May 03, 2015 @ (bangalore)

Tags: sad

where to start form?i loved him so much it almost took my breath away when we broke up, we dated fr almost 2 years,well it's wasn't a mormal reltationship,he had another gf,i found out almost an year later,decided to leave him,but somewhere couldn't.i don't know weather I was wrong to stick around or I was too much in love?bt I never wanted him to break up wit her n move wit me,i always wated him to b wit a right the time goes on my feelings were getting stronger,but was stuck to move out,i tired to ignored I mean almost everything,but failed,i m not regreat to have meet him in my life,just sad he never was mine,at the we choose to broke up,i hope he will do grt without me,so will I,I wish nothong but the best for him.i



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