October 04, 2013 @ (NY)

Tags: bad break up

I met this girl in my senior year in HS. I really liked her, but i was neing the respectful guy and hide my feelings because she was with someone else. Anyway, we stayed friends for the year and when summer came we lost touch. At my second semester of college, I ran into her and we decided to catch up. While talking to her, i learned that she was single and i got a little excited because i still had feelings for her. so i decided to make it funny that i had a crush on her in HS and she told me she did too. This should have been a warning because she was with someone when she liked me, but i was naive. A little while after that i askerd her out and we started to date. It was great for about a week until i found out from another friend she was atlking to her ex when she previously said she didnt talk to him anymore. I confronted her about it and she admitted it. I then broke up with her, but we still kept in touch. This was my mistake because i decided to give her a second chance. I understood why she was talking to her ex. It was a 2 year relationship and i know that can be hard. So we dated a gain after a mont h after i broke up with her. The relationship lasted a little over 2 months and i found out from another friend that she was sleeping with a younger guy that was still in HS. I didnt want to jump to conclusions, but my friend said that this other guy knew about me and was only in it for the sex. Me and her hadnt had sex yet but that is my fault because i am a virgin. I still refused to believe it, but i went over to her house to confront her and she denied it and i believed it cuz im a moron. Then a few days later, i get a text from her right before im going out with some friends saying that she was breaking up with me because she had too much stuff going on. By this point i was soo done with her shit that i said ok and still wwent out and had a good time. I learned my lesson from that and will never let myself into a relationship lie that again. I am currently talking to this girl and we probably are going to be together soon :) thumbs up



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