March 31, 2013 @ (Kansas)

Tags: Breakup

I was the one who made the decision to break up. I did it out of anger and I believe what I did was just. He was rude, disappeared for a week, treated me like a doormat, broke promises, lied & cheated.

Regardless of how bad he was, he was my first real relationship. I guess this is the reason why I still think about him. People say, first love is always the hardest to get over. I believe that now. It really is the hardest.

People often say that it's often easier for the dumper, but in my case. It's not. When I ended the relationship, I gave him my side of the story, how he made me felt & how hurt I was about the way he treated me. He just argued and turned the blame on me. He implied that I was immature & selfish for wanting to break up & we ended it.

The break up was hard for me because even though it was my choice it was not one that I wanted. What he did to me broke a promise that he once made. I had to leave him to stand up for myself. It was hard because I was still in love with him. I think I still am a little bit.

But nonetheless its over now and I can positively say that I'm confident that I will meet and find someone who will treat me a lot better than he ever did. Because even though I loved him the most out of every man I've ever dated. He was the worst boyfriend I've ever had!



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John L.

April 07, 2013

I find it interesting how we as ppl find love for those who hurt us even after they hurt us so badly. The truth is you will always love him. However you did the right thing. Find a guy who will treat you better than a princess for your life is worth more than all the jewels in the world. Every guy should treat every girl this way and put her b4 himself and his needs. That being said it goes both ways. Go find yourself a guy like this but take your time don't rebound on a guy. Many times girls find the first nice guy and break him. Happened to me and 3 yrs later I am still single bec of her.


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