November 29, 2014 @ (Tampa FL)

Tags: brokenheart Badbreakup

Dylan and I were never an official couple. But we went on dates and met each others family. i could tell i was falling in love with him from the start. No one had ever made me feel how he made me feel. I went over to his house to have dinner with him and his family and the whole time i could feel something was wrong. After dinner he took me home and asked me how i felt about being his girlfriend and i told him id love that. He said he wasn't ready for it though so like why did he even ask me? So then he starts talking about how he's graduating soon and it was all just really depressing hearing about how he had to leave. We're standing in front of my house and i cant recall anything that we said to each other other than the fact that he was ending things. Even though it was over he still kissed me, and in my heart I knew there was nothing i could do to change his mind. I went to bed crying and as soon as i woke up for school i fell apart. I will never forget the feeling when my mom came in and started crying with me. Because of him I cant let anyone else in. He blamed the breakup on him not wanting to date anyone in high school as he was going to college but the thing that really gets me is finding out that only 1 week after we ended, he was going on dates with another girl in my grade.



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