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June 10, 2014 @ (Not tellin')

Tags: Sad breakup, Racist dad

My boyfriend and I where so happy with eachother, and we would still be together if not for his racist father. My boyfriend first told his parents that we where dating a couple of days in our relationship. His fucking dad flipped out because I was half black. He made racist remarks and said that he was disappointed with his own son for dating a black girl. My boyfriends MOM on the other hand has a wide open mind. She was sorta happy for him and me. The problem was that my boyfriends parents where constantly fighting because of us dating. It got to the point where my boyfriend couldn't take it anymore. He was forced to break up with me. I could tell that he was heartbroken and hell I was too. Still am, I haven't heard from him since and it's been a couple of days.


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