July 08, 2014 @ (Granger, Indiana)

Tags: Blindsided Breakup

I had met her about two years ago at school. She was new in town since she just moved from Colorado. After about a year later I started getting invited to her parties and to her house to watch a movie or something. For the sake of privacy her name will be Rosie. We had only begun to be serious about Fall of 2013. I had committed to seeing her father monthly to talk with him about her. There was one problem. Rosie's family was a strong Christian family while I always had trouble with faith so I retained an Atheist standpoint. However, I was accepted by her family as long as I tried to adapt a Christian lifestyle. I blindly accepted the task and was given permission to date her. Now, I had issues at the time. I hadn't been able to see a purpose in life and constantly thought about suicide. Once I told her she helped me through it and those thoughts left me alone. We would sit on the school balconies holding hands as she talked me through it. We officially started dating on January 20th, 2014. Everything seemed fine with us. And I like to think that it was. Those times were the best in my life. I was convinced that even though it doesn't happen, she would be my first and my last. Oh how I was wrong. We had our first argument about a week ago so around July 1st or 2nd. I was in Europe at the time so I couldn't talk with her face to face. The issue was that I was a constant pessimist. That she couldn't be happy when she was with me. I didn't understand since I always had a negative view on events. I told her that once I get back that we would meet and make amends. So we did. Yesterday. July 7th, 2014. She came over to my house and we had a great time. At the end of the day we talked about what was wrong. I asked if I could have time to work on it and I was granted it. Then her phone buzzed letting know her parents were on their way. She sighed and looked at me. Right then she dropped the bomb. "I think we should break up". I couldn't move anymore. The day had been great, I had been as positive as I could be. I was calm. I asked why. "I can't be happy with you and I can't be with someone who has different views as I do". I was shocked. Then the pleading began. Everything I said was shut down. Then her third and final reason arose, "I feel like I'm replaceable in your life". After all we had gone through it was unbelievable. Then I knew that this was her parents doing. Before I could say anything more she was out the door. I ran to the other room where I had a gift from Europe for her, I wanted her to take it. So I wouldn't have to hold on to it, but once I made it out of the door she wasn't there. Dumbfounded, I sat on the front porch and cried. Like I never had before. She left me with the lingering questions of why I didn't get a second chance and what went wrong today. Since I haven't been able to sleep tonight, I read up on the worst kinds of break ups. I found my own at number one, the blindsided break up. She had been convinced since we argued that I wasn't the one and I was led to believe everything was alright before I was shot with some of the worst words you'll ever hear. That same day...she held my hand, hugged me, and said that she loved me.



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