November 12, 2014 @ (Melbourne)

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Hi I am gonna break up soon. It is just about on its way. I could not say this guy is my boyfriend because we never in any kind of relationship. We are not girlfriend and boyfriend. We are not in an open relationship. We are not in partnership. Do you think we could call it non string sex relationship ? But we are for beyond this. I would not go for non string sex relationship with someone for more than 3 years. Will you? We love each other we have to break up because too many issues : age difference culture parents ...Honestly speaking he could not make me satisfied at all. Oh well what the hell... I have been thinking sex life does not really matter and I do enjoy the period of time he make my mind in peace. I think I should say thanks to him for giving me more that 3 years peaceful time. He does not wanna listen to his parents to get married as he said. Well also as he said he was not into marriage and kids. It seems like that we are really in common on these views. Anyway he said he could not leave his parents so I am the one he is gonna to leave. Mom's boy right? If I knew it He was mom's boy from the beginning I would not go further breaking up now. Ehem nothing to be regreted anyway I love him I have been loving him and I am still in love him It sounds very stupid for sure. However I am the one who believes still there must be Sth forever oh my god stupid again Anyway that is my story. By the way we are meeting up tonight. Sry guys my break up story to be continued ...



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