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December 03, 2017 @ (North Carolina )

Tags: Fuck this

I liked this boy who I never talked to. One day my friend added him on instagram and we talked him. She added him on Snapchat and he told me to get one. She told him I liked him and I wanted to do things to him which was true. He was older than me. I liked him though. We started sexting every night. It got out of hand. He had a gf but he wanted me. We broke it off then started again. I like him and we keep doing it. I can't keep doing this though. I want more. He wants my body. I want his but I also..... idk anymore 😒



April 18, 2012 @ (ireland)

Tags: awkward

ok so about a year and a half ago me and my fiance were in a hostel trying to get our own place and it was in there we met a guy called brian hes a really good friend of ours but when we were in the hostel i thought i had feelings for him but i couldnt act on them because i was engaged (still am) but anyway one day my fiance was acting like he didnt want to be near me like he didnt want me anymore so i said fuck this and i decided to act on what i was feeling i knew he felt the same way because he was always trying to touch me and kiss me so when my fiance was in the kitchen making himself something to eat brian had said he wasnt gonna do anything until i ask him to so i told him how i felt and he kissed me before i knew it we were in bed together having sex anyway after he moved out we lost touch but today he calls me and we started talking again and everything was fine no one knew what happened between the two of us but he told me he has settled down with a girl who is 5 months pregnant and that she lives up where i used to live so i asked her name and straight away i recognised it i asked if she had a sister called valerie and she said yes thats when i was 100% sure who she was when i told him ask if she knows valeries husband daughter kyla and when she said yes i told her thats me he kept asking how i knew and i told him shes my auntie things got so awkward my best friend and accidental affair is getting married and having a baby to my auntie when she found out she laughed and she didnt know what to say but it was long before they ever met so i do feel really bad but i dont know whether i should be feeling bad or not p.s my fiance still doesnt know about it



October 13, 2009 @ (San Antonio, at the time)

Tags: example1

i come home from work and take a nap. me and my wife just had a baby so i was wrecked. i wake up from my nap to go into the living room to see my wife butt ass naked on cam. on the pc screen i see some dudes dick on cam. i guess they knew how to party. i look down and the baby was sleeping up next to her just out of cam range. she giggles and i say fuck this shit and leave to the bar with friends. i come home and ask her if she was all taken care of or something sarcastic like that. she tells me the baby wasnt mine (the baby was the only reason i married her) and that she was cheating on me (i figured that much). we split up that night. fuck that shit right? a few months later i get a letter from the state wanting me to pay child support. because of this i will never get married again. just not worth it.


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