July 03, 2014 @ (Atlanta, GA)

Tags: #bad breakup #jerk #heartbreaker #immature #coward

Basically, I was dating this guy for a year. We gave our virginity to each other. We said "I love you". (We were in college btw...I'm 23) We met each other's family. We were both each other's most serious relationship. He acted like he was head over heels in love with me....he would say it and show it. Anyway, we were serious......then he breaks up with me.....doesn't really give me a reason.....Oh! and he does it while we are at my parents' house during Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays....I had to drive him back to the apartment to get his things. He leaves. I never heard from him again. My friends (who were his friends too......oh he basically broke up with them as well) tried to ask him to give me more explanation or something because I wasn't handling it well.....and he said, "She can mess up her life is she wants. It's not my problem". He's now in a relationship with a new girl. And you may ask, is this a habit of his? Well, he has had a decent number of girlfriends before. I'm the only one he has done this to. There are sooooo many more details involved in this story, but I'm sparing y'all from them. So yeah.....that happened to me.



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Jasper S

August 30, 2014

Hello Denise, I'm really sorry this happened to you. I'm writing a song for my new Music Release called Gave Our All (song about breaking up). I will be sure to give you a shout out. Again, life gets better and I know as you keep moving forward love will find you if you are patient. It's best that he went your way, as you don't have time for little boys who don't know what they want. Find you a real man in the world, who knows how to stay. :) Good luck to you



July 25, 2014

he gave you a funny breakup you should give him a funny ignorance :)


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