The Struggle Is Real

November 18, 2014 @ (savannah, missouri)

Tags: #ithurts

we never really dated , he added me on facebook one day and we started talking. no friendship to start with nothing , he told me he was falling for me, and he wanted to be with me , it was like we was together , but we weren't he was mine and i was his , he said everyday , but we never really made it offical , he called me everynight since we started talking , he texted me good mornign every morning we'd talk for hours on the phone without loosing a smile , the way he made me feel when we talked with irreplaceable , he hasn't talked to me in days , and it hurts to think he's givin up on me , considering the fact that he told me he loved me and then up outta no where stops talking to me , i don't wanna assume anything , i dont know if he's done talking to me , if i did something wrong , or if something happened . i havent really been happy since he quit texting and calling ... i haven't been the same , i never really could have guessed this would have happened , things were great , we were going to good . and i feel like everyones givin up on me..



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