January 30, 2014 @ (Carlsbad, CA)

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So, I'm eighteen now but I'm going to rewind a year to my sophomore year..


When I was 16 I moved to California from Atlanta.. When I got here I was well known because of my skin color and my suprising hair length.. I got some secret admirers during the first few months and some not so secret admirers.. For the most part I had a very small group of girl friends but a large group of acquaintances.. Everyone I knew I was introduced to by one of my friends.. I was invited to a party about a month after I arrived by one of my friends (let's call her Becca). So Becca introduced me to three guys at the party (Let's call them Luke, Nate, and Daniel). So Luke and I really hit it off and we started to hang out.. Everywhere Becca took me Luke was there.. After another month of us hanging out we officially started dating.. He was so sweet to me and I remember always thinking.. 'I'm so in love with this guy'.. We spent every moment together and he treated me so well.. When I got a job at this tanning spa he would always bring me food and gifts.. After another month of this he started to disappear.. I wasn't really worried about it at the time because I was a dumb love-struck child.. After a few weeks of absence with only phone calls he reappeared and his charm was in over-drive.. Around this time rumors started floating around school that I was a slut and all that shit and that Luke got me pregnant.. I asked him about it and he just insisted that they were jealous and told me he loved me.. He told me this every day five times a day almost for the next three weeks.. And then he proposed... (Yes, he proposed to me at 16.. And my dumb ass said 'yes') Welp.. I lost my virginity that night.. (Don't judge me.. He's a con-artist) And the gifts, the visits, the 'I love you's, the calls, everything.. Stopped. I was still infatuated with him and I refused to believe he used me.. He never proposed with a ring which should've told me that he wasn't serious but I thought him saying 'I love you' was good enough.. The rumors at school got worse in his absence and I heard an interesting theory swirling around.. It was a bet. I refused to believe it at first until I decided to ask Becca about it.. She just cried and cried and cried.. She kept telling me she was sorry and she didn't know he would actually do it.. Turns out my 'friends' Nate and Daniel bet Luke $200 dollars that he couldn't take my virginity before the year was up.. TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS IS WHAT MY VIRTUE MEANT TO THEM!! Luke came back to school a month later and acted as if I was invisible.. I stopped talking to all my friends and found a new group.. I confronted Luke a week later and he said he just fell out of love and the bet never existed which I know is bullshit because he somehow got a new paintjob for his car.. I didn't cry.. I wasn't sad.. I was pissed beyond words.. He dismissed me so easily after he took something that was meant for my husband.. I could've hurt him as easily.. I thought about slashing his tires or something like that but in the long run I didn't do anything that could get me in trouble.. I let it go. It's been two years since then and I have a new boyfriend.. His name is Chris! I love him sooo much and unlike Luke we're taking it slow because we both know what it's like to get hurt.. I've spoken to Luke once since the confrontation and that was to curse him out and vent a little bit.. Which ultimately ended in him walking away and me slapping him.. I hope Luke finds someone good so that when he does some shit like that to her and she leaves he'll know how other people feel when he mistreats them.. Chris and I are in love.. And I'm sure this time because it feels different than the love I had for Luke.. It feels natural.. I guess I felt strained in my relationship with Luke without realizing it because I had nothing to compare it to.. Just in case you were wondering.. Yes. My parents know what Luke did to me and his parents know too.. I'm not going to share what happened because that's between our families but I'll tell you Luke owes my family a lot of money.. This experience has made me stronger in more ways than one and more alert.. Before you judge me you have to remember I was naive and sixteen.. With college time nearing and my upcoming move to L.A. with Chris I can let go of all the scars that my move to California gave me because I got lots of opportunities too! If anything like this happens to you know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.. I found my light! This is for the girls.. Save your V-Card.. You only have one and make sure it counts and he really deserves it.. I made the fatal mistake to give it to someone who saw it is nothing more than a bet and hasn't even apologized.. I hope you learned something from my mistake.. Byeeee!



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February 19, 2014

I know exactly how you feel love. I am so sorry. Expect mine wasnt a bet, I was in love with a clinically depressed and bi polar multi personality 19 year old. he was my first love and he wanted to convince me to fall in love with him so he could break me like how broken and miserable he was. Its sick how guys do this to girls. Im so sorry.



February 19, 2014

Wow.. That sucks..



February 19, 2014

Brooke after reading your comment below I can see where you're coming from.. He was a pretty good liar.. I think it's great that you got accepted to UCLA.. The dreams that your parents had for moving you there are coming true.. Congrats! I'll be starting there in the Fall.. Be careful with Chris.. He seems like a good guy.. Smart too.. But still be careful.. Moving away from your scars will help you so stay strong.. I wish you the best!



February 05, 2014

Well like I said he proposed to me and I fell under his charm.. He took advantage of me.. :/ And college? Why do you think I'm moving to LA? I got accepted to UCLA.. All throughout this I managed to work my ass off and maintain a 4.0 average.. I know I should've saved it but I didn't throw away my whole life.. When he proposed he didn't say anything about is dropping out or else I would've said no.. School is important to me.. He did not get in the way of my future.. I just thought he was part of it..



February 01, 2014

Sonia -I am so glad for you..Should be more like you.Brooke should have concentrated on school instead of boys !!



January 30, 2014

This goes to show that you really have to be mature before losing your virginity. I am 20 years old and have had a boyfriend for the past 2 years. I am still a virgin! Of course I would like to have sex and I love him so much, but I know that at this point in time I am still not mentally prepared to lose it, even though I really love him. Once I finish Uni and we have stable careers then yes, then I would consider giving him my virginity. Take care


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