May 30, 2014 @ (India)

Tags: just tired and disappointed in myself

he was a friend from a long to one of the very few people i talk to with all my heart. And he is quiet perfect actually very well natured, good at heart, understanding and doesnt have any sort of bad habits. so naturally i said yes when he wanted to be more than friend because i did not find a reason to say no....
but i did not feel the spark that intense feelings towards him.... i thought that slowly i would fall in love but i never did... i care a lot about him but i dnt think its to the level to be called as love... and more over i dont have passion or lust i generally get bored when he tries to make out... but he genuinely loves me (much mare then i deserve actually)... i kept waiting (careful not to break his heart) that suddenly i would realize that i love him... but it became suffocating especially when he practically glows with love in my presence... i desperately try to return that emotion but i just cannot... so now i just gave up trying to feel that non-existent love and decided to move on... i know i broke his heart and i feel so terrible... was my decision if not right at-least reasonable ?



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January 15, 2015

What's done is done, be there for him that is least you could do, I can feel his pain.


Uncle Goose

July 03, 2014

You tried it and it didn't go like you hoped. It might have been a little unfair of you to go ahead with a relationship while you were not in love but on the other hand, now you don't have to wonder for the rest of your life if you made the right call. Sure, feelings have been hurt and mean things have probably been said but at the end all that will be forgotten when new things present themselves. That's how life works and at least you had the guts to put a stop on it. I've know many couples that are just too afraid to end it while they should and it's really sad to see their "relationships" and I being a single guy often hear the stories of how all things go bad for years on end. Be glad you aren't stuck in such a situation.


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