other more and more and then we started with kissing each other hugging holding hands taking pictures together matching etc...he would write me these love letters i still got them although wen i reread them im always breaking down into tears...he asked me to homecoming we went we had a whole argument he was being mean and i was acting up bcus i started feeling depressed i didnt tell him bcus i didnt wanna ruin our special night but he even told me i did ruin it and i was sorry for being a bitch to him bcus of my we talked still we werent official even tho i had been wanting to b with him since last year..we had our first slow dance and my god i sung to him it was real special to me i was really happy..he made me real happy he made me feel special and i loved his personality and i started falling for him...i fell so hard that i considered him as my bf to my friends and me and him laughed and did lots together he would give me piggy ride backs and hickies and every time we met after every class and wallked each other to class and i appreciated him i gave him my devotion i gave him everything i had i did everything for him i did what i could to make him happy and i gave him all my support i motivated him to b a better person to do good in skool and b someone in life i believed in him.ppl kept telling me shit about him i didnt wanna believe them bcus i trusted him but all this time he was stabbing me on the bac and did hurtful shit to me it hurt me but i still stayed with him i stayed after he had hurt me i kept forgiving him time after time he kept fucking up and he promised he wasnt gunna fuc up and he did multiple times and i forgave him all the time..then he was telling me he loved me and shit and how he missed me and that he was loyal to me wen wasnt he was having me looking stupid out here wen i was defendin him and believing all his lies..



August 08, 2016 @ (Philippines)

Tags: bad break up

we were co workers before, actually the first time I saw him I already have a crush on him. he's handsome, chinito, he has a cute smile. but sadly his friend also our co worker courted me. they were friends thats why every time paul(my ex.) see's me he always making fun of me. but I always ignore him..... then a month ago he resigned, I also resigned in that company. lonnie(the one who courting me) and I became in a relationship for 6 months then he cheated on me. then after 2 months I decided to search for paul's facebook account then poof I found it. then he accepted my request. he's asking how is me what happened to my life to me and loonie. I answered his questions then he's so sad to hear that me and loonie ended up like that. he said he's there for me, If i could just give him a chance to love him he'll his best. I asked him why? he said he likes me, I never expect that because way back then I am not that so beautiful so I never thought that he would like me. he insists so I gave him a chance to court me. he seems to nice and true, so I decided to end his courting and make him my boyfriend. we were so happy, like I thought he's the one. everything seems to be perfect. but suddenly this girl came and he decided to break up with me.... I asked him why he said he loves her. he's willing to sacrifice what we have just for her..... my world seems to be broken. it hurts seeing him happy with.. after a month I heard they were separated because the girl left him... that is the most hurtful thing, he sacrifice ours for bitch now he's broken we're both broken... as much as i wanted to be with him, i need he need to be heal... i still love him despite of what he does :(



July 10, 2016 @ (California)

Tags: Bad breakup, hurtful, sad

I've always had trust issues with him and have anxiety attacks about things he's done. I looked at his phone one day and saw a bra pic of his ex and I was so hurt I texted him being really upset. He then dumped me through text because he said I stressed him out and that I complained about nothing. He was my first real love too so that really sucked.



February 28, 2016 @ (Usa)

Tags: Bad breakup,

I was head over heals for a guy in 2 of my classes. Being a super shy girl I didn't think we'd ever be together. Through a class project he asked to be partners then later from there we started dating. Literally happiest time of my life. We did everything together and we both agreed it felt like we'd be together for months and months because we clicked so well. 3 weeks into the relationship he broke up with me over text. His reason was that he may be transferring to another city to play football his junior year of highschool. Even though we are only sophmores and still and have 5 months before he would have to leave, he still decided he wanted to end things. He said some pretty hurtful things in the messages too. He hasn't talked to me in person since the day BEFORE we broke up, which wasn't even a week ago. Should i confront him about this or just leave things the way they are?



January 23, 2016 @ (Lost in this world)

Tags: Hurtful

Today I decided I was giving up on him. Trying too hard hurts too much. Specially knowing and feeling that he wasn't trying at all. I love him. I'll always will. But I just can't do it on my own :'(
I tried explaining in a text. He didn't care to answer. I felt him gone long ago. I just wasn't ready and still am not



November 20, 2015 @ (Canada)

Tags: Bad break up, spaz, ex, boyfriend, cheating, girls, teen, feelings, tattoo

I dated this guy for about 3 months... I know not that long; but he was my first boyfriend. He treated me good at first and feel in love instantly. He proceed to talk to me about marriage, meeting his parents, and a whole life together. I have trust issues and I get attached way to easily. So one day I was scared because my ex wasn't texting me or calling me all day (he never does that) I cried myself to sleep thinking he was dead in a ditch and not even his parents knew where he was. The next day he texts me saying SHUTUP and calm down. He swear and told me to leave him alone. I broke up with him cause I did not deserve his spaz. After he texts me later telling me he was out with girls having fun and laughing and how the girls made him feel much better then I did ( he even got a tattoo of that night). He didn't care about my feelings and proceed to say hurtful things. So that's my break up and even though I'm the one who ended it, I am the only one hurting.


The Truth

May 09, 2013 @ (Louisiana)

Tags: Thruth, online

For the past 2 years I've been in an online relationship. My ex would always make sure I would never dishonor her trust in any way or shape. So I I'd just that for these two years. This year was my hardest year yet. With personal issues, college, and general life matters knocking at my door, I have been through hell. Then I notice my ex starts acting funny. I ask her what is wrong and she refuses to tell me. I guess if she has feelings for someone else and she said yes. Then proceeded to put said person above me and even defend him when it hit the fan.

