November 14, 2014 @ (Houston)

Tags: #confused #confused

we never really dated i guess you could say. he said we did but ever exactly made it official. i like him a lot to the point where i get so jealous when hes around another girl. No im not a jealous freak but i could at least have some respect when i tell him that i don't like that. anyways, not the xcase. We never had a freind ship to start with but it never was a ok your cute i like you no we talked i fell. and they did warn m,e he was a player. but did i happen to listen? nope, i ignored it and as he told me "they just cant stand to see us together." Well turns out he had a girl he was always kissing holding hands and hugging and callin her beautiful and sexy and babe and baby. (we known each other for a year or so vbut never really kissed just held hands and a hug and flirt) i didnt find this pout till today anyways planning to end this "relationship" monday. itz sunday btw so goodbye for now at leasty



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