November 04, 2014 @ (New York)

Tags: #ehh #hurts

I've been dating this girl who is of a different race. We've dated for 1 year but we still stayed together until about a month ago. She cheated on me as soon as we dated and I didn't find out til 4 months later when she told me that we didn't seem like we'd stick. I stayed with her but after 7 months, I cheated on her and tried to be with this other girl. It failed and when I apologized to my gf, we had our first time of sexual intercourse. She'd always be obsessed about us having mixed babies. About a month ago, I tried to hang out with her but I couldn't. We didn't talk for 2 days and I found out she has a bf and that he already has sex with her. I hung out with her and she was rubbing me and trying to be close with me but I told her to back off. We still talk about us even tho she has a bf



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