May 01, 2015 @ (Middle east)

Tags: Help

I meet a girl in my work anf i fall in love with her, she treated me very well first and every 15 min at my work she was calling me saying iam dying without you but later on she told me that she has a close friend he is a married guy older than her about 12 years and when i ask her to stop this friendship she feels angry saying i know him since 3 years and his wife my friend too, and she always disappear and just saying goodnight before she sleep, after 1 year we broke up then she called me about 9 times after 2 months from breakup but i ignored her and she send msgs saying why u r not answering i did nothing to you then i send msg saying i dont want u in my life even a friend but guys i feel pain from inside i need advices just to move on thxxx



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