I can never claim to be perfect. And I never will claim to be perfect. However, to have that happen on top of what has occured for me this year has wounded me immensely. I tried to reconcile and stop the eventual break up though. By constantly apologizing if only to allow us to be together again. Yet she would just blame my faults on her extremely poor and hurtful choice, and never once apologized for it or asked to work through it. Eventually I realized how dead I was to her and broke it off. The truth is that my decision was necessary because what would stop her from doing it again? More over, what would it take to feel remorse? Should I have to deal with all that with everything I've dealt with this year? So I broke it off and look towards my future. A future with family, friends, and in time, a girl I can give my heart to that deserves it. Not someone who admits the truth then lies right there after to hide the shame brought upon it.

My ex was too immature to understand how much she hurt me. By blaming me for her mistakes instead of being a woman and owning up to them, she brought this on herself. Just because she does not value herself to admit the truth does not mean the truth does not exist. I plunged my hands into the filth, while she jumped into it and refused to leave it. I cannot be with someone like that. As much as it hurts to admit it I can't, because I would have never done that to her. No matter how bad I have felt. I would have never betrayed her.



June 17, 2012 @ (dothan, alabama)

Tags: broken heart

im having a hard time getting over this girl i love. im 16 and she is 15 and we met at a friends house. i didnt think much of her because she was soooo beautiful and i didnt think i had a chance with her because i am a very humble person. we started "talking" for about 2 weeks and we started liking each other. she asked me to come to her house, we connected and i asked her out. one day though she started acting funny and i asked her what was wrong. she was texting her ex boyfriend very frequently that day and she was putting status's on facebook that were hinting that she was thinking about breaking up with me. she said she wanted to work things out and i did too but she said she wanted to work things out after i broke up with her. i loved her soooo much i was willing to throw away what i had with her just so i could see her happier with someone else. she got a boyfriend two days after i broke up with her and she post pictures of her and him on facebook all the time. he is 17 and is a taller, more handsome guy than i am. she talks to me almost every day still but all she talks about is how happy she is with him. its so hurtful to know i couldnt make her happy and i love her so much but she loves someone else. i dont know how to get over her and i have frequent vivid dreams about me kissing her and being with her. she says she still likes me but i cant have her making me fall for her again when she has a boyfriend. its unhealthy for me. if anyone has advice on how to get over her please comment. thank u for taking the time to read this


Bob David

May 03, 2012 @ (san diego)

Tags: Acceptance

We met when I was 21 and she was just turning 18, a little over 5 years ago. There was instant attraction and our relationship advanced quickly. I knew deep down that neither of us were mature enough to be in a long term committed relationship, but we stuck together anyways. There were a lot of good times, fun memories, amazing sex and we were always there for eachother through the ups and downs. About two years into the relationship there were multiple infadelities-- she started sleeping with one of my good friends behind my back and I had slept around with more than 1 girl. Despite this huge blow to our trust and relationship, we stuck together after we came clean with each other on what we had done. In hindsight I know that we stuck together because we were attached and had some form of needyness with each other. I feel weak to admit that, but I honestly just felt attached and couldn't let her go despite the fact that we had both hurt each other severely and that we deserved better. I knew in my heart at the time that I should have let her go, but my impulsive needyness forced me to hold on to a relationship that had become toxic. Since then we tried to rebuild the foundation of trust in our relationship, but we were fighting an uphill battle and there was just too much insecurity and distrust towards eachother. A year and a half ago we moved in together, which was a big mistake. Things were ok on the surface, but deep down we both felt disconnected and unhappy with the relationship. Along the way we became very short tempered and irritated with eachother. She would yell and call me names, I would yell back and say hurtful things-- stuff you just don't do when you say that you love someone. I knew in my heart for a long time it was not right and that I needed to let go, but I just didn't have the courage to part company with her. I feel ashamed for having held on to something that I knew was not right for me. We broke up about 5 weeks ago after she did not come home one night. She told me she went out to party with her friends and stayed with a female co-worker, but my intuition told me otherwise. We both agreed that we were not right together and both needed to stand on our own two feet. We were together for 5 and a half years and although I know that it was not the right relationship for me I still feel a deep sense of loss an emotional pain. Despite having hurt eachother I had considered her my best friend-- we did everything together and wanted desperately to make things work. I have been trying so hard for the last 5 weeks to look at the reality of the relationship, but my mind keeps wanting to tell me that we could have made it work or that I should have been a better man. The fact is I was immature and acted with the level of maturity and awareness that I had at the time-- I think it's fair to say that she did too. I keep beating myself up over what I could have done differently and all the what if's, but it has only held me back from letting go and moving on. I am trying so hard to accept that it's over, but still find myself hoping for reconciliation in the future-- hope that is eating me up inside. I know that we both deserve better and that it cannot work. I am not one to share my personal story on an online forum such as this, but I started reading a book the other day that suggested I post about the breakup on this website. It has been helpful typing this story up and putting things into perspective. I think it's important that I look at my past relationship logically rather than feed off of my emotions. Anyways, I know my story probably sounds crazy or like I am a bad guy for having cheated, but I would appreciate any feedback. I am now 26 and have come to so many realizations in reflecting on the relationship. I really want to better myself and become the best man that I can be not only for myself, but so that I can have a healthy, loving relationship in the future. Most importantly I want to love myself so I never put myself in a toxic relationship again where I think that I don't deserve better. Anyways, stay strong to everyone that is going through similar heart break or emotional pain. Everyone keeps telling me it will pass-- I just hope that it does sooner than later!


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