September 05, 2014 @ (California )

Tags: Sad breakup

It was my Junior year of high school and his sophomore year, we met through an activity that we loved greatly. At first I didn't really notice him until one day he came up to me and randomly asked for my was the first time that ever happened to me. He was cute but I didn't think anything of it since I was caught up with another boy who was a complete asshole in the end (dummy). So we became good friends, but eventually he'd fall in love with me but I wasn't sure if I wanted a boyfriend. Well senior year started and we went on a trip, we ended up holding hands randomly, I started to realize that he was someone I wanted to be with and I was ready to invest myself into someone. That night we shared an amazing kiss under the stars and our friends actually clapped with joy. We were together for 7 months, never argued, we were happy, so happy that I actually believed he was the one. He was my best friend, my happiness. Well once I graduated he started putting space between us, I began to be very depressed. After a few weeks he didn't think it would work. I told him we could make it work but he chose the easy way out and let me go. It pains me that he didn't want to go into this new chapter in my life with me because he promised he'd never leave. I'm still grieving after 3 long months, hopefully I can be happy again but only time heals wounds.



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