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Colson Anderson

February 28, 2024 @ (Bexhill )

Tags: Losing my love of life

I meat my partner 7 years ago as her builder after two months we became partners it took me 10 months to rebuild the house for witch I loved doing I only saw her weekends. We had a lovely house.then she moved in after a week or so we were watching tv. And then she started to rock in the chair I did not say everything I just put my hand on her back and she stopped. Then as time went on she would do mor strange things she was constantly on her phone playing games it was sometimes hard to have a conversation when it come to the bedroom it became a no go when it come to love making I only had to touch her and she would complain so I said if this is going to happen then we should stop and we did for the rest of our time together. I did not mind as sex is over important to me .I still loved he very much.we then sold the property and moved in to a new house witch I also turned in to a nice house. As time went on she done more strange things so I took on my self to look it up on the website.all the things she would do and the way she would treat me and the way she talks to me was heading towards being on the spectrum I would try and talk about it and she did not want to no and it got worse .and the last year the jungle was on tv Friday night ant and deck as from tomorrow we will be voting off so I sad who do you think will go first and she I don’t know you are watching it not me ion a bad tone of voice I had seven years of this and I sad something I should not of said I was so up set with my self for saying what I sad. It upset her so much that she wanted me out of the house.that was in October it’s turned out she is allistic so I was right I tried to talk about it but she wouldn’t she never wants to see me again. When an allistic person gets something in their head that’s it. I loved her and still do so much what I said was wrong but I had this for seven years and I would go back tomorrow if I could .we all need to talk if we don’t how can we work it all out. I’m 69 and now I have lost the one I loved so much. And I don’t want to go on anymore being alone is not good for the soul.


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