Ashley S

July 01, 2015 @ (il )

Tags: break up

I met this guy and we talked for years!! we started dating and we dated for 3 years!! I met this girl and she seemed really nice! We got to know each other better and just like that we became best friends!! I told my friend about her and she asked what her name was (my friend went to a different school) so i told her. I told her the girls name and what she looked like and how she acted. My friend from the other school knew her and told me that she breaks up couples! I didn't believe her so I went of on her and told her we couldn't be friends anymore! Im still dating the guy i have been dating for 3 years! I finally introduce my new best friend to my boyfriend. We grew to be so close the 3 of us. Little did I know my new best friend was stalking my boyfriend. They hooked up at my birthday party in my room on my bed. I walk in on the having sex and I scream!!! She said "Haha 58th girl that fell for that. Thank you for the new sex machine." I was devistated he dated her. He said she did a better job satisfying his sexual needs. I was heart broken! I was depressed in every way!! I couldn't believe that it was happening to me. I felt sick and couldn't look at myself in the mirror. I called my friend that told me about her! I told her how she was right about everything!! She didn't listen to me she said next time you will listen if you ever have a next time. She told me she never wanted to be my friend again. I said id kill myself before id be friends with you. I felt bad! I lost my best friend! My sister! Over this girl! I finally decided to text the girl and she said she was calling the cops. all I said was "hey" she sent 2 people to my house to beat me up. I was petrified. 4 months later my ex-boyfriend calls me and says he wants me back and said he messed up. I asked him what happened to him and the girl. He said she left him for someone else who had a girlfriend. I told him I would have to think. I invited him over and we walked to the girl my ex-bestfriend was talking to and trying to steal her boyfriend. I told her what happened and so did my boyfriend. She didn't believe us. I texted her after i heard that her boyfriend and her broke up. I asked if i could come over. She told me yes. I went over and we talked and we are now best friends! I decided to forgive my boyfriend but my best friend didn't for give hers. Her ex-boyfriend, was so upset he killed him self. I still miss my old best friend! I learned to listen to the people who care about me! And I always will!! me and my boyfriend are happy again and are going on 1 month.



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