September 26, 2013 @ (Hidden)

Tags: Bad Break Up, Heartbreaking

So I've been dating this girl since senior year of high school, and we both had strong feelings for each other. She decides she wants to keep our relationship together long distance as she's staying home in California and I moved all the way out to Chicago for school. I want the same thing, because we both believed we were the one for each other. She told me she loved me every night before I went to sleep and promised to be the best, most loyal girlfriend possible. We stay together, I never even looked at a chick at a bar or anywhere I was on the weekends that showed any interest because I really didn't. I was the definition of loyal. I came home for christmas break, all went well, and then back to Chicago for me before I knew it. We stayed together long distance until I came home in the summer of 2013. She dumped me a week after my birthday in June (which was about a month into me being home for summer) because she felt I was a liar, dishonest, and not loyal. This came out of literally fucking nowhere. Distraught, heartbroken, and every word for "I'm not making it through this" found in the dictionary, I went through 2 weeks of alcohol abuse and couldn't even enjoy the family vacation I went on either. After I got home from my vacation, the next day actually, we got back together because she told me she knew in her heart that I was what she wanted and she really made me believe it. We got back together, stayed together for the next month and a half until I went back to school in Chicago, and after 3 weeks of being here she told me she has no idea what she wants and thinks that I'm absolutely the last thing she needs. She said after I left for school, even looking at my name when I'd text her back made her more and more not want to respond to it at all. And here I am now, in Chicago, stalking her instagram (deleted everything that had to do with me), twitter (posting tweets about another guy), and even tumblr which no man should ever go on as it is. So there ya go, I'm in one shitty situation. Plus her final text to me was "lets see how things go when you're back" and included that she "still wants to be friends and not strangers."



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April 19, 2014

Hey dude so im 14 (boy) and before any gives me that bull sh*t that im too young or whatever i had my own relationship prob but anyway just remember things happen for a reason so keep so dont feel down there plenty of more girls just keep your chin up high and your eyes wide open because u will find her one day :)



November 27, 2013

Honey, you're in Chicago and in college. There are so many young, single women in Chicago that are gorgeous. Enjoy your time in college. It's a wonderful time!



October 13, 2013

Dude, you can't be checking her anything. You're just hurting yourself worrying about some crazy *****. You deserve far better than someone who not only treats you bad but cant even trust you.



September 26, 2013

Move on, she'll be nothing but drama


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