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January 16, 2011 @ (Arizona)

Tags: Mike, suicide girl

I just ended a relationship with the worlds most gullible man. I used to work as a personal assistant for his fiance Jessica, but when Mike used this website to break up with her, she hung herself because she miscarried. Course, Mike freaked out when he found out she was dead and she had been carrying his baby. He used the money she left him to go on a weeks long booze and drug binge. Not a real surprise to me, cause I used the lure of some good weed to get his ass back to my house on Halloween and make him believe I was pregnant with his kid. I knew he would act like the ass he was and break up with Michelle, and I knew that would make Michelle fall apart 'cause she was a mentally fragile wall flower, desperately in need of attention. After she killed herself on New Years Eve, Mike left me all her things and went and got high. He spent two days at her grave, drinking and getting high. Now I just left him at rehab and and cleaning out his apartment. Bye "M&M" lol, thanks for the new car, clothes and job!


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