May 15, 2015 @ (Ohio)

Tags: funny break up

So I had dating this guy for three years and one day he comes home with his best friend like usual and we hang out and I decide to go pick up some pizza so I leave. I drive to the nearest pizza hut and when I get there I realize I forgot my wallet so I drive back to grab it. When I open the door I see a shirt on the floor, I think nothing of it so I pick it up and as I walk closer to my bedroom I hear moaning and stuff. I open the door and J (my bf) and C (his best friend) are having sex. I first feel my heart break but at the same time I had a feeling the liked each other. I was upset but I got over it. We are all still friends and I'm getting married next week so yeah. They are engaged too.



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Breakup master

June 25, 2015

move on



May 28, 2015

Is C a guy or a girl?


Can't say my name

May 23, 2015

Good for them and Good for you


Monique C

May 17, 2015

I'm a stupid SPAMMER.


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