Eldon Matashaw

December 30, 2011 @ (Lebanon Missouri)

Tags: love, marriage, god

I am lost in my heart and my soul. I am very active in my church and I spend a great deal of time proselytizing to help bring others to Christ. Ever since I was 14 our minister has taken a special hand in my learning of Gods will and ways. He even encouraged me to date his adopted daughter Svetlana after he brought her here from Russia. A couple of years later, Pastor Williams encouraged me to marry Svetlana even though we were both still in school. We were married when I was 16 and she was 14. I was nervous as I was a virgin on our wedding night and I wanted to take it slow but Svetlana was very insistant that we have sex. We made love once, then she never wanted to do it any more. 6 months later our beautiful daughter Kima was born, 8 lbs 4 ounces and looked just like her mother. Pastor Williams was so helpful always offering to look after my wife and baby when ever he sent me out to spread the word of God. I had to leave school, because Pastor told me God spoke to him and said I was to be his beacon in the land to guide folks to his eternal love. I was often gone from home for many days and sometimes weeks as Pastor gave me instructions on where to spread His word. One day I was traveling near our home town, so I decided to stop in to see my family. When I went in to our trailer, I found my wife and Pastor Williams asleep in our bed. I could see they were both naked. I was so confused and I left without saying anything. A few days later, I talked to Pastor about it and he said the two of them had been praying and speaking in tongues. They had both been so posessed by the spirit, they chose to bare themselves to the Lord. He assured me that they had not engaged in fornication and that they both were just so exhausted they fell asleep. I believed him because I know he would never lie as it is a sin. Well, last week I found out Svetlana is pregnant again and her and I have not had sex since our wedding night. When I asked the Pastor for guidance, he told me I needed to "man up" and take care of my family. He explained to me that some women can carry a mans seed for years and have several children from only one mating. But then a sister in the church told me that she knew Pastor and my wife were committing adultry and that Pastor is actually the father of my Kima and my unborn child. I dont know who to believe, but I am so hurting in my soul. I think this may be the Lord testing me, or perhaps Satan trying to destry another of God's unions. I asked Svetlana to be truthful with me, and she just left and went to tell Pastor that I am being sinful in mistrusting her. I got on the internet to seek answers and somehow wound up on this site. I see so much pain here, and somehow feel kinship with it. But I also want you all to know, God loves you all, and he wants only your happiness. God has a plan. May he bless us all, Amen.



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January 20, 2012

um omg... i mean like omg.. omg.. OMG!-no offense to god but this is just fcked up. davins right, you gotta get out of there.i dont know much about beliefs and such but this is wrong this pastor guy has been misleading you and sleeping with your wife/ his daughter...that is mor than adultery..this is sick. i suggest you leave immediately get a divorce ..do whatever the heck you need to do..and think this over deeply without the concept of wether or not this was gods plan.. think for yourself this time..um i dont know what else to say ..i mean i would fly out of the country by now and cut off all my connections with these people..if one apples bad..the whole barrel is bad..you cant trust them..im sorry but you need to grow a brain and realize that this is wrong and i dont care what your religion is. this is just plain sick.LEAVE THESE PEOPLE!



January 20, 2012




January 09, 2012

This is an extremely messed up situation. You seem like a very nice person. I dont know if it is in your religion but I would get out of that marriage and that church as soon as possible. This is gross that these people have taken advantage of you in such a way. I think that you should let someone know about the pastor being with his "daughter" because that is definately not right. This is gross, I would get out as soon as possible. That is all.



January 01, 2012

Its the Pastors baby. Both of them.


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