July 05, 2015 @ (Uk)

Tags: #sad #horrible #heartbroken

I met this girl after I have just been out from a heart break relationship that lasted 3 years. Everything seemed perfect, we were so inlove and we literally spoke, seen eachother every single night. We never skipped a day for full two years. She literally was my everything, and I believed I was hers. Two months ago she started acting really weird and going out a lot at night (to party she said). I believed her but I always knew deep inside there was something wrong. She started to get so distant that I couldn't even reach her on her phone. Her parents kicked her out she said because she had a huge argument with them. I was so supportive, I called her and talked for ages to give her advice and even suggested to talk with her parents to convince them to take her in again. Days after that I get surprised she blocked me from facebook and Instagram, I was in shock and thought it was something wrong with my device, so I logged in with my friend's account to see her updated her new relationship with another girl. And posted their picture together with hash tag #Lover her my girl forever. I was deeply hurt and so heart broken that I couldn't eat for weeks and everytime I remember her or picture her with her new gf together made me literally sick. I couldn't smile, couldn't eat or do anything for weeks. Later that week I got my university results and I failed after two years of studying which made me feel even worse. I asked her why she did this to me and why couldn't she just respect me enough to tell me the truth from the start. Turned out her parents didn't even kick her out and it was all a play. Her bestfriend sent me a cruel long text telling me to leave her alone and that she doesn't want me anymore and called me every name in the book. I was so heart broken that I couldn't even speak or cry. She then tried to contact me after I left wishing her luck saying she still loves me and that her new girl was just a rebound. I believed her because I was desprate and talker to her again. At the end of that week she tells me that she broke her phone and that she can't talk to me until next week, and of course I didn't believe her considering all the lies she previously told me. I checked up her facebook and she updated a status of her meeting up her rebound girlfriend and them going camping for a week. I now cut her off completely, I ignore her texts and calls. I now am more grown up and ready to move on for good.



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August 21, 2015

I now am more grown up and ready to move on for good. That's ma man *thumps Up * You did the right thing be careful for your next relationship and don't let this stalker ruin it KEEP ignoring her



August 03, 2015

wow dude you so cool. but the story made me cry reminding me of my 4 years relationship


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