June 30, 2014 @ (Sayreville NJ)

Tags: heartbroken

Last night my boyfriend of a year and 11 months told me he hadn't loved me for a few months and that he no longer wished to be with me anymore. He said he loved me as a friend though... then he hugged me said "you'll be okay pal..." and left me in his apartment to collect my things while he took a walk. I get a text from him this morning saying you forgot some things should i throw them out or do you want to pick them up. I never saw it coming. I mean we had fought a few times but never about anything alarming to our relationship. I have spent all night and day in bed crying because I seriously believe the love of my life just left me and he's not coming back....ever.



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Uncle Goose

July 03, 2014

Thank the gods that a guy like that will never come back because what the use of it? I mean, really, why would you want to cling onto a dickhead like that? And love of your life? No my dear, that's a false assumption, one can have many loves of your life. You are a like a submarine captain searching trough your periscope for ships. There are many ships on the sea of love, and granted most of them are old and dirty oiltankers which aren't worth the time and effort to chase but once in a while a fine cruiseship passes your periscope and that's when you have to engage the battle. Learn to recognise those fine ships on the sea of love and you will find what you are after. Don't waste your time and emotions on dicks who don't deserve it, your time is too precious for that.



July 01, 2014

Time will heal ur heart. Try not to be too sad, love hurts but at the end of it all u will be rewarded for loving whole heartedly.


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