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May 23, 2024 @ (banglore)

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a day i was scrolling reels i have a habit of giving likes to the reels without watching it fully ,so the same day i liked a reel of a boy so imediately he gave me request and i accepted it and repied to his msg he asked some regular information obot me like name, std, place such things then he asked me whether im single or commited , i told im single then he asked for my photo and told me he have a good friend who got recently broked up and he told me he will give me a intro of his friend then i asked for hid friends id he told his friend is not in ig so he gave me his num and told me to give him a missed call ,it was 9pm my parents were very strict even though i called him e spoke about an hour it was a general talk we were frd and i dint have any feeling on him i had a very good friend feeling we were being friends for week i had no clue that he is going to prpose me it was october 11 the same day i got my exams over and my parents went out so i was free and taking with him suddenly he proposed me i was laughting and thought he was pranking but he told im searious and i told him i have only friend feeling on you he told me he will be true to mei asked him time but he declined to it and told me ans it immediatly i was thinking for a long ans acepted it, he was taking very good care of me ,i did everthing for him even i was a student i had no money i would borough from my frds and buy him food whenever he asks me i had no clue that he is cheating on me ,1 mnth went , i had a plan of meeting he was about and 500km along and he told me come to his place to meet him i took leave and went to his place i belived him a lot and went and i only brought money to eat and guy things he also used me for mre things then it was late to home so i hurried and went home,then he wae not talking to me properly i use to may him for his semester exams i had never asked him anything , next month he called me fot buying drss for him i went to hid place and i bought dress for him in my money then i came home back the same evening he called me and told that he was not feeling well i told him to take rest , next day i messaged him i didnt reply 4 days went we didt speak then he texted me that he s admitted n hospital i asked hospitals name to go and he scoled me not to come so i told him take care and he aslo asked money for medicines i begged to my and family and sent him then every day i use to message him he will be in online and will not see my msg ,tehn suddenly a day i saw his account in ig i called him he didnt attend next day he called me i asked about him health andd he told he is still in the hospital, then i asked why u didit reply for my message he told me i didint take my phone for a month just now i took my phone and saw ue missed call then i asked about his ig he told m i dont have ig then i sent him the screenshot of his id he told my frd is using my id but he posted reels and ther was a highliht named as ammu and some love story then i get to know that he is in an relationship really he was very healthy but he lied me that he was sick after i get to know he is cheating i broked up with him .. he used for money on his birthday i saw his story after breaking up hisfrds are wishing him and saying him to be happy with his loved once i dont know what is the happiness you have in cheating others i could move on still now its been a year , i trusted him andloved him to the infinity did everything took risks for him it was just a 3 months relationship but still i couldnt move on been a year.


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