Ally Marie

April 26, 2015 @ (Canada )

Tags: sad

My ex boyfriend and I started talking after we had played mw3 with mutual friends. we had never met before. At first it was only just texting like friends and then one night I just randomly told him.. whenever I like someone. I tell them. it kinda comes in handy sometimes. but anyways I said to him "look, I know we've never met and stuff but I kinda like you, I don't want to ruin things if you don't feel the same way so if you don't, let's forget about it." he replied with "only kinda..?" and I'm like "more than that". and he told me he felt the same way. we started dating January 17th 2015. we had been dating for maybe five days and my dad drove me to meet him at the movies. he walked over and shook my dads hand and we went to watch American sniper. he kept looking at me throughout the whole movie and smiling. I was so nervous so I kept biting my lip and giggling quietly. he had his arm around me and he kissed my cheek and my forehead a few times. he was so sweet and caring and I honestly fell in love with him. at the end of the movie. we made out and stuff but I had to leave because my dad texted me. once we got to our own homes we talked all night. he was the best guy I've ever met. I love him still more than I've ever loved myself. March 15 he went on vacation. we barley got to talk that day because he was on the plane. after that. a few days later I texted him saying hey and he just read it. so I just left it. the next day I still hadn't heard from him. not even the next. he would just read my messages. so I finally said "do you want to break up? I feel like you have lost feelings for me." he said no and that was it. on the 20th of March we broke up. he accused me of breaking up with him for saying "would it be best if we broke up because you don't seem happy and you seem distant." he got really mad and was like "wow. so we're over?" I said "no? I'm just asking you. I want to be with you". he just ignored it. so. after that there was a lot of fighting and mind games and he was being very rude and blaming me. we broke up after dating for two months. I know it was a short time but I was in love and he said he was too. now still, to this day. April 26th. we still talk. more so fighting rather than talking. he's put me through so much and I've gone to counselling because it's really hard to cope with it. he's called me so many names and I'm still so in love with him. Yes we are young. I'm turning 14 in June and on March 28th he turned 15. but I still love him and I don't find that love has an age. I know a lot of you may blame me for this like he did but yeah.



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