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November 15, 2013 @ (Hollywood, FL)

Tags: THE WORST BREAKUP, facebook breakup

I was out of town for work. She told me that she was going to go out with friends. No big deal! Well, photos showed up on FB and I saw her in the background KISSING MY friend. Nothing worse than being hours aways and can't do anything...



November 17, 2009 @ (Northeast)

Tags: breakingup sucks, badly

I saw an interesting picture on facebook. a mutual friend just got around to posting their summer beach trip pictures. you know when you go back and look over the pix for the 2nd or 3rd time you look at the creepers usually in the background, well i found quite the creeper! It was my bf taking a body shot of some sluuut at a bar. After confronting him about that,he ending up confessing to sleeping with that same girl. WOW.... super pissed off. thank you facebook breakup!



November 10, 2009 @ (Cleveland)

Tags: cleveland, heartbreak, breakup, blaw

I got on facebook today to see on my feed that I was no longer in a relationship(sure was news to me). I click over to her profile to see that was now dating someone else. I got a text from her a short time later, I need to talk to you later. I didn't even answer her call. Facebook breakup, text message breakup all roll into one.



September 22, 2009 @ (ny)

Tags: newyork, life

another facebook breakup. found a pic of my now EX bf making out with my now EX friend. she was tagged in the photo and i found it in my feed. how lovely.


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